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About the ‘Avivim’ Operation: Hezbollah Breached All ‘Israeli’ Fortifications, Ready to Air Video

About the ‘Avivim’ Operation: Hezbollah Breached All ‘Israeli’ Fortifications, Ready to Air Video
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By Staff

After the heroic operation of the Islamic Resistance that targeted and ‘Israeli’ military vehicle in the occupied Lebanese village of Salha, also known among the enemy’s milieu as the Avivim settlement, Beirut-based al-Mayadeen TV Network cited an informed source with the matter, in which it brought some important related details.

As the source stressed that the Islamic Resistance is ready to air the video of the Avivim Operation once the leadership decides this, it elaborated on the details as saying that the targeted place is the internal 899 highway, located behind Avivim and is 2 kilometers away from the border and sub-routes.

The targeted vehicle is a military carrier of "Avivim Brigade", most of its members are of the nearby border barrack, the source noted, adding that it was moving slowly at the time of the operation and the occupation didn't expect that this back road be targeted in the depth.

Stressing that the targeted point in not visible from the towns of Maroun al-Ras, Yaroun and Aitharoun, but only from some angles that the occupation didn't expect, the source noted that the targeted point reveals a mastered intelligence effort made by the resistance.

The front edge of the area facing Avivim is always under the occupation's observation with high techniques such as individual radars and wireless detectors.

According to al-Mayadeen source, observation of the site takes place with equipment set in Avivim Barrack and in Jabal al-Bat in the Jal al-Deir Site.

The Kornet missile used in the operation emphasize the success of the resistance’s anti-armor qualification, the source noted.

“The Kornet’s specs indicate that it is impossible not to have casualties despite the casual armoring of the target that is less armored than the Merkava.”

Commenting on the occupation’s claims that there is a dramatic scene of transferring the wounded, it stressed that this breaks the pride of this army and influences its audience’s awareness, asking: Was the urgent landing of the helicopter in the targeted area to evacuate the wounded twice and risk downing it at any moment also a scene?

As for the response of the last week’s violations and aggressions, the source noted that the Avivim operation was announced in a resistance statement in the name of Martyrs Yasser Daher and Hassan Zbib, which means it is a response to Syria’s aggression.

However, the source noted that the Dahiyeh response, as Sayyed Nasrallah has stated, is to down ‘Israeli’ drones violating the Lebanese airspace.

The source cited by al-Mayadeen considered that what happened tackles the concept of ‘Israeli’ awareness and deterrence which started since Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s warning, which frightened the occupation’s Generals.

After the operation, the occupation returned to the rules of clashes which Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has changed, the source stressed.

The occupation retreated and took defensive measures for the first time in its history, and its retreat included evacuating front edges and army’s retreat, and leaving settlers in the front, according to the source.

Al-Mayadeen source finally advised ‘Israel’ and its media to 'shut up', otherwise the weapon of truth is at the hands of the resistance, atop of which is the documented photos of the operation.