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A Thousand Children Die Every Day in Yemen – Health Minister

A Thousand Children Die Every Day in Yemen – Health Minister
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By Staff

Yemeni Health Minister Dr. Taha al-Mutawakkil stressed that the Yemeni health sector is the most damaged due to the Saudi-American aggression and blockade, adding that the international organizations didn’t give the health sector its needs during the siege.

Al-Mutawakkil warned in a press conference held in Sanaa on Wednesday that Yemen is facing a massacre committed by the coalition of aggression against the Yemeni children, in which some 1000 of them die every day.

“There is a genocide of an entire generation by the coalition of aggression,” he stated, noting that the country’s health facilities are subjected to direct aerial bombing.

He further demanded reopening Sanaa International Airport to ease the repercussions of the health and humanitarian catastrophe.

The Yemeni minister also classified that aid from international organizations didn’t cover but 19% of the needs, adding that the United Nations is neglecting its responsibilities of providing a single cardiac catheterization devices, not to mention that the aggression forces ban importing them.