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Barak: Hizbullah΄s weapons can reach Dimona in "Israel"

Barak: Hizbullah΄s weapons can reach Dimona in
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Source:, 1-9-2008
"Israeli" Defense (War) Minister Ehud Barak said that Hizbullah's military capacities had increased since the 2006 July War, and the group's missiles could reach Dimona in "Israel".
Barak told "Israeli" Second Television on Sunday night that Hizbullah owned around 40,000 missiles, much more than the estimated 14,000 it possessed before the July War.
Barak said UN Security Council Resolution 1701, which ended the July War and called for the disarmament of all Lebanese militias, was a failure, and "Israel" could give Hizbullah a "destructive blow" if conditions with the party deteriorated.