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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Hezbollah Martyr’s Day Celebration

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Hezbollah Martyr’s Day Celebration
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Translated by Staff

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah marking Martyr Day celebrations in Beirut’s southern suburbs, Hermel, Baalbek, Nabatiyeh & Tyre on 11-11-2019:

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of Prophets, Abi al-Qassem Muhammad Bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers. 

Distinguished scholars, gentlemen the deputies, the kind attendees, the families of the martyrs, fathers, mothers and parents, peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you all.

Allah Almighty says in His glorious book: {And do not say about those who are killed in the way of Allah, "They are dead." Rather, they are alive, but you perceive [it] not.} 

He also says: {And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision. Rejoicing in what Allah has bestowed upon them of His bounty, and they receive good tidings about those [to be martyred] after them who have not yet joined them - that there will be no fear concerning them, nor will they grieve. They receive good tidings of favor from Allah and bounty and [of the fact] that Allah does not allow the reward of believers to be lost.}

He also says: {Indeed, this is the great attainment. For the like of this let the workers [on earth] work.} Allah the Most High, the Most Great has spoken the truth.

To start with, I would like to welcome all those brothers and sisters gathered in Hermel, Baalbek, Nabatiyeh, Tyre and Beirut’s southern suburbs for our celebration of this day – Hezbollah’s Martyr Day.

Before I begin my address, allow me to express my utmost condolences to the honorable family members of His Eminence and investigator Sayyid Abdullah Sharaf Al-Din (may Allah have mercy on him), the son of His Eminence Imam Sayyid Abd al-Husayn Sharaf al-Din. I also extend my condolences to our people in Tyre and the surrounding areas, where His Eminence lived most of his life, to the Islamic Hawazas [seminaries] and to all the people that loved him. We offer our condolences for the loss of this great, dear and big-hearted scholar.

We are also commemorating the birth of the holy prophet Muhammad bin Abdullah (peace be upon him and his household), the Seal of the prophets and master of messengers. We congratulate all the Muslims in the world on this great occasion. It is because of the blessings of this great person who was born on this day that we, as an Ummah [nation], have been living for more than 1400 years with faith, guidance, knowledge, civilization, strength and immunity. It is because of him that we are a nation that has exercised a great deal of influence throughout the history of mankind and will continue to do so in the future. If there is any good for us to look forward to at our end, it is because of him.  

May all the Muslims be blessed on this great occasion. 

Our celebration today, brothers and sisters, is related to a specific occasion, which is Martyr Day. As usual, I have made an index. I will talk about the occasion. From there, I will briefly talk about two important things regarding the situation in the region. During the remaining time, I will talk about our domestic situation in Lebanon.

As a reminder, why 11-11? Why was the 11th of November chosen to mark Martyr Day? Hezbollah chose this date to commemorate its martyrs. It started following a jihadi incident that took place on this day. On November 11th, 1982, Ahmed Kassir, a self-martyred young man, who later became known for launching the era of self-martyrdom, stormed the headquarters of the occupying “Israeli” military governor in Tyre with his bomb-laden car. He completely destroyed the building. The enemy admitted that more than 100 soldiers and officers were killed. Among the dead were senior generals from the “Israeli” army and the “Israeli” military intelligence service. It was a historic, resounding and earth-shattering operation. Until this day, images of Sharon standing on the ruins of the destroyed building and the dismembered body parts are being shown. Sharon, who was proud of his great achievement in occupying Lebanon and reaching the capital Beirut, stood humiliated, depressed, sad and frustrated in the face of this violent earthquake inflicted on his army by one young man named Ahmed Kassir. The “Israeli” government was forced to declare a mourning period in the Zionist entity due to the horrific calamity that befell this army.

Every year you expect a more important development or a more important event. Every year I repeat what I have said the year before. Now, I repeat it again. Now we are in 2019. Up until this day, Ahmed Kassir’s self-martyring operation is still the most important operation in the history of the Arab- “Israeli” conflict. It is also the most important in the history of resisting the Zionist project and the “Israeli” occupation of our lands and sanctities in terms of its magnitude, quality and the losses inflicted on the enemy in a single strike. Despite the numerous qualitative operations, including self-martyring operations and others, Ahmed Kassir’s self-martyring operation retains first place, and waits for the day when another op takes its place. 

Because of this operation’s distinctive history and because this event sometimes gives time its value, greatness and importance, we chose the martyrdom day of Ahmed Qassir to be the day we commemorate Hezbollah’s martyrs.

Today is the annual commemoration of all our martyrs. As you know, we hold an anniversary for all the martyrs together. It may be confusing for people if we were to commemorate each one alone since there is a large number of martyrs. Often, we commemorate the third day, the first week or the fortieth week throughout the first year from their passing. But more generally, other than a few exceptions, their parents organize a majlis 'aza or munasaba for them in their town, village or in a nearby Husayniyah.

We adopted 11/11 to be martyr's day. It is the martyrdom anniversary of every one of our martyrs, our martyred scholars, martyred leaders, the great self-martyrs, the mujahideen who were martyred along the battlefields, the martyred men, women and children who belong to the march of the resistance. Their names are all known to you. This day commemorates them.
On this occasion, I will talk about the martyrs and their families.

The most important characteristic of the martyrs commemorated on this day is that they were people of belief and people of a message, their great belief in God, their quest for the approval of Allah Almighty, their fear of God alone, their greed for what God has and not what people have, their love for God and their longing to meet God. These are very high spiritual, moral and psychological characteristics.

Our enemies always make the mistake of misreading the resistance movements in our region, not only in Lebanon. Of course, these traits do not only characterize Hezbollah’s martyrs. These are characteristics of the martyrs of many resistance movements and fighters in our ummah [nation]. They think that these people are a group of mercenaries because, for example, today Trump is treating the US military as a mercenary army. In exchange for the salaries the US military officers and soldiers are being paid, they are sent to carry out missions in different areas around the word. He also gets paid for this too. They think that all people are just like them. But they do not understand the true nature of this generation of young people. They are not new. These are the descendants of the companions of the Messenger of Allah and his household in the battles of Badr and Uhud and all the battles during the early Islamic era. These people are the believers in Allah and the seekers of His approval. They long to meet Allah. They seek martyrdom and closeness to Allah Almighty. This issue is far deeper when it comes to aspects concerning faith, humanity, spirituality and morality. Thus, you get a different person. That is why these are martyrs. They fought for the cause of Allah and were killed for the cause of Allah. 

