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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the ‘Victory and Dignity’ Festival Marking the 2006 Divine Victory Anniversary

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the ‘Victory and Dignity’ Festival Marking the 2006 Divine Victory Anniversary
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Translated by Staff

Speech of Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah at the "Victory and Dignity" Festival marking the Divine Victory in 2006 at the confrontation and steadfastness square (Bint Jbeil - Ainata - Maroun Al-Ras - Aitaroun) on 16-8-2019.

I seek refuge in Allah from the accursed Satan. In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets, and the Master of messengers Abi al-Qassim Mohammad bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you all.

Allah Almighty says: In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Merciful.

{And Our word has already preceded for Our servants, the messengers (171), [That] indeed, they would be those given victory (172), And [that] indeed, Our soldiers will be those who overcome (173).}

Allah Almighty has spoken the truth.

I welcome you all to the festival celebrating your victory, steadfastness, jihad and perseverance and congratulate you on this great occasion. The occasion is all the more special this year as it falls between Eid al-Adha and Eid al-Ghadir, between the Eid of Jihad, hard work, sacrifice, loyalty and fortitude and the Eid of Wilayah. A few days from now, we have another celebration, another Eid, and another victory. On August 25, we will celebrate in the Bekaa in the town of Al-Ain. We will mark the anniversary of the second liberation. That is why I will divide my speech into two parts. Today, I will talk about what suits this occasion and anniversary. God willing, some other topics will be discussed in Al-Ain. 

I will focus on the occasion. Then, I will delve into the regional situation very quickly. I will conclude with a few words regarding the internal situation.

In the introduction, I would like to underscore a very important point. In the past few days before the Eid, there happened to be regular holidays in addition to the Eid holidays. A lot of people headed towards the South. The southern villages, all the southern towns and all the border villages and towns were full of people. People came from all areas. Of course those who remained in Beirut and its suburbs know how empty these areas were. During the Eid, people in the southern towns and villages celebrated the occasion safely and securely, in tranquility and confidence as well as with peace of mind and happiness. This is very important. They did not have any fears, worries or panic or felt the slightest risk of an aggression here or a disturbance there. 

There is another thing that those who went to the South saw. It is not a new thing. But when people go back to the South and tour the villages, they notice a lot of construction, be it regular homes, big villas, economic projects or touristic sites. Of course all this is being done with the people’s money, their hard work and sweat. No one is telling them to do so. The money they are using for the construction comes from the expatriates. America and “Israel” are waging a relentless war against these expatriates all over the world because they are the source of power in this country.

So when we see this construction happening this means that people have come to invest their money here, to build their homes and their future. They are staying here. This great popular presence reflects the extent of confidence, certainty and faith in the ability to confront the enemy, to prevent the enemy from harming our people and their security and safety. This is one of God’s great blessings on us, on you and on the people of this country. We should be aware of this blessing. I always mention this in all the speeches. We must be aware of it and we should be thankful. Being thankful means preserving it and preserving the factors of its creation, continuity and survival, this security, safety and tranquility. This surge in power that people especially in the South feel, brothers and sister, did not come free of charge. This came as a result of jihad, hard work and sacrifices. 

We are talking about security and safety in the South for the first time, 13 years after the July war – that is between the time when people returned to their ruined homes on August 14, 2006 until today August 16, 2019. Some might argue when we say that the South enjoys such security and safety for being strong, free, capable and honorable. Lebanon and the South do not owe any favors for this safety and security, not to the US, or the international community, or the UN Security Council, or international resolutions, or Arab protection. It is the Lebanese who created their security and safety through dignity, strength and through the golden equation of the army, the people and the resistance. The Lebanese army, the Lebanese people and the Lebanese resistance are the ones who created this.

Today, brothers and sisters, the point I want to make is the following. I said this did not come free of charge. The efforts made around the clock – previously and currently – by the Lebanese army, security forces and official security services in preserving the border and internal security in villages, towns and cities in the south and all of Lebanon must be honored, valued and always remembered. When people get used to living a certain way, they forget about what is important. For example, the air we breathe becomes normal to us and we forget about it.  When do we feel it? When we are suffocating! There are two blessings that are missing and unknown: health and safety. As long as one is in good health he moves, he eats and drinks, nothing matters to him. He does not pay attention. But when he gets sick, he pays attention. 

