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‘Israel’ Violates Lebanese Regional Waters, Explores Block 9 for Seven Hours

‘Israel’ Violates Lebanese Regional Waters, Explores Block 9 for Seven Hours
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By Staff, al-Akhbar Newspaper

It is not the first time the ‘Israeli’ occupation entity violates the Lebanese sovereignty.

Usually carrying out hostile activities in the air and the land, the Zionist actions also take place in the southern Block 9 of Lebanese regional waters, a catchy place that houses the country’s wealth of oil and gas.

Lebanon’s longtime enemy, ‘Israel’, finds a great opportunity in the unrest taking place in the country since almost two months. For ‘Israel’, it is the perfect time to make its own researches regarding Lebanon’s capital, a step that makes everything clear for the enemy before beginning to steal this huge reserve.

According to al-Akhbar Newspaper, “Med Surveyor” is a research ship that started its work in service of the occupation entity to explore oil and gas in the occupied Palestinian fields on April 1st, 2018.

It is equipped with an advanced technology that surveys the bottom of the sea, with a team of 21 technicians on board.

The ship breached the Lebanese waters on November 27, 2019 around 01:00. It reached a maximum depth of 5.6 nautical miles and left the area at 08:30. This means that the ship didn’t only enter the United Nations so-called “disputed area”, which covers around 8602 kilometers between Lebanon and the ‘Israeli’-occupied territories, but also entered the depth of the Lebanese waters, crossing 0.6 miles of the “reservation area” and five miles deep in Block 9.

Also two weeks ago, a Greek-owned and Panama-flagged scientific research ship, which is specialized in exploring the bottoms of seas and the wealth within, breached the Lebanese waters and remained for more than 7 hours, then left without facing any obstacle.