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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Imam Hussein [AS] Arbaeen Anniversary

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Imam Hussein [AS] Arbaeen Anniversary
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Translated by Al-Ahed News

Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech marking Arbaeen & hosted by the party in the Sayyeda Khawla [PBUH] shrine, Baalbek, 19-10-2019 

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets, Abi al-Qassem Muhammad Bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers. 

Peace be upon you, O my master my lord, O Aba Abdullah and upon the souls that gathered in your courtyard. Peace of Allah be upon you all from me for ever as long as I am existent and as long as there are day and night. May Allah not cause this (visit) to be the last of my visit to you (all). 

Peace be upon al-Husain, upon Ali ibn al- Husain, upon the sons of al- Husain, and upon the companions of al- Husain.

Scholarly gentlemen, brothers and sisters, Peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you all. May Allah reward you greatly on this day during which we renew our consolation to Abi Abdullah al-Husain (peace be upon him).

First of all, I thank you all, brothers and sisters, men and women, young and old, who came to the city of Baalbek next to this holy and blessed shrine from sarrounding Beqaa villages. Some of you came on foot. Others came from a number of different areas across Lebanon. I commend you for this great attendence and for these influential, expressive and powerful processions.

I thank all those who set up hosting tents on both sides of the road and served all those marking this great occasion with love and sincerity.

I appreciate your particpation in this activity and in marking this occasion for hours under the sun, so I will try to limit what I have to say on this day. Even though the developments in the region are important, I will only talk about internal developments because it concerns all of the Lebanese people. 

So, my speech will be divided in two parts: the first part is related to the occasion. We say a few words regarding the occasion. In the second part, I will delve directly into developments that have unfolded in Lebanon in recent days.

Today we are marking the occasion of Imam Husain’s Arbaeen in Baalbek. The Hussaini and Zainabi procession, the Muhammadi procession that carried the severed heads of the martyrs, including the heads of the master of martyrs Abi Abdullah al-Hussain (PBUH), the great leader Abu al-Fadl al-Abbas, and Ali al-akbar, Al-Kassem and their companions, passed through the roads and neighborhoods of this city. Imam Zayn al-Abidin, Imam al-Baqer, Sayyed Zainab and her sisters (peace be upon them) were among those taken prisoners. This procession that passed through this city gave it a historical link to this great event that took place in 61 AH [Hijri year].

When you come to Baalbek and walk along its roads, and enter Ras al-Ain or this holy place, you remember that those great captives walked, sat, rested and stayed here. Their heads were placed here. Imam Husain’s head was paled somewhere here in Baalbek. They bled and their tears flowed here. 

In 61 AH at the end of Muharram, the procession passed through Baalbek during its journey from Homs to Damascus. The residents of Baalbek have always been insightful and honorable. Sources throughout say that the Umayyad regime told the people of Baalbek that the procession was made up of captives and severed heads of the khawarij as a result of what it called the victory of Amir al-Muninin Yazid. So, it asked the city to be decorated. Preparations were made to receive the processions. There were thousands of drums and tambourines. People came out wearing festive clothes. But once the people of Baalbek uncovered the deception of the Umayyad regime and discovered the truth that these heads were that of the martyrs, including al-Husain the Prophet’s grandson and that these captives were the daughters of Muhammad bin Abdullah (SAW), they revolted and attacked the procession. They attempted to attain the severed heads and free the captives. These sources say that the confrontation unfolded over a period of several days. Yes, this is also a historical moment. When we talk about Karbala, we remember Baalbek. Its people championed Zainab and did not leave her on that day. Despite the oppression and the tyrannical regime that does not fear God and has no respect for honor, their fervor, courage and their love for their Prophet and his household pushed them towards this great position.

The people of Baalbek and the whole region, the people of the Bekaa have proven that after all these centuries, decades and the past few years, they have not abandoned al-Hussain. Whenever they heard a husseini call coming from the south, the east, an occupied land or from oppressed people being attacked, they would heed it with a resonating call on the battlefield – Labaik ya Husain, Labaik ya Husain.

