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Imam Khamenei Ridicules US’ ‘Maximum Pressure’ Policy: They’ve Been Begging to Meet Iran’s President

Imam Khamenei Ridicules US’ ‘Maximum Pressure’ Policy: They’ve Been Begging to Meet Iran’s President
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By Staff

Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei received on Wednesday commanders of the Islamic Revolution Guard Corps [IRGC].

In the meeting, Imam Khamenei stressed that the Americans were defeated in their ‘maximum pressure’ policy, adding that they thought that in case this policy was intensified against Iran it will force the Islamic Republic to bend.

“They’ve learned until the moment that the ‘maximum pressure’ policy has put them in trouble,” His Eminence added.

The Americans have been begging recently, Imam Khamenei said. They made their European friends mediators to push Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani to meet them and make a symbolic show for Iran’s surrender, His Eminence elaborated.

However, they didn’t succeed at the end, and this policy will be also defeated until it comes to an end, Imam Khamenei stressed.

Reflecting on the nuclear issue, Imam Khamenei emphasized that Iran will continue reducing commitments and must keep this very serious: “We must continue reducing commitments as announced by the Islamic Republic precisely, completely and inclusively until we reach the desired result.”

The US, in an unwise move designated IRGC, the national defense force, as a terrorist entity in total disregard of the United Nations Charter requiring the member states to respect sovereignty equality of the states.

Immediately after the US Administration made the unlawful gesture, some 255 out of 290 Iranian lawmakers issued a statement on April 8, stressing that the Majlis will reciprocate any measure against IRGC. Iran designated US Central Command in the Middle East as a terrorist group in reciprocity.