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Dolphins Could Have Different «Handedness» Just Like Humans!

Dolphins Could Have Different «Handedness» Just Like Humans!
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By Staff, Agencies

It is a well-known fact that humans tend to be right or left handed, but left-handed and right-handed creatures also exist in the animal kingdom.

Dolphins can be left- or right-handed just like people and show this preference when searching for food, a new study has revealed, according to a new research published in the journal Royal Society Open Science.

Study revealed that of 27 dolphins studied, only one appeared to favor its left-hand side.

According to the scientists, it indicates a main specialization in the left side of the dolphin brain, which processes information from the right eye.

Dolphins use a technique called 'crater feeding', in which they swim slowly along the sea floor searching for food, and when they detect their prey, they make a sharp turn towards it.

According to study made between 2012 and 2018, the scientists found that dolphins had a significant preference for turning right.

Out of 27 dolphins who overall made 709 turns, 705 turns [99.4%] preferred their right-hand sides.