The people of Baalbek who refused to abandon Zainab when she was a captive and tried to save her from her captors who killed her brother and imam are the people of this era. These people have been present in the past few years along the eastern mountain range, in the joroud, everywhere, in Syria and in any place they had to be so that Zainab would not be taken captive twice. They were true to the promise when they chanted labaiki ya Zainab, labaiki ya Zainab, labaiki ya Zainab.

Dear brothers and sisters, you are commemorating this occasion in this city due to its holiness and the natural connection with this city. I call on you to observe this occasion annually so that one day a year is devoted to the people in the Bekaa, in Lebanon and to those outside Lebanon, emphasizing the many values that this occasion, this city and this procession hold as well as the honorable position taken by its people throughout history.

From Baalbek, all eyes move over to Karbala where the great popular masses and millions of people unparalleled in history converge.

Over the past few days and today, we and the world have witnessed millions of people from their faraway homeland heading to Husain. They come from Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan, the Gulf States, Syria, Lebanon, Europe and even the US, Latin America, Indonesia, Malaysia and all around the world. They walk hundreds of kilometers day and night, not caring about hunger, thirst, cold, heat, danger or fear. They carry their blood in the hands and head to Karbala like a rumbling torrent in an unprecedented self-regulatory manner. Meanwhile, the loyal and generous Iraqi people provide them with services. This phenomenon seen by the whole world today is worth pausing on. This million-man march is reintroducing al-Husain to the whole world which is watching millions of people marching on television and on the internet. It makes the world wonder who al-Husain is, the man being visited by millions of people from all over the world. 

People leave their countries, families and everything behind and head towards him with longing, eagerness and love. They mourn him the entire way. When they reach the gates of Karbala and the domes of al-Husain and al-Abbass’ shrines appear, they break down into tears and cry woefully. What is the secret behind this love, adoration and attraction? Who is this man who, after 1400 years, can still bring people to him to adore him like this, to cry for him like this, and to mourn him in this manner?

This will reintroduce al-Husain [PBUH] to the world. We, along with those people, look to Karbala and address al-Husain [PBUH] and his visitors. Imam al-Sadiq [PBUH] prayed for his visitors. I will narrate a story and move to the second part of my address. One of Imam al-Sadiq’s companions Muawiya ibn Wahab says, “I walked in on Imam Jaafar al-Sadiq (PBUH) and I found him in his Musalla in his house, the place in the house where he usually prays. So, I sat down until he finished with his prayer and I heard him pleading with his Lord.” You who stayed up all night and whose faces are scorched by the sun, listen to your Imam’s, Imam al-Sadiq, prayer for you. He said, “ O Allah! Forgive me, my brothers and the visitors of the grave of al-Husain (PBUH), those who have spent their money and dedicated their bodies due to their desire of being loyal to us and seeking what You have by visiting us, filling Your Prophet Mohammad (PBUHP) with joy, obeying our order and filling our enemy with frustration.” Today the Great Satan America and the Zionists are the enemies of the people. When the arrogant people and the tyrants watch these million-man marches and these enormous crowds, they get angry, worried and terrified. They did that seeking your contentment. All this is for Allah. They do not worship al-Husain. They worship Allah and obey His orders. He ordered them to express love for the kin. They did that seeking your contentment, so reward them by being content with them, safeguard them at night and during the day, protect their families and children that they left behind very well, accompany them and shield them from every persevering tyrant.” The prayer is too long, until he says, “Hence have mercy on those faces that changed due to the sun; have mercy on those cheeks that rolled on the grave of Abi Abdullah al-Husain (PBUH); have mercy on those eyes that wept over us due to their compassion towards us; have mercy on those hearts that are despondent and inflamed from their grief over us and have mercy on those who painfully scream for us. O Allah! I entrust those spirits and bodies to You until You water them from the spring (Al-Hawd) at the day of thirst.”

