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«Israel» Readying Defenses for Iran Drone, Cruise Missile Attack

«Israel» Readying Defenses for Iran Drone, Cruise Missile Attack
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By Staff, Agencies

The “Israeli” entity is preemptively bolstering its defenses over caution that Iran may retaliate, according to the “Israeli” Army Radio on Tuesday.  

The report claimed, citing anonymous “‘Israeli’ sources” that it was focusing its defense capabilities on harder to detect, low-flying cruise missiles and drone strikes – unlike high arcing ballistic missiles that are easier to intercept.

As tensions escalate in the region, the “Israel” Occupation Forces [IOF] have apparently been on high alert and the security cabinet will convene for an impromptu meeting next week, according to the source.

Earlier this week, eyes have been on the Syria and Turkey border as the US pulls troops from the region, but at the entity’s request, US President Donald Trump said he would leave a "small contingent" of soldiers.

The pulling back of military presence by the US has been a key concern for the “Israeli” entity. But, “Israeli” leaders have been outspoken in their mission to defend the country against the threat of Iran.

The missiles were said to be in the 10's and the transfers were intended to send a warning to the US and “Israel”.

Deemed to have ranges between 200 to 700 kilometers, the report claimed that the entity’s densely populated city of Tel Aviv and Saudi Arabia’s capital Riyadh would be within striking distance, if launched from southern or western Iraq.