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DEBKA: US Threating Lebanon, Directing ‘Israeli’ Attack against Alleged ‘Missile Factory’

DEBKA: US Threating Lebanon, Directing ‘Israeli’ Attack against Alleged ‘Missile Factory’
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By Staff

‘Israeli’ intelligence website DEBKAfile stated in an exclusive piece that US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo threatened Lebanon either to get rid of the second alleged ‘Iranian missile factory’ or face US-directed ‘Israeli’ attack.

Pompeo warned Lebanon on Wednesday, Sept. 4, that the Zionist entity knows about an alleged ‘second’, larger ‘Iranian-Hezbollah missile factory’ and is preparing to bomb it, DEBKA reported.

According to the ‘Israeli’ source, Pompeo addressed this ‘urgent’ message directly to Lebanese Foreign Minister Jubran Basil, who is close to Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, instead of through the usual embassy channels.

He sent it on the day after the ‘Israeli’ military showed reporters claimed detailed evidence of the existence of a factory at Nabi Sheeth for allegedly arming Hezbollah’s surface missiles with precision kits.

The senior US official claimed further that the ‘Israeli’ intelligence is fully apprised that Iran and Hezbollah were building another, more substantial factory in Lebanon, to accommodate their main missile upgrade project.

DEBKA emphasized that Pompeo directed Lebanon to dismantle this second factory without delay since ‘Israel’ was in advanced preparations for its destruction. He stressed that ‘Israel’ would be acting with full American support, whatever the consequences of the attack.

In support of the US unlawful ultimatum to Beirut, ‘Israel’ on Wednesday night boosted its missile array on the Lebanese and Syria borders with extra Patriot missiles. They were deployed in case of any Hezbollah retaliation.

Meanwhile, ‘Israeli’ Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, along with Zionist Air Force commander Maj. Gen. Amikam Nurkin and head of the Zionist army’s operations Directorate Maj. Gen. Aharon Havilah are set to present the Zionist plans of action in Lebanon in the days ahead.