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Al-Bukhaiti to Al-Ahed: The Axis of Resistance Grows Stronger With Each Blow

Al-Bukhaiti to Al-Ahed: The Axis of Resistance Grows Stronger With Each Blow
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By Staff

US President Donald Trump appears to have made a grave miscalculation by assassinating Lieutenant General Qassem Soleimani, deputy head of the Popular Mobilization Units [PMU] Abu Mahdi al-Muhandis and their comrades. He failed to realize that this criminal act would unite the resistance front in Iran, Lebanon, Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Yemen and other parts of the region.

Trump's rash and reckless decision has only served to heighten the degree of steadfastness and determination in the fight against all forms of American and Zionist occupation.

One member of the resistance explained to al-Ahed that the axis grows stronger with each blow. 

Muhammad al-Bukhaiti, who belongs to Ansarullah’s political bureau, recalled "Israel’s" 2006 attack on Lebanon that transformed the latter from the weakest Arab country to an existential threat for the Zionist entity because the Lebanese people moved with indomitable determination and awareness.

Al-Bukhaiti invited the Iraqi people and Yemen to learn lessons from Lebanon’s experiences.

According to al-Bukhaiti, the objective behind the American strike is to consolidate US hegemony over Iraq by terrorizing the Iraqi people.

He said that the American claim of responsibility for the recent crimes reveals its true intentions in expanding such operations. Hence, a suitable response to these crimes is to thwart US objectives and make Washington regret its actions. This requires conscious, harmonious political, popular and military action.

Al-Bukhaiti does not expect the American alliance to acknowledge the existence of the divine victory, but it is supposed to learn from history. He pointed out that the American alliance did not achieve anything from targeting former Hezbollah Secretary General martyr Sayyed Abbas al-Mousawi as well as the martyrs Fathi Al-Shikaki, Sheikh Ahmed Yassin and Sayyed Hussein al-Houthi. Rather, it rooted the path of those leaders in the conscience of their communities.

In conclusion, the Yemeni official notes that "the position of the Secretary General of Hezbollah, His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, shows a strategic vision because we are students of martyrdom, and it is not a matter of revenge or vengeance as much as it is a conflict of projects. Therefore, our movement should be based on achieving our objective which is to bring down the American project in the region. On this basis, we must impose just punishment on all the aggressors."