Therefore, the verses I read at the beginning of the address apply to them. The cause of Allah is defending humanity, its existence, freedom, dignity, pride, honor, happiness, security and safety. The cause of Allah is defending oppressed men, women and children. The cause of Allah is defending the sanctities and liberating them. This is the cause of God, which they fought for. The cause of Allah is the path of steadfastness and confronting all the tyrants and arrogant forces in the world who want to plunder the goods and wealth of our ummah and humiliate it. 

These are the sorts of battles that our martyrs were martyred in. Today we tell them, good for you. Every day we learn more about life, the hardships of life and the scourges of life. This world, in the first place, is based on scourges and tests. There is no rest for the believer until he meets his God. Every day that passes, we look at our martyrs and tell them: congratulations. From the bottom of our hearts, congratulations. We congratulate you on your martyrdom. Congratulations on this highly divine prize. Congratulations to you for this never-ending divine sustenance. Congratulations to you on attaining the joy of living beside God, His angels, His prophets and His righteous custodians. Congratulations to you on attaining the high levels [in paradise]. That is why we look at our martyrs with satisfaction, with the satisfaction of God’s will and selection. We are proud of this selection and this divine election of our brothers, sons, men, women and children to be martyrs. Therefore, it is said that in his final moments when Amir al-Mu'minin (PBUH) was preparing for martyrdom after being struck with a sword on his head during prayers, he looked at the sky and recited the following verse: {Indeed, this is the great attainment. For the like of this let the workers [on earth] work.} Indeed, this is the situation for the martyrs.

Now the martyrs have departed. Good for them. In Karbala, al-Husayn (PBUH) congratulated his son Ali al-Akbar on his martyrdom. He told him: Congratulations my son, you have been relieved of the world’s worries and woes. Your father is left to shoulder the responsibilities, even for a few remaining hours on the tenth of Muharram. We tell our martyrs: congratulations to you. You have been relieved of the world’s worries and woes. By God, you have achieved great attainment. And we are still being tested during which time we need to be fortified, steadfast, insightful, devoted and have a sense of responsibility. 

As for this world, they left for us all these victories and great achievements. When I talk about these victories, the martyrs and their families are part of this system that made these victories possible. Hezbollah, the rest if the resistance movements in Lebanon and in the region, the axis of resistance, the wounded, the detainees, the freed fighters and their families, the mujahideen and the supporters are all one system. But in the front row of this system are the martyrs who sacrificed their lives and the martyrs’ families who sacrificed what is most precious and dear to them – their loved ones. 

They ushered in an era of victories and achievements. We must always remind ourselves of their achievements, victories and accomplishments. We must thank them for this favor and acknowledge what they have done. We must give them credit when we remember liberating the land unconditionally, the Zionist occupiers leaving our land without prizes, without agreements, without gains and without security arrangements and freeing the captives and retrieving the bodies of the martyrs – except for some pending issues. We must give them credit when we remember the liberation of the land – except for a file that must be completed which includes the Shebaa Farms, the Kafr Shuba Hills and the Lebanese part of Ghajar. One of their achievements is the removal of a grave threat to our country – the takfiri terrorist attack over the past few years. Had this attack been successful, the face of Lebanon would have been changed demographically. It would have been changed at a humanitarian and security level. Lebanon would have become something else, that is if Lebanon still existed. They gave us strength to protect our people and our country via the deterrent force. They put us in an advanced and solid position to confront the enemy. We see these in all the confrontations. 

They transformed us from a country that “Israel” thought can invaded with no more than an marching band, to a country that the enemy’s high-ranking commanders see as an existential threat, a central strategic threat. Now, after talking about precision missiles, it has become an existential threat. This is thanks to the blessings from these martyrs and their brothers.

The pride, dignity, proficiency and the position we enjoy today is because of the blessing of their blood, sacrifices and jihad. It is also because of the blessing of the martyrs’ families. From the very first moment, these honorable families were patient, endured, sacrificed and consoled others. They carried the blood of their martyrs to bring about determination and transform it into enthusiasm and motivation instilled in the generations of young men and women, and even children.

Because of the martyrs’ families, this resistance has grown and become greater. Fathers, mothers, wives, sons, daughters and entire families were indeed and always will represent the voice of Zainab, which rose high and courageously in confronting all tyrants. This voice represents the blood of their loved ones. 

As the martyrs are God’s argument to the people, the families of the martyrs were and still are God’s argument to the people. They are so because of their patience, awareness, satisfaction, humanity, faith, morals as well as their continuous defense of the resistance. At every stage, the resistance was targeted financially, militarily, through the media, politically, morally or through propaganda. They were always at the forefront defending the resistance because they regard it as their resistance. Because they are the most connected to this resistance. Because their loved ones laid down their lives, souls and precious blood for this resistance. 

Today, thank God, on 11/11/2019 the resistance which belongs to those martyrs and their families is at its peak in terms of strength, effectiveness and importance as part of the region’s axis of resistance. It is in an advanced position and takes part in creating the present and the future of Lebanon, Palestine and the region. It is bearing great and big burdens. Our resistance is proud that it is part of the steadfast, advanced and victorious axis of resistance.

Allow me to move from talking about martyrdom and resistance to the second part of the address, which is the regional situation. I will discuss two points and allocate the rest of the time to talking about developments in Lebanon. I believe that the two points are highly important. Otherwise, I would not be focusing on these two things alone since there have been a lot of important matters that we have not spoken about in the region for a while.  

