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‘Israel’ Planning a US-backed ‘Historic Deal’ with Gulf States

‘Israel’ Planning a US-backed ‘Historic Deal’ with Gulf States
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By Staff

In the course of warming up ties with Arab countries, namely Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates [UAE], ‘Israeli’ entity’s foreign minister Yisrael Katz asked Secretary of US Treasury Steven Mnuchin to support the Zionist entity’s economy to build economic ties with the Gulf states.

According to a tweet posted Tuesday on “Israel” Arabic Twitter account, Katz said: “Amid Iran’s threats, and the coalition between the US and ‘Israel’ with the Gulf states, there is a historic chance taking shape and we mustn’t lose. The goal is to sign a no fighting deal.”

Katz himself offered in the beginning of October an initiative to ratify a deal with the Gulf countries, to boost ties with them and enhance the normalization that started to emerge lately.

The initiative claims that it will seek “developing friendly ties between both sides, and boosting them according to the rules of the United Nations Charter and the principles of the international law, as well as ‘taking necessary and effective measures’ to guarantee never taking any step related to threatening with war, hostility, vandalism, violence or provoking against each other.

The initiative also states that no party of the deal [the Zionist entity or the Gulf states] join a coalition, organization or alliance with any third party that would have a military or security aspect, neither promote or help them.

The Gulf ties with the Zionist entity have been recently warming up, in which Saudi Arabia crowned its normalization with the ‘Israeli’ entity by mutual visits, deals and military agreements, atop of which was Riyadh’s buying the ‘Iron Dome’ system from Tel Aviv.