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Imam Khamenei: Iran Successful in Foiling Enemy Plots

Imam Khamenei: Iran Successful in Foiling Enemy Plots
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By Staff, Agencies 

Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei stressed that Iran has successfully pushed back its enemies in the military, political, and security warfare being waged against the nation.

“Both [our] friends and [our] enemies should know that we pushed the enemy back in the arenas of military, political, and security warfare,” Imam Khamenei said in a meeting in Tehran on Tuesday with a gathering comprising people active in the areas of production and economy as well as some entrepreneurs.

His Eminence further hailed Iran’s effective confrontation with enemy plots aimed at sowing unrest across the country under the guise of protest against fuel price hikes.

“The very actions taken over the several [recent] days had a security nature, they were not popular (in nature),” His eminence stated.

Elsewhere in his remarks on Tuesday, Imam Khamenei said Iran needs to grow immune to the impact of sanctions by developing an economy dependent on domestic production.

“We have forced the enemy back in various fields, and, by God’s grace, we will decisively force it back on the arena of economic warfare too,” Imam Khamenei noted.

In parallel, His Eminence underlined that the US economic war against the Islamic Republic is not confined to its current president, saying it would be a mistake to think that sanctions would end when US President Donald Trump leaves office.

“By the grace of God, we will turn all sanctions into opportunities through the utilization of all unique capacities, only a portion of which have so far been put to use, and also through ventures by economic activists,” he added.