Oh Allah! Make us one of them, one of the visitors of al-Husain, the lovers of al-Husain, those loyal to al-Husain and those included in the prayer of the great Imam al-Sadiq, the grandson of al-Husain peace be upon him.

Dear brothers and sisters, the days of al-Husain are days for taking responsibility honestly and courageously and saying the right words at the right time.

From this spirit, I enter into what is happening in our country and what has happened over the past few days.

At the beginning, I must say that when we speak responsibly, everyone in Lebanon who is in power and those who are not in power are responsible. They should take responsibility at a time when this country faces a grave and dangerous situation.

Today, it is very easy for me or for someone else to stand up and say: it is none of our business. It is also easy to wash one’s hands of any responsibilities. We have nothing to do with this. You are on your own, see what you should do. It is also easy to blame others for the fallouts, withdraw from the government and the responsibilities, resign, and more than that ride the wave of discontent among the people and protesters. Or to do what some do or are used to doing currently and throughout history, which is to stand atop a hill and remain neutral. He stands atop a hill and waits to see how events unfold.

Some political leaders and some political forces in Lebanon behave in this manner. They abandon their responsibilities and withdraw whenever they want. They renounce any past and present responsibilities and blame the consequences on others. This behavior reflects lack of patriotism, morality and humanity when it comes to dealing with the fate of the people, the Lebanese people and the fate of the country as well as public affairs issues. The easiest thing is to refuse to take responsibility and blame it on others.

A few days ago, there was a strange scene in Lebanon when fires broke out in a number of areas across the country. Everyone condemned the failure of the state; all the ministers, the deputies, the officials, the directors, the media and the people. Who was condemning whom? Who is the state? Who is the one being blamed? Who fell short? If we all condemn, and each one blames the other, what will be the result? Nothing, it's over. Now, a new event has unfolded. Whenever one event occurs in Lebanon, the previous is forgotten. All the talk on the day of the fires about the repair of the aircraft, the Disaster Authority, the procedures and the investigation over this negligence is now gone. In Lebanon, the effect of condemnation lasts twenty-four hours because everyone acts as if they are not responsible or concerned and they blame the consequences on others. 

First of all, let us be honest and frank. Today the financial and economic situation that we are all talking about did not spring up overnight nor has it been caused throughout the course of the last year or the last three years, or under the current presidency, or by the current government. Rather, it is the result of an accumulation of many years, at least 20 or 30 years of economic policies, performances, responsibility, internal circumstances, regional circumstances, international circumstances, etc. Whatever the reasons, I do not want to go into explaining them now. But those reasons accumulated over decades. Now we are faced with a situation. The first thing we should mention here is that everyone should take responsibility, even us. I tell you in all honesty, with a variation in the percentages of responsibility. Some bear 20% of the responsibility, others 30%, others 5% and others 70%.

But we must all take responsibility and accept responsibility. It is shameful for anyone to refuse to acknowledge their responsibility regarding the prevailing situation in Lebanon, especially those who took part in all the previous governments for over 30 years. Whoever they are. Now, they want to stand with the people and fight corruption.

So, the first point is that everyone must take responsibility, and accept their share of responsibility for the current situation.

Also, secondly, everyone should participate and contribute to addressing the situation. I do not want to judge those who will abandon and escape their responsibilities. The Lebanese people should judge them. No one should rule the country and run it for 30 years and drag the country to where it is now, then in the last moment he becomes the Sharif of Mecca and sits on a hill devoid of responsibility and blaming others for this disaster. Who will pay the price? The Lebanese people from all areas and sects.

Everyone must take responsibility for addressing the situation. They should not to be preoccupied at this time in settling political scores. This will lead to a lot of unknowns for the country financially, economically, politically and in terms of security.