Today, the preservation of this blessing – the security and safety in Lebanon and in southern Lebanon – is everyone’s responsibility, the state’s responsibility, the state officials’ responsibility, the Lebanese people’s responsibility and the political forces’ responsibility. This also applies to the issue of resistance. We will talk about this later. 

Deterring the enemy and the enemy’s fears of launching a war or an aggression against Lebanon is not the result of speeches or slogans or words. It is rather a result of the hard work between 1982 and 2000, and from 2000 until 2006 and from 2006 until today. There are always people watching over, thinking, planning, training, preparing, arming and developing their capabilities at all levels around the clock for us to be at the height of our readiness. That is why the US wants to freeze all the sources of funding to the resistance, because the resistance’s existence in this golden equation is preventing the enemy from launching an aggression. Therefore, this continuous hard work and effort should be appreciated. This is taking place behind the scenes away from the media and people’s eyes. You see the results and sense them around the clock and everyday over the weeks, months and years. Since August 14, 2006 until today, the security that is so dear to people is the result of the grace of those men and Mujahideen and their families, including fathers, mothers, wives, sons and daughters who bear the consequences and burden of this mobilization, readiness as well as possessing this power and ability. This is what we must preserve. We thank God Almighty for it.

Regarding the occasion, I will talk about it in several points.
The first point: dear brothers and sisters – this address is for everyone – we have to know and be aware that the war waged against Lebanon in July 2006 was not an “Israeli” war. “Israel” was merely a tool to implement this war. I am not saying this because the prime minister is in the US. These issues are not related. I was going to talk about this anyways even though some people might say you are going to talk about America and the prime minister is there! This will not change the fact. The war that was waged against Lebanon was aimed at creating a new Middle East. It was a war complementary to the American invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq. It was aimed at creating a new Middle East. It was an American decision and an American project. “Israel” was merely a tool of implementation. 

Olmert was still new at the post of the enemy’s premiership. War Minister Peretz was new. Chief of Staff Halutz was new. No new leadership would launch a war on this scale after only a few months in office. I am not exonerating “Israel”. But all the subsequent memos and documents and what was reported from the political scenes of the war confirms that the “Israelis” would have been satisfied with their initial reaction on the first day following the capture of the “Israeli” soldiers at the border. But it was the American decision that sent “Israel” rushing and ill prepared into this war, which was set for the end of summer. Thus, the decision was American. The project was American. The “Israelis” were nothing more than a tool of implementation in this war. As a reminder, the project of the war was the following:

1. Putting an end to the resistance in Lebanon
2. Liquidating the resistance in Palestine
3. Toppling the regime of President Bashar al-Assad in Syria as a government that supports the resistance
4. Instituting the American occupation of Iraq and blocking the young resistance that had sprung up there. I am not talking about Al-Qaeda or the Nusra Front or the other groups. These groups were killing Iraqis and were not resisting the American occupation forces.
5. Isolating and besieging Iran in preparation for its takeover.

If this project succeeded, it would have led to an absolute American hegemony over our region. You recall at that time some fallen theoreticians who began to talk about our region entering the American era for two hundred years. The beginning was the July war to establish the new Middle East, by targeting the resistance, resistance countries and resistance movements after occupying Iraq and Afghanistan. This was the project and the decision. This was the war waged on you and us in Lebanon. 

