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Aoun Backs Half Political Gov’t: Technocratic One Couldn’t Define Lebanon’s Policy

Aoun Backs Half Political Gov’t: Technocratic One Couldn’t Define Lebanon’s Policy
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By Staff

Lebanese President Michel Aoun considered that the protests across Lebanon started with economic demands due to the imposed taxes, and reached political ones, stressing that it is normal when lacking confidence between the people and the government that the people demand changing the government, so that the new one listens to their demands and implement them.

“I responded to them and called them saying that their demands are rightful, which are also my personal demands. I called them for a meeting to hold dialogue but I still didn’t receive any response.”

In a televised interview from the presidential palace in Baabda, Aoun pointed out that “we are in a contradicted political society, and we don’t want to exit it to new contradictions.”

Aoun said formal consultations to nominate the country's next prime minister could begin later this week, and that the next government would be composed of both experts and politicians.

"A technocrat government cannot define the policy of the country ... and I back forming a government that is half political and half technocrat," he said.

Aoun said the government had heard the protesters' demands and warned of a "catastrophe" should they continue demonstrating.

"If you continue in this way, you will strike Lebanon and your interests ... I am placing you in front of this choice," Aoun said.

"We are working day and night to get the situation in order. If they keep going, there is a catastrophe. If they stop, there is still room for [us] to fix things," he said

Former Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri, who resigned from his position on 29 October amid the protest movement, was hesitant about taking up the post again, Aoun added.

"I met Hariri and I found him hesitant between yes and no," he said.