Third, regarding the current situation, let us talk to each other frankly. This is directed to the Lebanese people. There are real dangers threatening the country. There are two big threats concerning the financial, economic and social situation. The first threat that many are talking about is the financial and economic collapse. They say that if we do not propose a solution, we are heading towards a collapse, and the country will go bankrupt. This means that our currency will be valueless, and the country will be bankrupt. And then, I don't know who the country will be subjugated to. It will be like Greece and other countries. The second threat is the danger of a popular outrage as a result of the mishandling of the situation. This means that the person talking about a collapse is only presenting a solution which entails imposing taxes on the poor people and people with limited income. We are not talking about all the taxes. We are talking about the taxes that affect the poor and people with limited income. When you increase the tax and place a strain on the people, you are pushing the country to explode. Unfortunately, we are given two choices, either financial and economic collapse or popular outrage. Both choices are bad for the country.

This approach is wrong. We, as Lebanese, can prevent financial and economic collapse without causing popular outrage if we act responsibly. But this matter requires people to listen. It needs will power, determination, perseverance, sacrifice, honesty and loyalty. What happened in the past two days is a reflection of the fact that addressing the financial and economic situation with taxes and fees will lead to popular outrage. What happened in the past two days?
Brothers and sisters, the government has not approved the new taxes and fees. The government has not taken any such action until now. This matter is still being debated and was going to be voted on in the last sessions. It was enough for the Minister of Information to announce a decision to place a fee on WhatsApp. However, some ministers said the decision was not taken yet and that it was an idea that was later withdrawn.

 Well, this issue pushed the people to take to the streets. This is an indicator. It is a highly important indicator. Between these two threats, how should we, as Lebanese, behave? I have a couple of words to say, a word for the authorities and officials and another for the people and the protesters.  

First to the authorities and the officials. The most important takeaway from the popular movement that sprung up in the past two days, is that the officials must be convinced. I am saying that they should be convinced because they were not convinced. People can no longer bear new fees and taxes. I repeat and say that the poor and people with limited income can no longer bear it. As for those who have millions and billions, they do not care. It does not make a difference to them whether you impose new taxes. But the people and I mean our Lebanese people have become poor. They can not take it any longer. Some in power imagined that imposing taxes will not pose a problem since all political forces are in the government. It will pass. It passed in the past. It will pass now too. 

The message sent throughout these two days is very important. All the officials in the government and parliament should understand. The Lebanese people can no longer bear any new taxes and fees. The people will take to the streets, and the political forces will be unable to control the street. This is the first important point the officials should understand when addressing the situation.

There are some people who still insist today that when we talk about reform it means new taxes and VAT. This means encroaching on the rights and salaries of the employees. This is not reform. These are measures that will lead to an explosion. If we do not reach other kinds of reforms, the country is heading towards a real crisis. Knowing that the matter is not like since there are options. There are other suggestions and ideas that were presented to the Parliament. There were suggestions that were presented and agreed upon at the Baabda palace. There is a broad range of options. The Lebanese people have options. Our country is not bankrupt. Our country needs to manage its financial and economic problems, and it will be able to get out if this situation. Because we do not have a great deal of time and you are sitting under the sun, I will not go into details about solutions, alternatives, suggestions and ideas. I leave this for another day. This topic needs time.

But it is enough to assure you and the Lebanese people that it is not true that the Lebanese government has no choice except to impose taxes and fees. Not at all. This is not true. There are many ideas. But I repeat and say, it needs courage and determination. There are also financial, economic, administrative, legal and political choices. There are also political decisions. If we cooperate and have the courage to give priority to saving the financial and economic situation in Lebanon, we can absolutely, God willing, save our country, our people and our economy. We can even stir it towards the path of development and not just save it. But we must listen to each other because there are some who insist on the matter and do not accept any ideas except to impose taxes and fees. They always go for the easiest option, the people’s pockets. That is the easiest thing to impose taxes. These decisions are difficult. There is confrontation and challenge. There are factions that will not be happy. Let them be upset. But the Lebanese people should be satisfied. They should be rescued. The problem is not who is in the government. The problem is the methodology. Here, I am talking about the general idea. I will leave the details for later. For example, if the current government or any government takes real measures, addresses waste, fights corruption, merges institutions together and saves a lot of expenses and then it takes measures that entail that everyone must sacrifice to save the situation in Lebanon, then everyone must sacrifice. But so far, official practices only require the poor to sacrifice.

