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Worried ‘Israel’ Readying for Anticipated ’Iranian Attack’

Worried ‘Israel’ Readying for Anticipated ’Iranian Attack’
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By Staff, Agencies

The ‘Israeli’ military establishment is analyzing last month’s operation that targeted Saudi Arabian oil facilities, which is being blamed on Iran, to learn how to protect the occupation entity from a possible similar assault, Zionist media reported Monday.

The September 14 combined drone and cruise missile barrage on two facilities knocked out half of the kingdom’s oil production, and impressed ‘Israeli’ analysts in that it succeeded in penetrating Saudi defenses, which include the Patriot air defense system that the Zionist entity also uses.

Although Yemen’s Ansarullah revolutionaries claimed responsibility of the successful operation, the US, Britain, France, Germany, and Saudi Arabia accused the Islamic Republic of being behind the attack, which was denied by Tehran.

A senior officer in the ‘Israeli’ Military Intelligence unit told Channel 13 that the ‘Iranians showed an impressive ability in hitting Saudi Arabia.’

“They get a high mark, too high,” he said of the operation.

‘Israel’, he said, is assessing the threat in “a very informed and very balanced way.”

“The army is prepared for any developing scenarios in the northern arena,” the officer continued, and noted that this included countering a possible barrage of cruise missiles and drones.

Relatively, so-called ‘Israeli’ Absorption Minister Yoav Galant told Army Radio that Iran could use a combination of cruise missiles and advanced drones to attack ‘Israel’, in a manner similar to the way it attacked the Saudi oil fields last month, Galant claimed.