The first is related to Yemen and the historic position announced by the courageous and dear leader Sayyed Abdul-Malik Badreddin al-Houthi the day before yesterday. He declared the position related to the conflict with the “Israeli” enemy during Yemeni commemorations of the Prophet’s (PBUH) birthday. The enemy’s leaders took notice of this position. We also have to take notice of this as a people of the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine and the region, who are involved in the conflict with the “Israeli” enemy.

Two days ago, this jihadi, beloved leader standing before large masses responded clearly to “Israeli” threats – the “Israelis” threatened to hit Yemen and launch an aggression against it. He said, ‘if you attack Yemen, we will respond with the harshest strikes. We will not hesitate to respond.’ Where was he speaking from? From Yemen, from Sana'a, from Saada, from Yemen's governorates. He also said that our battle and conflict with the “Israeli” enemy stems from our faith, from our religion and from our commitment. This means that it is based on a humanitarian, moral and religious background because they always try to give it a political dimension and talk about conflicts between countries. What is the significance of this statement? At times there is a preacher or imam of a mosque, a secretary general of a political party or a leader of a group somewhere in the Arab or Muslim world who would threaten the Zionists. At other times, this threat is issued by a leader that has been fighting for five years. He has been fighting the forces of aggression supported by the United States, Britain and the West. These forces of aggression are supported with armies, the air force and a large numbers of mercenaries along numerous fronts. This threat was issued by a leader from a front who now possesses sophisticated and very advanced weapons, including missiles and drones. This camp has the courage to use these missiles and drones. It has already used them and has defied the world from a position of its right to self-defense. This threat was issued by a leader of a camp whose fighters fight along all fronts and achieve qualitative victories which are closer to being called miracles. Militarily speaking, the last of which was the operation dubbed Nasr Min Allah [Victory from God]. 

So, here we are talking about a leader who enjoys great credibility, a leader who can translate these threats into action and always does what he says and promises. The “Israelis” here took notice. Many speeches have been delivered in the Arab and Islamic worlds. They did not have an impact on the “Israeli” media or among “Israeli” officials. But two days ago, we found that this speech had a deep impact. Why? Because it is credible. Hence, “Israel” today received a clear, explicit and strong declaration regarding a powerful and additional element that is very important in the axis of resistance: Yemen. 

The Yemen of Iman [faith], wisdom, patience, steadfastness, jihad and victories. He is announcing clearly and openly. And he is capable of translating his words into action. The people of our region and the resistance movements must be proud of this declaration and view it as a new, important and strategic factor of strength as a result of Yemen’s location and the nearby Red Sea. This, in addition to Yemen’s ability to reach the Zionist entity. He did not reveal his cards. He did not say what he wanted to strike, where he wanted to strike, or which area would be under attack by the harshest strike. This is very important. The enemy must also know that this is the new strategic environment, which you used to run away from. This is the new strategic environment which you, the Americans and the whole world conspired against. You conspired against our people, for Palestine to be forgotten, for the enmity with you to be forgotten, and for these people to be silent and back down. This is a new power that has credibility, vitality, effectiveness and unparalleled courage and is joining the confrontation. This is a very important development. Some people may not realize the importance of what happened, but both the enemy and the sons of the resistance fully comprehend this important development. 

Another thing I would like to talk about is the crowd. He was not addressing a press conference. You saw on television the massive number of people, even though most satellite channels do not broadcast such great events. There was a massive crowd in Sana’a and Jeddah – in Jeddah! My apologies. I hope they would go to Jeddah – in Sana'a, in Saada, in Hajjah and in different cities stretching as far as the eye can see. There is no camera manipulation that makes one thousand look like tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands. Hundreds of thousands of people converged under the sun in the middle of the day for hours. They sat on the floor, dirt and roads. They were not sitting in a hall, on chairs. There was no air-conditioning. The possibility of an aircraft dropping bombs on the country was always present. The country is in a state of war, but they were sitting there for hours and listening to their leader and supporting his position and logic.

This crowd and this scene really attracted me and amazed me. These masses and large numbers of people sitting under the sun and in these difficult circumstances reveal how much they love the Messenger of Allah (PBUH). This reveals how much they believe. This is what is meant when Yemen is said to be the Yemen of faith. This is also a political message. I would like to conclude with this. 

It is so astounding how after five years of war, tens of thousands of martyrs – civilians and fighters – at the very least, hundreds of thousands of people threatened by death, cholera and disease, a country besieged economically and financially, the government in Sana'a does not often have money to pay employees’ salaries, and people are subject to hardship, intimidation and isolation, yet they turn out in such enormous numbers to express their position and steadfastness.

This is a powerful message to all the tyrants in the world. You are betting on our people showing fear, despair and surrendering in the face of poverty, hunger, deprivation and a blockade. You are betting on them abandoning their prophet, faith, religion, movement, dignity, freedom, holy sites and central cause. But they will not do so at all. And the Yemeni people are proving and sending this message to the whole world. Other people in the region too are sending this message.

Once again, I repeat and say that here lies the secret behind the strength of this axis to which we belong. The true strength of this axis lies in its faith, doctrine and spirituality, in its love for God and the Messenger of Allah, in its belief in humanitarian causes, in its belief in the sanctities and in its willingness to sacrifice. It does not lie on how much money one gets or possessions or personal achievements and pleasures. Although this is something sought by man in the world and must be achieved. Yet, he should not base his impulses or positions on these things.

The other matter I want to talk about is the Islamic Republic of Iran. In the past few months, there was a shadow of war. Everyone and some regional countries were basing their calculations on the assumption of an American war on Iran. And I mentioned that some local players here in Lebanon, unfortunately, were basing their calculations on the assumption of such a war. In short, I can say today that the possibility of war has diminished by 99.9%. That is us stopping short of saying that the possibility of war has been 100% eliminated. All the countries in the region, the people in the region and the conflicting axes in the region should base their calculations on this. Whoever was betting on such a war should put it aside. 

Many countries in the region and some Gulf states that were in conflict with the Islamic Republic have changed their tone. I will not go into naming these countries now. Also, in this regard, it is clear that Iran showed steadfastness following Trump’s withdrawal from the [nuclear] agreement and the imposition severe sanctions.

