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Ashura 2019


Hezbollah Deputy SG: The Axis of Resistance Set a Balance of Deterrence for the Americans, ‘Israelis’

Hezbollah Deputy SG: The Axis of Resistance Set a Balance of Deterrence for the Americans, ‘Israelis’
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By Staff

Hezbollah Deputy Secretary General His Eminence Sheikh Naim Qassem displayed in an interview with al-Binaa Newspaper the history of confrontation between an axis led by Washington which includes ‘Israel’ and some Arab Gulf states, and the axis of resistance led by Iran and embraces Syria, Hezbollah and the resistance in Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq and Yemen.

Sheikh Qassem summed up the outcome of the ongoing regional confrontation, taking example of Syria. He reflected that after hard years of confrontations and dangers, Syria was able to regain control of most of the country’s landscape, adding that the return of the Syrian state project has returned to be the only suggested project after the collapse of other schemes, namely after the defeat of the Takfiri terrorist scheme that represented the counter-attack against Syria.

Sheikh Qassem further concluded that the axis of resistance succeeded in creating a balance of deterrence in the face of the American-‘Israeli’-Saudi attack, leaving ‘the risk of war behind us.’

His Eminence recalled the downing of US spy drone with an Iranian decision, ruling out the repercussions of confrontation, which include heading to a war that Iran doesn’t want, although it doesn’t fear as it sees a necessary price for protecting its sovereignty. He also noted the American refrain from a war Washington has wanted, but when facing the readiness, capabilities and determination it turned out how much it fears. This dedicated the equation of deterrence whose factors have been repeated after the Ansarullah operation against Saudi “Aramco”, Sheikh Qassem noted, referring to the regional equation until the US elections as a “fragile status quo”, which will neither witness a major war nor major compromises, but some small solutions.

Moving to Lebanon, Sheikh Qassem stressed that “the international decision that bans the fall of Lebanon is still into effect, despite the seriousness of the US sanctions that target Hezbollah, because the world recognizes the danger of this collapse, namely on the issue of the Syrian refugees and the repercussions of their migration to Europe, as well as the dangers of the return of terrorism and its presence inside and through Lebanon.”