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Drone Shot Down by Iranian Army in Mahshahr Port is ‘Israeli’ – Report

Drone Shot Down by Iranian Army in Mahshahr Port is ‘Israeli’ – Report
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By Staff, Agencies

Former Iranian diplomat Amir Mousavi uncovered that the drone that was shot downed by the Iranian Army’s “Mersad” Defense System in Mahshahr port is an ‘Israeli’ one and took off from Bahrain, according to preliminary data.

Speaking to Arabic-language al-Mayadeen TV on Friday evening, Mousavi noted that the information indicate that the drone sends data to the ‘Israeli’ Mossad, and maybe the goal from sending it is to check the Iranian readiness.

Mousavi’s comments came after the Iranian Army’s Air Force Commander confirmed the news of downing a hostile drone using local air defense system.

He further made clear that the Iranian Army shot down the drone in the first circle after its launching, which means that it didn’t reach the Iranian depth, noting that its goal could have been to spy on the phases of ongoing action in Bushehr facility.

Mousavi stressed that the home-developed system that succeeded in downing the drone is capable of hitting two targets at once, at an altitude of 18 kilometers.

The Iranian diplomat also emphasized that his country carried out with its allied several practical steps while the other axis is unable to do anything.

Mousavi stressed that Iran managed to discipline the United States and the United Kingdom, adding that it is on continuous war with the ‘Israeli’ entity.

Earlier on Friday, the “Mersad” Defense System of the Iranian Army dropped down a spy drone in Mahshahr Port in the country’s southeast, and the Iranian security forces gathered its ruins.