Iran has withstood and overcome this stage. Of course, this does not mean Iran is not suffering difficulties. However, it will overcome these hardships. Today, strategic observers in the US, the West and even in the “Israeli” entity are writing articles saying that Trump failed in Iran. What was his strategy in Iran? To withdraw from the nuclear deal, to impose sanctions on Iran, attempt to overthrow the regime in Iran from the inside, pressure Iran and threaten it with war to drag it to the negotiating table. This is Trump’s strategy. The possibility of war is gone. Iran persevered and overcame the difficulties of the deal. For over a year now and Trump is still waiting by the phone, waiting for it to ring. It will never ring. Therefore, this strategy has failed, and Iran today emerges strong and capable, beloved and ever-present in its great regional position and in shouldering regional causes.

Of course, the last beautiful piece of news. As I read it, I said to myself, now if Trump is listening to this, he will cringe and go crazy. What are Trump’s calculations? Trump’s calculations are in terms of oil and dollars, nothing else. We saw east of the Euphrates in Syria how at some point he abandoned his allies who fought with him side-by-side. Some came up with many theories even saying that the Kurds did not fight with us in Normandy. This is a very ridiculous reasoning. But Trump reconsidered the decision to withdraw from the east of the Euphrates and left an American force. For what reason? For the oil fields east of the Euphrates. This means oil to Trump is valuable. As for human beings, even if they were his allies, friends or companions in arms, Trump would turn his back on them at any moment and abandon them. Yesterday, we all saw His Excellency the President of the Islamic Republic of Iran Sheikh Hassan Rouhani officially announcing the discovery of a huge field with 53 billion barrels of oil in reserves. Trump will get a stroke. I sat down and made calculations. If Iran exported a million barrels per day from this oil field in the future, when it resumes its exports, how long would it take for the oil to run out? How many generations? I won't tell you what my calculations were, for I might be mistaken. His Eminence clarified that the area of the discovered oil field is 2400 square kilometers. It is located in the southwestern province of Khuzestan. The oil deposit is 80 meters deep. Most importantly, the oil field was discovered thanks to the efforts of the National Iranian Oil Company, which has been working since 2016. This means it is an Iranian national company with Iranian experts and specialists. I am talking about this on purpose so that I can talk about the situation in Lebanon later. So, this website, the economic experts’ website, values the oil field at over 3 trillion dollars. You have to say this to Trump. You have to tell him how many barrels and how much it is worth in dollars so that he could really get a stroke.

Hence, in the region as well, we have the center of this axis coming out from the possibility of war and overcoming the most difficult phase in its history. It emerges strong and capable. And God also granted it these new capabilities. 

We come to the Lebanese situation. The first point, which relates to the government, involves commissioning someone to forms the government, forming the government, the nature of the government and debates in the country. Now, I will not talk about this particular matter because the meetings are ongoing, and consultations are underway, bilaterally, trilaterally, and so on. We do not have to make any statements now or issue any positions. All doors are open to reach the best possible result for our country.

The second point is a central point that I would like to focus on. In previous speeches since October 17, which marks the birth of the popular movement in Lebanon, I always said we should build on the positives.

One of the most important positive aspects today is that there is a very important point of consensus. It enjoys a very strong popular support in all the arenas and among those who took to the streets or did not take to the streets. When it comes to the demands and the issues raised, there are points of contention even among the demonstrators themselves. One of the examples is the issue of abolishing political sectarianism. It is not clear if everyone is demanding this. It is not clear if everyone is demanding an electoral law based on Lebanon being one constituency and based on proportional representation, both within and outside the sectarian norm.

There are many demands. There were many different issues raised during the popular movement and expressed by the people, the politicians, the media and the leaders who considered themselves to be part of the movement. However, these demands are not unanimous. When serious research and serious dialogue are conducted, it is clear that these are not unanimous demands. However, there are unanimous demands that we have heard from all the arenas, all the media outlets and the people involved. First and for most, for example, is fighting corruption, prosecuting and holding the corrupt accountable and recovering stolen assets. These demands are not up for debate. These demands are real and national. They are unanimous and transcend sects, communities, regions and parties. Even those in the popular movement who do not want these demands and do not believe in them do not dare to oppose them publicly. 

This is a positive point. Because of what happened, I do not think that anyone today can protect a corrupt person; not a political party, not a political faction, not a leadership, not a religious or political authorities and not a sect. No one can protect corrupt people, and this is of course a major development in our country.

So, we want to build on this positive point and say:

Today there is a real call to fight corruption, detain the corrupt people and recover stolen assets. This matter is not related to whether the government will be formed this Friday or next week or if its formation is delayed. This is a completely separate topic. Why? Because it concerns the judiciary. 

I will focus on this issue by speaking reasonably, logically and responsibly and not through rhetoric and slogans.

During the electoral campaigns, we announced that we will be part of the campaign to fight and combat corruption. We were clear that this matter will need time and effort. No one should expect quick results from this campaign. Since there are many drawing comparisons between the fight against corruption and the fight against the ['Israeli'] occupation, I would like to clarify the distinction. There are objective differences concerning the tools and the means used, the capabilities, the circumstances and the nature of the confrontation. There are different matters. For example, what are the tools and means used when fighting the occupation?

First, there is a national cover. There is a legal cover. The majority of the Lebanese people are against the occupation and hostile to “Israel”. The supporting environment for the resistance is strong, and the resistance fighters are present.

We have the means, jihadist commanders, fighters and Mujahideen, weapons, capabilities, equipment, military knowhow, surveillance, planning, operations on the battlefield and targeting the enemy. 

Even if you take a prisoner, you can hold on to him and not hand him over to the state, for example. Because if you hand him over to the state, the Americans will exert pressure on the government. The next day, he will be released. So, this procedure was agreed upon. The resistance does not even need a joint operations room. We always said that we do not accept a joint operations room. We always distributed roles for the sake of professional secrecy and precision. Hence, these are the elements of resistance, resisting the occupation. The resistance attacks the occupation’s positions, sets up ambushes, strikes, exhausts the enemy, humiliates it, frightens it, and forces it to leave our territory. This is the equation of the resistance. 

