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Ex-US «Israel» Amb. Indyk: Anti-Iran Alliance Faltering & Crumbling

Ex-US «Israel» Amb. Indyk: Anti-Iran Alliance Faltering & Crumbling
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By Staff, Agencies

With war and peace hanging in the balance, tensions in the Gulf are running hot and cold.

Council on Foreign Relations distinguished fellow and former US Middle East negotiator Martin S. Indyk warned that the US has failed to deter the growing influence of Iran.

“The Anti-Iran Alliance is not just faltering, it’s crumbling. Bolton is gone; Bibi is going; MBZ has struck his deal with Iran; MBS is not far behind,” tweeted Indyk on October 3, commenting on a report by the “Israeli” daily Haaretz titled: Anti-Iran Alliance Falters as Netanyahu, Trump and MBS Focus on Their Own Predicaments.

Indyk was referring to former US national security advisor John Bolton and embattled “Israeli” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu while identifying United Arab Emirates crown prince Mohammed bin Zayed and his Saudi counterpart and namesake, Prince Mohammed, by their initials.

The US Middle East negotiator went on to explain that US President Donald Trump has failed to stop the regional rise of Iran.

“And our fearless leader? Having failed to deter Iran he’s now desperate for a deal with them”, he added.

Signaling a change in tone, Saudi Arabia has gone quiet on its investigation into responsibility for last month’s attacks on key Saudi oil facilities after earlier stopping just short of blaming Iran.

MBS has meanwhile welcomed potential face-to-face talks between Trump and his Iranian counterpart President Hassan Rouhani, saying “absolutely… This is what we all ask for.”