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‘Israel’ Reduces Gaza Fuel Supply

‘Israel’ Reduces Gaza Fuel Supply
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By Staff, Agencies

The Zionist entity announced on Monday cutting by half the amount of fuel it supplies to Gaza's only power plant.

The measure was allegedly in response to operations by the Palestinian resistance.

In a statement, COGAT, a unit in the ‘Israeli’ War Ministry that coordinates the occupiers’ issues with Palestinians in the occupied West Bank and the Gaza Strip, said "cutting the amount of diesel in half will significantly reduce" the plant's output.

It said the measure, "following the firing of rockets ... and the continued violation of stability and security" will be in effect until further notice.

Gaza has long suffered from a shortage of electricity and chronic blackouts. A new power line from the occupied territories has been proposed to alleviate the situation.

Mohammad Thabet, spokesman for the Gaza power company, described the Zionist measure as collective punishment.

Currently Gazans get six hours of electricity followed by 12 hours of blackout. Thabet said the fuel cuts would decrease power time to only four-hour periods.

Meanwhile, both ‘Israeli’ and Egyptian blockades have brought the Gazan economy to the brink of collapse.