Fighting corruption has different tools and elements altogether. Why combat corruption? You are talking about a country with corrupt officials, corrupt employees, corrupt traders and important figures who are involved in corruption or at the very least accused of corruption.

The objective is to try these people, punish them, and recover the stolen and looted money from them. This cannot be done through the same means used to fight the occupation. These are different means. What are the means of fighting corruption?

Of course, first and foremost, this requires a just judiciary and judicial system. It needs an independent, honest, courageous and fearless judge who does not submit to the pressure of politicians and political factions and who acts conscientiously and non-selectively.

So, what is required is a judge, a law to which the judge adheres, and information provided to the judge, real information not like the nonsense that we have now. For example, a certain person reports a minister for wasting public funds. So, he goes to the judge without evidence or information. This is child’s play. No, there should be real information on which a fair and just trial is built. Injustice should not befall anyone. There should be a prison to hold those who are corrupt and mechanisms to recover stolen and looted assets, whether they are in the country or smuggled out of the country.

These capabilities are not that of a political party, movement, popular entity or a popular revolution. In any country in the world when a revolution triumphs, laws are adopted, and the judiciary is set up. Prisons are put together, and mechanisms are created. The corrupt are brought forward, tried and punished. The stolen assets are recovered from them. 

Is this logic true or not? Unless someone thinks that fighting corruption means that every person accused of corruption puts together a revolutionary organization similar to the Red Brigades that kills, kidnaps and massacres. This is no longer fighting corruption. It is something else.

Why am I talking about this battle at this moment?  Because this is an important moment for it.

When we started a while back, we said we want to resort to the judiciary. We will not publicly accuse anyone. We will not reveal the files to the media because that will lead to defamation. There are people who act according to their own understanding: Where are your files? We have not seen them. Our files are with the judiciary. We do not want to defame anyone. We also have files that we delayed presenting to the judiciary. But we are waiting to see what will happen to the ones we already presented. The purpose is not to drown the judiciary with files and relieve ourselves of the responsibility. 

No, we are required to follow up on these files with the judiciary. Today, the judges are present. Regardless of the remarks on the judiciary, there are fair and courageous judges that we can pin our hopes on.

Two, there are laws. However, new laws are required. The laws should be amended. The Parliament is working on this even though tomorrow’s session has been canceled. Hence, the judges are present. The laws are present. The files are there. They must be opened. And people who believe in the fight against corruption and have reliable information that will facilitate the building of a case should submit it to the judiciary.

The High Judicial Council is required to take a stance. Any talk today about a revolution, uprising, a historic movement or a great move to rescue the country depends on the judicial system, the High Judicial Council and the judges themselves, their conscience and their responsibilities.

Today, they have a historic opportunity. If a judge has a file, he is entitled to summon anyone. If this person has immunity, the judge can request to lift this immunity from the relevant party.
Today specifically, there was an agreement between the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc and the Development and Liberation bloc. Other blocs will also be contacted to submit a proposal to lift the immunity of ministers dating back to 1992, both current and former ministers. 
Therefore, all the ministers who took up this post will go to the competent judiciary because the council that tries Presidents and Ministers is not active and may not exist.
Today this opportunity is available. Of course, there is another draft bill submitted by the Loyalty to the Resistance bloc that is related to lifting the immunity of employees. There is also another draft bill submitted by the Strong Lebanon bloc and other parliamentary blocks related to lifting bank secrecy. This needs work. Apart from this issue, my message on Martyr Day is that Martyr Day means a day of courage, a day of sacrifice for the sake of the country, to protect the country, for the safety of the country, for its security and stability and for its well-being and prosperity.
I tell the judges in Lebanon use these martyrs as an example of those who made sacrifices. You are not required to give your blood or lay down your life. You are required to make a bold and courageous step, to act with the authority granted to you and use the laws and have the courage not to submit to any religious or political authority in the country. Today, all the Lebanese people are with you in this great and historic mission. They are looking up to you. This is not the government’s task. It is not the Parliament’s task. It is not the task of the presidents. It is the judiciary’ task. It has to take full responsibility of this.
Some people say that the judiciary is afraid of Hezbollah. This is not a new announcement. I have spoken about this subject before, but I will repeat it at this very sensitive moment.
I, very humbly, as the Secretary General of Hezbollah, who is the reference of Hezbollah, its ministers in the government, its deputies in the parliament, and somehow forms a cover for employees of the state administration, heads of municipalities or other public sector workers, tell the High Judicial Council and the judges concerned that if there is a file related to any Hezbollah official, go ahead. Begin with us. Start with us.
I tell you not to be afraid. I guarantee you that Hezbollah respects your steps. I guarantee you Hezbollah’s encouragement of your work. There are fake or real people on social media who are making accusations left, right and center. Words on paper only. Whoever has a case or information should submit through the specialized judiciary. Do you have information related to corruption? Has anyone from Hezbollah plundered public funds or gotten involved in financial or administrative corruption? Go ahead, this is a historic moment.
If the public prosecutor or the attorney general – I don't know what their descriptions are – finds that a case can be built on this information, let him summon the minister, the deputy, the head of the municipality or the employee who belongs to Hezbollah, and I guarantee his immunity will be lifted until a law is adopted on the lifting of immunities. Do not exclude anyone, and do not work on a political basis. It is shameful to work on a sectarian basis when it comes to fighting corruption and the corrupt. Fighting corruption must be cross-sectarian.
The corrupt is like an agent. He has no sect and no religion. Go ahead. Today, if we need a practical step to respond to the pain of the people, now it is up to the judiciary. All the political, official, popular and religious leaders in the country must provide a cover for such a decision because it is the right path.
The final point is also a bit detailed. These days, we have to talk about financial and economic issues even though I am not an expert on financial and economic matters. But God willing, we will be experts. In the military, we claim to have expertise due to extensive experience. A person learns. As long as it is clear. There are obvious things that do not require much expertise and can be understood. Explaining it to people is possible. In the last part of my speech, although I might need extra time because the situation in our country is very sensitive now, I would like to talk about the following topic. We have options. We have alternatives. We have prospects. At the same time, I want to show this subject from another angle. I want to reveal the role of the US in Lebanon’s economic and financial difficulties and the obstruction by successive American governments, especially the last government, in preventing Lebanon from recovering and getting out of its financial and economic dilemma. This administration is working to deepen this impasse.
In a military battle and armed resistance, you must know your allies and friends as well as foes. In finance and the economy, you must also know friend and ally as well as the enemy. You should know who has your back and will support you to move forward, and who will stab you in the back with a dagger if you moved forward. This is also a prerequisite for success in the face of financial and economic crises.

