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Trump: If Kushner Can’t Achieve «Peace» in ME, «It Can’t Be Done»

Trump: If Kushner Can’t Achieve «Peace» in ME, «It Can’t Be Done»
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By Staff, Agencies

US President Donald Trump claimed on Saturday that if Jared Kushner cannot achieve peace between the “Israeli” entity and the Palestinians, “It can’t be done”.

Speaking in Hollywood, Florida, after addressing a Republican dinner in nearby Aventura, the president introduced Kushner, his son-in-law and senior adviser who has played a leading role in helping the administration craft its Middle East “peace” plan, known as the “deal of the century”.

Trump said he had long been told that achieving so-called peace between “Israeli” entity and the Palestinians would be the hardest deal of all. But “if Jared Kushner can’t do it, it can’t be done”, he said.

The White House has said its “deal of the century” is complete and had promised to release it after “Israeli” elections in September. The long-delayed plan remains under wraps, and the entity appears headed for its third round of elections this year.

The plan also faces rejection by Palestinian officials, who object to the pro-“Israel” leanings of the Trump administration.

In his remarks on Saturday, Trump said, to some laughter and applause: “We have to get the people of our country, of this country, to love ‘Israel’ more, I have to tell you that. We have to do it. We have to get them to love ‘Israel’ more...”

Trump also mentioned Omar, a Minnesota Democrat, criticizing her for supporting the Boycott, Divest, Sanctions [BDS] movement against “Israel”. In August, at Trump’s urging, the “Israeli” enttiy denied Omar and Rashida Tlaib of Michigan entry to the country. The first two Muslim women elected to Congress are outspoken critics of the entity over its treatment of Palestinians.

“My administration strongly opposes this despicable rhetoric,” Trump said. “As long as I am your president, it makes no difference. It’s not happening.”