Go for the plan where everyone, the rich, the poor, the companies, the leaders and the banks make sacrifices. Let no one say Sayyed is confronting the banks. No, I would like to clarify something. What has been said for the past few weeks, unfortunately, regarding Hezbollah planning protests against the banks is baseless. We did not plan nor even thought about protesting against banks. Never! But someone broadcast this matter even though several officials belonging to Hezbollah officially denied it. However, some media outlets insist on this matter. This matter really has a bad economic impact. Yes, we are dismayed with some banks. I will talk about them later because time is not helping. We will not think in this way. The government and the Lebanese state should take measures to bring back people’s trust in them. Then the officials explain to the people that we have eliminated spending, absurd expenses and waste and addressed corruption, and ask everyone to help them, make sacrifices, participate and pay from their pockets to save the economic and financial situation. We want to impose certain taxes on you so we can overcome this calamity that we are facing in the country. I tell you. The Lebanese people will understand this and will accept.

But for you to impose taxes on them and tell them everyone should sacrifice, then they see scandals, thefts, corruption and waste in the millions, tens and hundreds of millions of dollars on a daily basis, they will not accept to pay you anything. I previously gave this example on Ashura when I spoke about the resistance. Despite all the sanctions, why would people give their money to the resistance? Why do women offer their jewelry to the resistance? Why are some prepared to abandon their homes for resistance? Why do families send their children to be killed in the ranks of the resistance? For one simple reason. They trust the resistance.

They are confident that the money that goes to the resistance is not stolen, looted or wasted. It is spent on the battle to defend the homeland, dignity and the land. This is the equation that we need in the country. There is a very deeply rooted trust issue between the Lebanese people and the state and its components. They won't believe whatever you tell them. It is not important what they hear but what they see. Come let us show them the truth that is made by will and decisiveness. If we do that and then apply honest and real measures, I tell you, we will all defend these measures and protect these reforms, even if they were cruel, because the fate of our country depends on them.

Accordingly, as Lebanese we need to work hard today. Frankly, I also want to tell you, with all due respect to some of our allies and friends who have issued positions in the last few days, we do not support the resignation of the current government. Do you know why? 

At a time of peace and following the elections and when the country was relaxed, the people were patient with each other. It took us a year to form a government. The country is tight on time. If this government resigns, this means there will be no government. It will be unknown when a government will be formed. It might be within one year or two years. But the country is running out of time. Everyone is unanimous that the country is running out of time. There is not much time anymore.

Second, some are talking about forming a new government. We are troubling ourselves in vain because the new government, if it were to be political, will be represented by these same political factions. It is not about this minister or that. These ministers represent the political factions and their position. Does this mean that if we change a couple of ministers the problem would be solved? Those making decisions are still the same people and the same political factions be  it us or others.

Third, some people are talking about a technocratic government. In the kind of dangerous situation that Lebanon faces, a technocratic government will not last two weeks. I tell you in all honesty. The political forces calling for a technocratic government will be the first people to bring down the technocratic government. This is nonsense. We say let this government carry on but with a new spirit and methodology. Let it take a lesson from the popular outrage that unfolded in the past two days. Some are calling for early parliamentary elections, even some of our friends with all due respect to them. This means setting up a date for these elections. It will take a few months for us to go to these elections after getting lost in the election law. What’s the point of this?! More financial expenses. Do you want more straightforwardness than this? The same parliament will return, with the addition or the exclusion of a [political bloc]. This is the mood in the country. Hence, to avoid wasting our time with early parliamentary elections, a new political government or a technocratic government, this government should stay. Honestly, if the current government is unable to address the situation, it will be hard to find a new government that will solve the situation. But what is important is for this government to meet behind closed doors for one, two, three, four or five days. Let it discuss, find solutions and examine in detail the proposals and options that, as I said, need a national decision, courage, determination and will. This is, in our view, a possible political course.