I will talk about the American responsibility. I will then explain some points because this topic needs an hour of talking alone. Everyone knows in finance and economy, especially when it relates to budgets, the state has revenues. These revenues come in the interest of the state. There are revenues, and there are expenditures. The state has to spend money. It has to pay salaries. It has to build infrastructure. It has to implement projects, and it has to take care of the people, the elderly, the sick, the children, health care, etc. But there are constant revenues and expenses. This information is not difficult to understand. All the people should know this. It is like managing the finances of a household. A person works and receives a salary to meet the needs of his family and children, including food, medicine, school tuition fees, clothes, etc. In the end, regardless of how much he makes, he has to live. If the money is not enough to live on, he has to get a loan. His debt builds up and gets bigger, while his revenues stay the same. This person will fall into debt and will experience difficult living conditions. This is when we are talking about family life. The state, the homeland and the people make up a bigger family. It is the same thing. If the state’s revenues are less than its expenses, it must get a loan. This debt will continue to increase with time until it falls into debt. It will reach a point where it will not be able to pay the interest of this debt, in case this debt had interest. This is called the public debt service.  
When it comes to addressing this problem in a country like Lebanon, which is plagued by an economic crisis – here we do not want to judge policies, we just want to describe a reality – you find that the productive sectors are in bad condition while the agricultural sector is even worse. Everyone knows what the state's policies are towards the agricultural sector and how much attention it gives to this sector. In various areas, the people plant on their lands and borrow money. In the end, farmers do not find a market for their produce. Or they end up selling their produce at less than the cost of production.  Every year we find farmers throwing fruits, vegetables, potatoes, etc. on the roads as a form of protest.
The agricultural sector in the country is in very bad shape even though it is an important productive sector. The industrial sector in the country is in a very bad shape even though it is an important productive sector. Trade has also declined significantly. Lebanon is a service-oriented country. But other countries took from us a wide range of services. I will go back to talking about what the Americans have done to the country, not to Hezbollah, to the country. Tourism was also significantly affected.
If you want production, you have to spin the wheels of the economy. If there is no agriculture, industry, trade, services and tourism, there will be no job opportunities. A large number of young Lebanese men and women will be jobless and unemployed. People will stay in their homes. Poverty will increase. The deficit will worsen. We will continue to rely on loans. Eventually, they will introduce us to the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund (IMF). We will be approached the same way they approached Greece. Someone will come and steal from the country. They will rob you under the pretext of keeping you alive. That is why we have to look for other solutions. Hence, when we were discussing the previous budget, we said that this methodology – going straight for people’s pockets, increasing taxes, value added taxes (VAT) and fees, and interfering with people’s salaries and pensions – is wrong. The first thing we called for was to look for another way out. Aren’t there other solutions? I am just going to talk about some of the solutions that the Americans are obstructing.
First, the Chinese companies. China today has a lot of money, and Chinese companies are ready to invest billions of dollars in Lebanon. They are ready to set up production and commit to important projects in Lebanon at affordable prices. This will spin the wheels of production and the economy and will provide many job opportunities. But some people would say it is not true. Chinese companies are not allowed to come to Lebanon. According to my information, I tell you that Chinese companies are not allowed to operate in Lebanon. The Americans will not allow Chinese companies to operate in Lebanon. I will tell you why. I hope I am wrong and that the new government is brave enough to send a delegation to China or its prime minister heads to China and opens Lebanon’s doors to Chinese companies. We want to eat grapes. We are not here to challenge anyone. Why are they not allowed to come to Lebanon? Because the Americans are preventing them. Is there anyone in the region closer to the Americans other than the Zionist entity? Netanyahu’s government opened its doors for Chinese companies, which offered very important projects. These companies invested a lot of money in occupied Palestine. They acquired bids. The Americans woke up and gave Netanyahu a slap on the wrist. Before his resignation, John Bolton went to occupied Palestine at the beginning of 2019 and held meetings with “Israeli” officials. He threatened them that continuing with economic and trade ties with China will affect US military support and security commitments to “Israel”. He met a number of officials. Netanyahu held more than one session with the kitchen cabinet, which usually discusses national security issues, to discuss ties with Chinese companies and restricting them. This is what the Americans did with “Israel”, their friend. The “Israelis” need the Chinese companies, but the Americans prevented them. You can find this in American and other western press. What is one of the reasons for the American anger against the Iraqi Prime Minister Adil Abdul-Mahdi today? One of the reasons is that he went to China and made agreements with the Chinese. Some reports say this deal is worth USD 400 billion. Other reports said USD 500 billion. This is a red line for the Americans. The Americans are fighting a trade war with China. What does the US-China trade war have to do with Lebanon? What do we have to do with it? Some might say that Hezbollah involved us in a war between America and Iran. But who from the Lebanese is involving Lebanon in a war between the US and China? No one has anything to do with it. Why should we be with the Americans and submit to the Americans in a matter that can save our country? If the doors were opened to Chinese companies, they could set up electricity projects and build dams and roads. They have offered very important projects.

