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“Israel” Deep into Crisis: 3rd Election Is Almost Inevitable?

“Israel” Deep into Crisis: 3rd Election Is Almost Inevitable?
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By Staff, Haaretz

“Israel” is moving deep into the crisis as the third election is almost inevitable.

On this Haaretz daily cautioned that the apartheid entity “is entering an unprecedented 48 hours.”

“For the first time in “Israeli” electoral history, it looks extremely likely that two candidates tapped by the president have failed to form a government. We will be entering the final three-week period, in which any Knesset member can try to gather 61 MKs' signatures to try and form a government. And if that doesn’t happen, a third consecutive election campaign,” it mentioned.

It further highlighted that “For a…unity government to come about, either Benjamin Netanyahu or Benny Gantz, who have both agreed in principle to a rotating premiership [two years each], have to agree to their rival going first as prime minister.”

“Netanyahu, who intends to fight the almost inevitable criminal indictments against him while serving as prime minister, will therefore not let Gantz go first under any circumstance. And he has the backing, for now, not only of all the Likud MKs, including the rebellious Gideon Sa’ar, but of all the rest of the right-wing and religious bloc,” Haaretz added.

According to the daily, “Gantz, for his part, is committed not to serve under a prime minister facing criminal charges, and since the attorney-general is expected to announce those charges within a matter of days, he cannot possibly enter a Netanyahu-led government. Even if he was inclined to do so, as some have been suggesting, he will lose a large part of his party. As a Kahol Lavan MK close to Gantz’s co-leader Yair Lapid said last week, “Gantz can go ahead and sit in Netanyahu’s cabinet over our dead bodies.”

“Gantz has shown little appetite for in-party fighting and it’s almost impossible to see him breaking with his colleagues. So national unity is out. For both candidates it’s a zero-sum game,” it mentioned.