A word to the demonstrators: We all respect your choice to demonstrate. We not only understand it, we also respect and appreciate your protest and your painful outcry.

Secondly, there is no doubt that your resounding message has reached all the officials. The proof is that within hours the proposed fees on WhatsApp were withdrawn, whether it was a decision or an idea. This is development, and as I mentioned earlier, is directed at all officials in the state. No one should categorize this message as being for a certain person. This is wrong. We are still making mistakes. This is a message for everyone, for all the political factions, for all the state functions and all ministers. This message is for everyone. They must act in accordance with their understanding of this powerful popular message.

Thirdly, the importance of your popular movement in the past two days was that it was spontaneous and sincere. I am sure of what I am saying. No one, not any movement, organization or foreign embassy (because we always jump to conspiracy theories), can stand behind these protests. The people were angry when they heard the press conference from the minister of information, who incidentally presented the issue in a provocative way. So, the people took to the streets.

The WhatsApp decision was the straw that broke the camel's back. The issue is not the six dollars multiplied by X per year. Rather, it was the prevalent direction of the officials, which is sticking to a policy of imposing taxes and fees on the poor. The importance of your movement is that it was spontaneous, sincere and transcended sects, regions and political orientations. Up until last night. This is an important feature. That is why the message of your movement was strong, influential and resounding. From here, I would like to explain and offer advice to the protesters if they wish to continue to demonstrate. In the past two days and like everyone else, I have been following all the developments and everything being said on television. Of course, many were appealing to Hezbollah and other officials – now, I will talk about what concerns us – they were also appealing to me personally. There was even an elderly man who seemed respectable – God willing all of them are respectable – saying Sayyed “reservation does not feed me. Now, you are not hearing me.” Another person beside him said: “no he does not hear you.” And I was listening to him. We heard all these voices. Everyone was demanding, O Hezbollah, take to the streets. Where are you? Why haven’t you taken to the streets? I do not want to go into that in detail. I will simply tell you this. If Hezbollah took to the streets on the first day and then protested the second day and was now with you in the streets, the movement would be heading in another direction. It would become a mere political struggle, a struggle between axes. Iran is sending a message to America from Riad al-Solh. Wouldn’t it be? 
It was in the interest of your movement that you move without Hezbollah or anyone else to send a resounding message. The strength of this movement is that it was insulated from political factions. This is the explanation. Now the advice. Today, you must pay attention to your movement. If adopted by political parties in power, and some of these parties have been in power for decades, your movement will shift from being social to political. When some people take to the streets or ask their supporters to take to the streets and the slogan becomes the downfall of the Promise [the Lebanese President] or confronting the Promise, this means we are no longer talking about demands. It is no longer a social demand. The social movement is thus being exploited by a political struggle and settling political scores. If you wish to carry on and I'm not telling you anything except that what you have achieved throughout these past two days is very important in affecting the consciousness and the subconscious of the decision-makers. If you decide to continue and for you to succeed, you must separate your movement from political parties that will ride your wave and have appropriated your movement as of yesterday. I also advise you to avoid sabotaging public and private property. I advise you to express your opinions politely and morally. Insult me. That is not a problem. But do not insult the others. Insults, cursing, and vulgar language offends you, offends the Lebanese people. This is not the image of the Lebanese people who have manners and morals. You can express the same sentiments fiercely and aggressively but without cursing and insults.

The same way we advise the army and the security forces to have patience and mercy towards the protesters, we advise the demonstrators not to attack the army and the security forces. On the first night I saw on television some protesters who deliberately attacked the security forces and insulted them. These are your brothers and sons of your villages. You should not behave in this manner. People with a goal and a cause must act with the same level of honesty, importance and humanity as the cause itself. That is what I wanted to say.

There is another point that cannot be delayed. O Sayyed, O Hezbollah you said that if new fees and taxes were imposed on the poor and the people with limited income, you will take to the streets. This is as if they are making us responsible or undermining our credibility. I repeat that when confronting the new taxes on the poor and low-income people require from us to take to the streets, we will take to the streets. But according to our estimates, there is no need for us to take to the streets. Simply put, why? Because we are discussing with the government and no decision has been made yet. Even if the government voted, our ministers are informed that there should be no reservations. Any taxes or fees imposed on the poor are rejected and unacceptable. We oppose them.