Today, these Chinese companies went to Syria because they are not afraid of Trump nor the Americans. They want to invest in Syria. They want to rebuild Syria. The Syrian government opened its doors because it is outside the circle of American influence and control. Why should Lebanon submit to American influence in this matter? We have to go all over the world. The Lebanese Prime Minister has to humiliate himself before all the world’s presidents and leaders just to bring a payment or an investment or a loan that will be paid for from the pockets of the Lebanese people in order to spin the wheels of the economy in the country. Let the Chinese companies come and spin the wheels of the economy on your own terms and bids. Who is preventing this? The Americans who present themselves as the saviors of the Lebanese people are preventing this.
Second, the public and the popular Iranian companies. Who is preventing them from coming? I spoke about this issue before, and I do not want to talk about the details again. The Iranians can come to Lebanon and invest. They can secure job opportunities. But this is not allowed because of the Americans. Even the Russians are not allowed. I do not have much information. I am not sure about this subject.
Thus, there are opportunities for countries or companies from important countries in the world or the region to invest in Lebanon and spin the wheels of the Lebanese economy. The opportunities are there. But the policies of the United States are preventing and obstructing these opportunities.
Third, the reconstruction in Syria. I’ve heard a lot of Lebanese politicians including the Prime Minister talk in a number of conferences about how important Lebanon’s role in rebuilding Syria is. The doors should be opened for Lebanese companies to be allowed to participate in the rebuilding of Syria. There are companies that go to Syria secretly and under fake names. But officially, people are scared. Why don’t Lebanese companies go to Syria? Because there are American sanctions. There are American threats. Those taking part in the reconstruction in Syria will be added to the list of sanctions. So, let us stay in Lebanon unable to do anything. Is this the doing of the Americans or our doing? What does this issue have to do with Hezbollah and the resistance? Nothing. It has to do with the US targeting of Syria, the American sanctions on Syria and regime change in Syria.  
And I know – I will not name the countries to avoid putting their governments under the spotlight – that big companies and institutions as well as well-known businessmen from some Arab countries went to Syria. There was great readiness from the Syrians to welcome their participation and investment in the country’s reconstruction. When they returned to their countries, the American ambassador called them and threatened to include the owners of these companies on the sanctions list if they went to Syria. The same thing is happening in Lebanon. At the same time, opening the doors for Lebanese participation in the reconstruction in Syria will boost the Lebanese economy, in all aspects, for decades.
Fourth, the constant pressure on Lebanon regarding the security issue. Other than threatening with sanctions, they would tell anyone who wants to invest in Lebanon that it is not a safe country. This is a lie. It is an American lie. Brothers and sisters and all the Lebanese people who are listening, read the American press and specialized websites, you would find that Lebanon is safer than any state in the United States of America. This is Lebanon. Lebanon is safer than Washington itself. Read the annual statistics in Washington or in any other state and compare the percentage. Look at the rate of killing incidents, shooting incidents, rapes and robberies. You will find that Lebanon is heaven in terms of safety and security compared to any American state. But the Americans are resorting to a policy of intimidation, to scare the world from going to Lebanon and investing there. Those are the Americans.
There are also the sanctions. The sanctions are a double-edged sword. Even today, the governor of the central bank was talking about this. The US sanctions have had a big impact on the Lebanese economy, the Lebanese financial situation and the banks in Lebanon. These sanctions left effects. Who is putting pressure on the banks? Is it Hezbollah? Did we pressure the banks? The most extreme thing we did was reprimanding some bank managers and told them not to be harsher than the people themselves. There are names that were not included in the list, why are you canceling their accounts? That is all. We did not say we will demonstrate against the banks. We did not say we will occupy banks. We did not say anything. Who sends every now and then an official from the State Department or the US Treasury and intimidates the banks in Lebanon? The Americans. Who is putting huge restrictions on money transfers from Lebanon and to Lebanon? The Americans. Who would invest in a situation like this? Their argument is to pressure Hezbollah. From the very first day, I told them impose as much sanctions as you want, our money is not in the banks. They know where our money comes from – there is no need for me to elaborate more, and the whole world knows – and how we get our money. The sanctions on the banking sector are sanctions on Lebanon and on the Lebanese people. These sanctions are not putting the resistance under pressure. The sanctions on the banking sector aim to cause sedition between the Lebanese people. They aim to create conflict within the Lebanese society and provoke the Lebanese people into holding the resistance responsible. But the Americans are the main source of hindrance. They are the ones disrupting the economy in our country.
Putting the Lebanese expatriates under pressure, frightening them and scaring them. Most money transfers from Lebanese expatriates created job opportunities in Lebanon. These money transfers built homes, buildings and villas. They created projects. Most of these activities were disrupted due to the American policies and intimidations. What are the hardships facing the expatriates when transferring dollars and foreign currency to Lebanon now? At the time, money transfers offered a great source of liquidity in the country.
Brothers, if we continue to get loans, this means we will sink further into debt. The state must activate the agricultural and industrial sectors. Now as I am speaking to you, the Lebanese people, the farmers and people from the industrial sector are standing before a historic opportunity. What is this opportunity? This opportunity is Iraq. Iraq’s population is 35, 39 million. I don’t know. Every person says a different number. It is a very big and wealthy country. Many of the countries in the region compete for its market. The Iraqi people love the Lebanese people. Ties between Iraq and Lebanon are excellent. Therefore, there is no problem there. There is one problem regarding the transport of Lebanese agricultural produce and Lebanese industrial products to Iraq. The Iraqi market is capable of accommodating Lebanese agricultural and industrial products many times over. What will this lead to? It will spin the wheels of agriculture in all the areas. It will revive factories in all areas. It will give rise to new factories. This means new job opportunities. What do all of these depend on? On one step. We cannot export using boats. We cannot export potatoes to Iraq in planes. It is not logical. It must be exported by land. This depends on one step. The Lebanese government should have an understanding with the Syrian government because the border crossing from Lebanon to Iraq is the Al-bukamal crossing. The Americans worked night and day to prevent the Al-bukamal crossing from being opened. This is also one of the reasons the Americans are angry with the Iraqi Prime Minister, Adel Abdul Mahdi. He insisted on opening the Al-bukamal border crossing with Syria.
