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US, “Israel” Incite on Lebanon: We’re Working to Change 1701, UNIFIL Mandate!

US, “Israel” Incite on Lebanon: We’re Working to Change 1701, UNIFIL Mandate!
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By Staff, Agencies 

It’s the US-“Israeli” blatant interference that is shaping the international scene when it comes to the internal Lebanese arena.

A majority of the House of Representatives lawmakers – over 240 from both parties – sent a letter to the United Nations Secretary-General urging him to enforce Security Council resolution 1701.

Four Congressmen from both parties spearheaded the letter: Rep. Elaine Luria, Rep. Lee Zeldin, Rep. Haley Stevens and Rep. Michael Waltz.

The letter calls on UN Chief Antonio Guterres to lead an international effort to limit the so-called Hezbollah's capabilities, and to avoid "the devastating but avoidable outcome" of which he has previously warned.

"As Republicans and Democrats, we are united in our concern about the continuing, serious violations of United Nations Security Council Resolution 1701 and the resulting threat our ally “Israel” faces on its own.

"The United Nations Security Council spoke out clearly and unanimously by passing UNSCR 1701," it continues. "In doing so, the international community committed itself to Lebanese sovereignty and “Israeli” security. Hezbollah's military build-up threatens both,” the letter added.

It further clearly interfered in Lebanon's affairs by saying: “We believe that Beirut must address the Hezbollah challenge on an urgent basis. Continued failure to do so weakens Lebanon's relationship with the international community and increases the threats to the Lebanese people and 'Israel's' security."

"At the same time, we request that you insist that UNIFIL fully implements its mandate despite pressure from Hezbollah. UNIFIL should accurately report on Hezbollah violations of UNSCR 1701 and work with the Government of Lebanon to remove Hezbollah's weapons from the south," the letter continued.

In the same context, Zionist Ambassador to the UN Danny Danon said: ““Israel” is working with the US to upgrade UNIFIL's mandate, explicitly to give it the ability to visit and inspect any area in southern Lebanon. Under the existing mandate, UNIFIL cannot enter villages and the urban regions unless it first coordinates such visits with the Lebanese Armed Forces.”