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Yemeni Armed Forces Advise Saudi Arabia, UAE to Follow the Political Path Seriously, Otherwise Suffer Painfully

Yemeni Armed Forces Advise Saudi Arabia, UAE to Follow the Political Path Seriously, Otherwise Suffer Painfully
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Military Expert Brigadier General Aziz Rashed spoke to al-Ahed News about the possible future steps, advising the aggression’s forces to take the political path because they will definitely lose and suffer militarily.

By Zeinab Daher

Beirut - After the blowing defeat of Saudi Arabia and the sides composing its coalition of war on Yemen, which was represented by the operations against “Aramco” and the heroic “Victory from Allah” series of operations, the Yemeni Brigadier General described what happened as a military slap on the face of Saudi Arabia, which became unable to control this huge number of vehicles, militants, officers and leaders, as well as those from al-Qaeda and Daesh [the Arabic acronym for terrorist ‘ISIS/ISIL’ group].

The equivalents of operation “Victory from Allah”, Military Expert Brigadier General Rashed told al-Ahed News, are the biggest and widest on the level of preparing to such offensive, as well as in terms of liberating lands and infiltrating large areas in the Saudi depth.

Yemeni Armed Forces Advise Saudi Arabia, UAE to Follow the Political Path Seriously, Otherwise Suffer Painfully

In an exclusive interview with al-Ahed News, Military Expert General Rashed elaborated on the current situation, but above all stressed that the operation forms a political and military message that the enemy couldn’t confront the Yemeni Armed Forces, especially as the war enters its fifth year. Despite all what happened, the Yemeni Military Expert said, the army and the popular committees were able to create, innovate and increase the development of its military capabilities in which the enemy was not prepared for a military confrontation and started importing US and multiple forces to confront the military offensive. But their efforts were in vain.

“Even the Special Forces sent by [US President Donald] Trump, starting with 500 technical and military experts, the Patriots, and the recently sent 200 officers and military experts… were useless,” General Rashed told al-Ahed News.

According to the military expert, the ground battle is very effective. “Saudi leaders, soldiers and also members of Daesh and al-Qaeda were shoulder to shoulder. This shows that Saudi Arabia is not able to fight the battle and it depends on people who are involved in treason and local mercenaries, in addition to attempting to involve Daesh and al-Qaeda members in the battlefield,” he added.

Releasing the Detainees

We always initiate unilaterally, while the other side stays away. This is the first time we initiate the matter to release the detainees, but Saudi Arabia doesn’t care to any initiative and doesn’t care to its soldiers, and not even officers, or those involved with it, General Rashed stated.

“Saudi Arabia even bombs and kills them; hence, our ethics and religion push us to release detainees every now and then. And the UN Envoy Martin Griffiths knows everything about it.”

Saudi Arabia after the Successive Defeats

Brigadier General Rashed told al-Ahed News that Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad Bin Salman welcomed the Yemeni peace initiative although he wasn’t committed to it.

Following the successive defeats Saudi Arabia is facing, MBS’ words show his down morale, the failure of his military as well as the inability of US weapons and technology to decide the fate of the battle, Mr. Rashed said.

Hence, Bin Salman compromised for the first time despite the continued Saudi gamble not to confess to all the military defeats it is facing.

Advising the Aggression Forces

The Yemeni Armed Forces message to the coalition of aggression forces is that the political path is still available and it is the best to solve problems.

In his interview with al-Ahed News, General Rashed further advised Saudi Arabia not to divide the countries of the Arab world because it is the Saudi regime and its allies that will turn to be the loser. “Hence, the other path is the military one. Our initiative was political and peaceful but Saudi Arabia doesn’t understand this.”

We have more, Rashed promised, citing the statement of the President of the Supreme Political Council Mahdi al-Mashat, that the Saudi and Emirati forces will suffer painful results, adding that the strikes against Abqaiq and Khurais will be the tiniest of all the coming ones, which will be painful on both economic and military levels.

Would the Yemeni Forces target Saudi water desalination plants?

Although Saudi water desalination plants are an important and an included target for the Yemeni Armed Forces, "we still refrain from targeting them because they supply our brothers and sons," General Rashed said.

“We have an important project, but in case it continued its arrogance, we will cut off water and cause confusion among the Saudi people who will demand ousting the regime,” he added.

According to Rashed, Saudis could have also demanded the regime’s change as the number of prisoners exceeded 2000, including dozens of Saudi soldiers and officers, not to mention gaining more than 350 military vehicles and armored vehicles that include some which are Canadian, and this was report in Canadian media yesterday.

Breaking the Saudi-Emirati Glass

The Yemeni Military Expert, Brigadier General Rashed said, should target more sensitive areas that cause economic and military pain. This is because the UAE depends on the airplanes’ movement as well as international trade. “If we targeted the international trade, and the Emirati seaports or other sensitive zones, then this international investment will stop taking place in the country and its economy will collapse.”

The steep decline will be caused by the foreign cowardice, Rashed explained, and it will happen after the very first military strike whether using missiles or drones.

Negotiations or escalation?

The Yemeni Military Expert stressed that they prefer negotiations and the political path which is the best. That’s why he advised the enemy to take the peace initiative seriously because what will follow it will be more painful, bigger and more influential. Rashed cited the words of the Leader of the Revolution Sayyed Abdul Malik Badreddine al-Houthi as saying “there is no redlines.”

To the Yemeni people

Wrapping up all the stances he made, Brigadier General Rashed told the Yemeni people to stay confident in their Armed Forces which became today among the best forces to run a battle and the most professional in the battlefield. He also told them that the most powerful American weapons turned useless in the face of the Yemeni Army and the Popular Committees, especially that they are making great developments and creations.

A near solution?

Although wishing for a near solution for Yemen’s crisis, General Rashed said that the best solution for all is that the Saudi-Emirati coalition falls apart, because Yemen doesn’t fear losing anything anymore.