Take it from me. I know all the details. The Americans resorted to every possible means of pressure. They even issued threats to prevent the Al-bukamal border crossing from being opened. But there was an Iraqi sovereign decision to open the Al-bukamal crossing. The lies and the arguments the Americans used. They claimed that the opening of the Al-bukamal crossing means missiles will continue to flow into Lebanon. And I have said on more than one occasion we do not need to bring missiles through the Al-bukamal crossing. We have an excess of missiles. We do not even know where to put them. This is a false claim. The Americans know that the Al-bukamal crossing will revive Syria’s economy. It will revive Syrian agriculture and industry. It will secure a huge Iraqi market for Syrian goods. It will also revive the Lebanese economy.
We do not need to travel halfway across the world, get loans and owe others. The only thing we need to do is send an official delegation with a government decision – I know this talk will increase American pressure, but the Lebanese public should know the truth – to Syria and reach an understanding with the Syrian government. We take facilities at the border crossings between Lebanon and Syria. We take facilities at the Al-bukamal border crossing. If there are taxes, we work on reducing the taxes. This will allow the Lebanese farmer and the Lebanese people who work in the industrial sector to make reasonable profits. It will also open a lifeline, a lifeline. It will open a sea of good things between Lebanon and Iraq. We will be able to export our agricultural produce and industrial products. I repeat and tell the Lebanese people that the Iraqi people love the Lebanese people. Where is the problem? The road is open. We only have to reach an understanding with the Syrian government. some might say Sayyed you have an excellent relationship with the Syrians, ‘fix it’. In this way? Is this how we want to save the country? No, quite frankly I can't ‘fix it’. Whether people are convinced or not, we have to talk reasonably. We want to save the country. Saving the country is not by taking more loans and accumulating more interests. Saving the country is by spinning the wheels of production and looking for markets. This is what will save the country. This is what will heal the country. I tell you honestly. the current government or the previous ones are not allowed, even this government that they call a Hezbollah government. I swear if this were a Hezbollah government, the first decision it would have taken an hour after getting the vote of confidence is going to Syria. This is if it were a Hezbollah government. The Americans do not want us to find a market for our agriculture. They do not want us to find a market for our products. They do not want the expatriates to send money to Lebanon. They do not want anyone to invest in our country. They do not want China, Iran or Russia to invest in our country. There are countries ready to make donations. So far, there is hesitation. That is why in the previous address, I said we want a sovereign government. What does sovereign mean? It means to take into account the national Lebanese interest and to have the courage to tell the Americans that this position opposes the national Lebanese interest. To tell them allow me to do what best serves my interests and leave me alone.
Also, with regard to the oil and gas issue. All the Lebanese people are pinning their hopes on the oil and gas issue. Who is obstructing here? Who is using the veto? Who is preventing the demarcation of the border and wants Lebanon to be subject to “Israeli” conditions? Aren't they the Americans? These are proofs. Now, I am hitting two birds with one stone. There are ideas and prospects to get out of where we are. At the same time, I say that the Americans are responsible for the disability, these dangers, the obstruction we have been suffering from for many years.
Therefore, the Lebanese today should be aware. They have a great decision to make.
I would like to take the opportunity here and comment with a few words on Pompeo’s remarks. Pompeo says – I will not comment on what he said about Iraq. The Iraqi brothers will reply to that – that we must extend a helping hand to the Lebanese people to get rid of corruption that Iran brought to Lebanon. The insolence, the lies, the injustice and the slander are unbelievable! Where is the corruption that Iran brought to Lebanon? Show it to me, Mr. Pompeo. If there were corrupt people in Lebanon, and of course there are, most of them are your friends, allies, tools and people.
Secondly, Pompeo says we must provide aid for the Lebanese people to get rid of Iranian influence. On Saturday, on the Arbaeen of Imam Hussein, I warned the protesters – most of whom I said are honest people and I appreciate and respect them – to be aware of those who would take advantage of the protests. Those are the Americans. They do not see the people’s pain and hunger, their demand for fighting corruption, recovering the stolen assets and creating job opportunities. What they see in the protests in Lebanon is their battle against the Iranian influence. What does Iranian influence in Lebanon mean? If we want to translate it from English to Arabic, what does Iranian influence mean? Iranian influence means – of course this is not an accusation against any institution whose name I will mention – Iranian influence in the banking sector.
If there is a bank dealing with an Iranian, they will include this bank in the list of sanctions and shut it down. You mean Iranian influence over the Lebanese army which not allowed to get any help from Iran; or Iranian influence over oil, gas, commitments and companies; or Iranian influence over the internal security forces. Iranian influence over what? Where is there Iranian influence in Lebanon? Yes, in their own understanding and the way their minds translate it, Iranian influence means resistance. To understand the translation, Iranian influence means the resistance. What do the Americans want? They want Lebanon to get rid of its resistance. Lebanon has someone protecting it, a hand that is threatening to retrieve its oil and gas so they can really be invested. This hand allows Lebanon to regain its territories and waters. It allows Lebanon to preserve its dignity, security, sovereignty and well-being. It allows Lebanon to be an integral part in the equation. It allows Lebanon to be important. This hand is called the resistance. The Americans want to cut this hand.
Therefore, at this stage, the entire Lebanese people’s responsibility is to preserve all elements of their power. They must preserve their unity and allow no one to take the country towards a vacuum, chaos or even civil war. The Lebanese people must seriously think about their real national interests that will get them out of the financial and economic impasse and their living conditions. This takes place through dialogue and cooperation as well as lifting the cover on all the corrupt people.
At this stage in particular, the resistance’s popular base should be more aware and more understanding. They must read statements with insight.
Today on Hezbollah’s Martyr Day, we pledge to our pure, honorable and beloved martyrs to preserve the dignity, pride, strength, protection, deterrence. And position that you gave us by sacrificing your blood.
We are a people loyal to our martyrs, to our nation and to our sanctities. No matter the difficulties and the sacrifices, we are a people who do not give up. We do not leave the squares until we raise our flags at the highest peak, God willing.

Peace, Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you.