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Yemeni Armed Forces Reveal Details of 2nd Phase of Operation ‘Victory from Allah’

Yemeni Armed Forces Reveal Details of 2nd Phase of Operation ‘Victory from Allah’
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By Staff, Al-Masirah

Yemeni Armed forces Spokesman Brigadier General Yehya Saree revealed in a press conference on Tuesday the details of the 2nd phase of operation ‘Victory from Allah’.

Saree proved by the field scenes that the Army and Committees gained control of three military camps, including weapons stores, killing and injuring at least 200 enemy troops.

Armed Forces Spokesman pointed out that the 2nd phase of ‘Victory from Allah’ Operation was named in honor of Martyr Abul-Hassanein. It was launched on the 3rd of September 2019, revealing that more than 150² kilometers were secured and more than 120 armored vehicles were destroyed and seized.

Regarding the participation of the various forces in it, Saree said that the Rocketry Force carried out six operations in the second phase, most notably hitting Najran Airport. The Air Force conducted 16 operations, including two joint operations with the Rocketry Force and two joint operations with Artillery Force. The Air Defense was able to carry out 40 operations against Apache helicopters.

Brigadier General Saree said that Yemeni forces liberated Al-fraa and Al-Saoh areas down to the highlands overlooking the city of Najran in 2nd phase of ‘Victory from Allah’ Operation, pointing out that the aerial aggression launched more than 600 raids.

He pointed out that large group of enemy forces were prisoned, including Saudis in the second phase, stressing that the Yemeni Armed Forces allowed those involved in the treason of the country to flee to the city of Najran under the guidance of the leadership.

Brigadier General Saree also revealed documents and evidence proving the role of al-Qaeda and Daesh [the Arabic acronym for terrorist ‘ISIS/ISIL’ group] in the fighting among the forces of the aggression coalition.

He stressed that “our military operations will not stop until the cessation of aggression and that our armed forces will continue to implement the various phases of operation ‘Victory from Allah’.”

"Our valiant army has weapons of deterrence capable of attacking those who want to attack our people and who wants to confiscate their right of life with dignity we will confiscate his life and power," Saree concluded.