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Pompeo Speaks on Behalf of Lebanon, Claims Stance on Hezbollah is ‘Lebanese Proposal’

Pompeo Speaks on Behalf of Lebanon, Claims Stance on Hezbollah is ‘Lebanese Proposal’
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By Staff

Speaking on behalf of his country, US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo claimed that his department’s stance on designating Hezbollah a ‘terrorist’ organization is not an American proposal, but a proposal by the people of Lebanon.

“This is not an American proposition, this is a proposition of the Lebanese people and we do stand ready to do the things that the world can do to assist the Lebanese people getting their economy righted and their government righted,” Pompeo said.

Speaking on the Lebanese resistance group, Hezbollah, the secretary of the country with the biggest record of interference in other countries’ affairs claimed he himself knows “that the people of Lebanon understand the risk that [Hezbollah] presents to their freedom, and to their capacity to deliver for themselves.”

We know that the financial situation is very serious and that the Central Bank is under real pressure, Pompeo said, adding that “The Lebanese people don’t have access to their accounts in a way that is full, and sufficient, and adequate, but the responsibility lies with the Lebanese people. The responsibility on how the government will be formed, and shaped, falls to the Lebanese people to demand Lebanese sovereignty, Lebanese prosperity, and Lebanese freedom from outside influence.”