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IOF Censures Officers over “Israeli” Failure During Hezbollah Retaliatory Op

IOF Censures Officers over “Israeli” Failure During Hezbollah Retaliatory Op
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By Staff, Agencies

The “Israeli” Occupation Forces [IOF] Chief of Staff Aviv Kohavi censured two “Israeli” officers and called for disciplinary meetings for two others after a series of significant failures were found during an anti-tank guided missile operation by Hezbollah Resistance group on an “Israeli” military vehicle and base the previous month, the “Israeli” army said Sunday.

On September 1, Hezbollah launched three anti-tank missiles from southern Lebanon, with one striking the Avivim army base near the border and two aimed at an armored medical vehicle carrying five soldiers that was traveling on a road that was meant to be cleared of military personnel.

In the preceding days, the IOF had been aware of Hezbollah’s intentions to carry out an operation in retaliation for both an “Israeli” airstrike in Syria that martyred two Hezbollah members and an “Israeli” drone attack in Beirut’s Southern Suburbs.

According to “Israeli” media, the IOF knew that Hezbollah would retaliate. Accordingly, IOF’s so-called Northern Command ordered a series of precautionary measures in order to prevent “Israeli” casualties, including forbidding military vehicles from traveling on roads near the Lebanese border and altering its deployments in bases near the security fence.

Following Hezbollah’s operation, the IOF launched an intensive investigation into the operation and the Northern Command’s preparations. The “Israeli” military released the general findings of the probe on Sunday.

The two-month long investigation into the incident on September 1 was led by Head of the Northern Command Maj.-Gen. Amir Baram and included all levels of the military.

The investigation found “deficiencies in the battalion’s command and control processes during deployment, and that despite instructions from his commanders, the deputy battalion commander approved the movement of the specific military vehicle on the prohibited axis. In addition, the inquiry indicates that the regional brigade conducted insufficient monitoring and supervision over the movement on the roads.”

Following the investigation, Chief of Staff Lt.-Gen. Aviv Kochavi decided to reprimand the battalion’s deputy commander for authorizing travel on a prohibited road. The battalion commander will also be reprimanded for the way in which he evacuated and protected Camp Avivim, which was not done according to procedures and allowed for the entry of individuals into the empty base.

In addition, the “Israeli” Chief of Staff stated that those involved in the incident, among them the commander of the regional brigade and officers in the artillery battalion, will be summoned to their commanders for clarifications.

Meanwhile, the “Israeli” Army said, “In addition, the investigation found that the regional brigade did not carry out the appropriate monitoring [of the situation] and that there were lacunae in the oversight over transportation along the roadways.”