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Hezbollah Slams Bahraini Normalization with ‘Israel’ as Betrayal of Palestine, Resistance

Hezbollah Slams Bahraini Normalization with ‘Israel’ as Betrayal of Palestine, Resistance
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Translated By Staff, Hezbollah Media Relation

Hezbollah issued the following statement:

Hezbollah slams the conference of normalizing ties with the ‘Israeli’ enemy, which was organized by Bahrain and entitled “…Religious Freedom…”, with a noticeable Zionist participation. Bahrain neglects, meanwhile, the huge sacrifices and the scores of martyrs and injured offered by the Lebanese and Palestinian peoples in the face of the enemy’s aggression and its continued greed in the resources of the two countries, as well its brutal massacres against civilians.

Hezbollah vehemently condemns the conspiracy and betrayal of the Al Khalifah regime in normalizing ties with the enemy, and welcoming ‘Israeli’ figures as well as marketing for coexistence with those criminals, especially that it was leading to hold the first normalization conference that was entitled “Encouraging Investment in Palestinian Lands.”

Hezbollah finds that this regime, which practices the ugliest means of oppression against the oppressed Palestinian people, being unkind to it and depriving it of the least of its humanitarian rights, is attempting to cover-up its lost legitimacy by turning Bahrain into a platform abused by the US administration and the Zionist entity to infiltrate through the heart of the Muslim and Arab nation.

Hezbollah further slams the participation of the Lebanese cleric Sayyed Ali al-Amin in the conference, and finds it a retreat from the religious and ethical principles as well as divine canons, in addition to a denial of all values upon which our honorable clerics were raised in the scientific religious schools in the holy cities of Najaf and Qom, as well as in Amel Mountain and in the entire world. It is a serious abuse of the heritage of clerics who had and are still playing a prominent role in resisting the occupation and rejecting normalization, offering their pure blood in this path.