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Canada Suspends New Arms Sales to Turkey

Canada Suspends New Arms Sales to Turkey
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By Staff, Agencies

Canada on Tuesday announced it had temporarily suspended "new export permits" to Turkey, particularly of military equipment, in response to Ankara's offensive into northern Syria.

"Canada firmly condemns Turkey's military incursion into Syria," Global Affairs Canada, the foreign ministry, said in statement.

"This unilateral action risks undermining the stability of an already-fragile region, exacerbating the humanitarian situation and rolling back progress achieved by the Global Coalition against Daesh [the Arabic acronym for terrorist ‘ISIS/ISIL’ group], of which Turkey is a member."

The suspended export permits cover "controlled property," essentially military equipment, according to a list provided by the ministry.

Ottawa's move follows similar measures by several European countries.

Canada's arms sales to Turkey totaled nearly CAD$116 million [US$87 million] in 2018, according to Global Affairs.