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Washington Post: Iran, Assad Are Strengthened

Washington Post: Iran, Assad Are Strengthened
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By Staff, Washington Post

The Washington Post [WP] has criticized US President Donald Trump’s foreign policy in Syria, in the light of his latest move to withdraw American troops from Syrian territories.

The consequences of Trump’s Syria move is unfolding before our eyes. Due to the Turkish aggression, dangerous terrorists are being set free. And the Post asserts that “a ghastly scene is playing out, and it almost surely will get worse”.

The Post slams Trump and his Republican enablers in Congress who repeatedly berated former President Barack Obama for allowing Syria to cross his “red line” without dire consequences. Now, as the Post puts it, “none of them is entitled ever to mention that again”.

Meanwhile, the American outlet points out that Wahhabi Daesh [Arabic acronym for “ISIS” / “ISIL”] “is likely to exert its malign force again”, warning to “expect to hear from those terrorists before long, in the region, in Europe or in the United States”.

The WP adds that Iran is strengthened, a fact that threatens the “Israeli” entity. In addition to this, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad is also strengthened, and Russia is taking charge.

Accordingly, The Washing Post concludes that America’s adversaries are getting more powerful.

Trump, as the Post puts it, likes to preen as a great enemy of Iran, and even as he runs from Syria he is ordering 1,800 US troops to Saudi Arabia, ostensibly to deter Iran.

In conclusion, that deployment, while proving the utter incoherence of his claim of “ending wars in the Middle East,” will have far less effect on Iran than the US pullout from Syria, which opens the door for it to swell its influence there, on the “Israeli” entity’s border.