If the majority in the government voted, we have another chance which is the Parliament. It is not required that from the second day that we take to the street. If Hezbollah takes to the street, it is not like any ordinary protest. You, the demonstrators, took to the streets spontaneously. You might stay on the streets for a day or two and then leave. But if we took to the streets, we cannot leave before the objectives that we are protesting for are fulfilled. This means that we will protest and will stay for a day, a month, a year or two years. We behave this way.

Let us suppose that the government put a budget that include taxes or sent taxes to the parliament, we are present in parliament. We will discuss and argue. If we couldn’t address the issue in parliament or in any way within the institutions of the state, then question us and ask us about our promise.

In the 2019 budget, some taxes were included. We opposed them. Then it was sent to the parliament. In parliament, there were also arguments. The taxes were dealt with in Parliament in agreement with the Prime Minister, the Speaker of Parliament and the rest of the parliamentary blocs. Otherwise, there would have been harsh taxes in 2019. These taxes were addressed, and therefore we accepted to vote for the budget without having to take to the streets.

I wish, especially from those who love us because no matter how much you explain to the spiteful and brought them a book from heaven, they will remain blind, I am speaking with the people who love us, with people who really pin hopes on us, you must understand well that we are a big party and our movement is not simple. When we want to take to the streets, this is not a small decision. This means the whole country will head in a different direction. No one should play this card and ask Hezbollah to take to the streets every once in a while. There is a time for this. God willing, this time does not come. But if this time comes, you will find us all on the streets, in all the areas forcefully. And we will change all the equations.

At the moment, we call for cooperation between the components of the government. We call for solidarity. We call on them not to escape from their responsibilities. I tell you more than that.  The person who escapes the responsibility in the face of the current situation must be tried, especially those who those who have brought the country into this difficult situation. It is not up to you. You cannot say that you are not concerned and leave. 

We call for solidarity. We call for cooperation. We call for everyone to take responsibility. Allow me to clearly tell the political forces and some known people – I do not want to mention names – who are calling for the overthrow of the Promise at this sensitive and wrong timing. Take this advice from me. You are wasting your time and exhausting yourselves. You are exhausting the country and wasting its time. This is a wrong timing. You can never overthrow the Promise. Therefore, return to reason and act responsibly. People should cooperate so we can overcome this difficult stage.

What has happened over the past two days should put Lebanon before a new phase, a new methodology, a new mentality, if we are to overcome the difficulties.

Brothers and sisters, I tell you from al-Husain’s podium, the Master of Martyrs peace be upon him, we are determined to work hard with everyone who is ready to take responsibility. We in Hezbollah will not abandon our people or our country. We will not allow this country to be drowned or to be burnt. We, who have presented thousands of martyrs and wounded in the defense of the dignity of our people, its pride, honor and existence, will not allow anyone to drown it, ruin it or tear it apart. If the officials have the courage, the will and the determination, I tell you there is a wide range of options and great steps that can bring the country out of this situation. We should not despair. Despair was created for the weak, the failure, for the people with no will and determination. However, you, us and those who stood in the face of great storms and triumphed cannot allow despair to creep into our hearts and minds.  

On al-Husain’s Arbaeen, we renew our commitment, our pledge and our position in all the righteous causes in the region, from Palestine, to Yemen, to Bahrain, to Syria and Iraq as well as all the righteous causes of our people in our country. We will not leave behind the sanctities. We will not abandon the oppressed and the tormented because we are a people that do not leave al-Husain. In every situation when we hear him asking if there is someone who can make us victorious or when we hear the voice of every oppressed, our response throughout history has always been Labaika ya Husain, Labaika ya Husain.

Thank you all. May God bless you and may Allah reward you and accept your actions. May Allah protect you and victor you. Peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you.