The second point: this war ended because of one reason. It did not end because of international pressure or Arab pressure, which was never there to begin with. It was not because the world grew a conscience or it woke up to the scenes of women, children and the elderly being massacred Lebanon. The world did not rise against the brutality. The only reason that led to the cessation of hostilities was that the Americans and the “Israelis” realized their inability to achieve the objectives of this war. They even feared that it would backfire. I have evidence from the “Israeli” media and conferences held by the Winograd investigative committees as well as all the specialized committees that have been formed that confirm the truth about what one of the Arab officials responsible for the negotiations in the UN Security Council told me. Yes, due to what it suffered especially its army and ground forces, “Israel” knew that if it continued the war, it would be heading towards a great catastrophe. I will get to the square where you are now celebrating and I will mention its decisive role in the war. The project was meant to create a new Middle East with “Israel” being superior and the center. But if the war was to lead to a catastrophe, even the early stages of “Israel’s” collapse, then it must end. 

All the data confirmed that if the war carried on, it would have gone in this direction. During those days, my brothers and I were discussing. And I tell you with all honesty that some of the Jihadi leaders from our brothers told us, ‘Sir, we do not accept the ceasefire. We have to continue even for a few weeks. There will be amazing results in this battle.’

But due to the political and moral estimation and our assessment of the situation of the people as well as our communications with our partners in managing this war, headed by His Excellency Mr. Nabih Berri and all the brothers, we chose to accept an end to the fighting because of our people, women, towns and villages. Otherwise, believe me, all the data pointed showed that if the war continued, it would be a disaster for “Israel”. The proof that I will mention to you was conveyed to me by an Arab official who was in the delegation that went to New York during the war.

Of course, the Arabs, did nothing the first day, the second day, the first week and the second week. They waited for two weeks. After two weeks, they found that Lebanon was steadfast, the country was steadfast and the resistance was steadfast. And therefore, the direction the war was heading was unknown. 

‘So, let us do something,’ this Arab official tells me. ‘We arrived in New York. Mr. John Bolton was waiting for us at the entrance.’

Let no one say I am picking on someone. It just happened that he was in this position. He was the one to receive them since he was the ambassador of the United States of America at the United Nations and the UN Security Council.

He said that he [Bolton] took us in his arms and told them why did you come. I said because we want to work to end the war. He told us ‘to go and take a walk in New York this summer and do not trouble yourselves because this war will not end until Hezbollah is crushed or it surrenders and surrenders its weapons.’ He mentioned Hezbollah by name. 

The Arab official told Bolton, ‘we are in contact with the Lebanese officials. We must do our best.’

Bolton replies, ‘as you like. But your efforts are pointless.’

The Arab official said, ‘the first week passed and then the second week. We were on the verge of the end of the war and we sitting through a very tiresome session. And the “Israelis” imposed very difficult conditions on Lebanon.’

Of course, during that time these officials from the Arab delegation were in direct contact by phone with His Excellency Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri. Beside him sat our brother Hajj Hussein Khalil and other brothers. There was constant revision into the terms, what was accepted and what was not. “Israel” was toughening its terms.

This Arab official tells me, ‘when I went back to my embassy to rest, the “Israeli” ambassador came to me in the middle of the night and said, 'I need to see you’. So I told him, ‘go ahead.’ It was strange since it was in the middle of the night. 

He said, ‘they called us today from Tel Aviv. And we have to stop the war at any cost.’

I said, ‘why, what happened?’

He said, ‘ I don’t know.’

He [the Arab official] said, ‘I went with the Arab delegation in the middle of the night and we found Bolton also waiting for us at the entrance as he did when we first arrived. He hugged me again and said we have to give our best to stop the war quickly. The war should end today. I asked him, ‘did you crush Hezbollah?’ He said, ‘No’.’

Of course, this Arab official knew because he was in touch with Lebanon, calling every hour or two. 

The arab official asked him, ‘did Hezbollah surrender?’ He said, ‘No.’

He asked, ‘Why then do you want to end the war?’

Bolton said, ‘the “Israelis” are not able to continue the war anymore. Their security, military and internal assessment of the situation says that that if they continue to with the war, they are going to face a major catastrophe. So, they waived many of the conditions they put forward at the beginning of the negotiations.’

I don't want to take time now to recall these conditions. The war stopped because “Israel” was unable [to continue], because “Israel” failed and because you were strong, steadfast, united, patient, resolute, loyal men, women and children. Everyone bore the responsibility in this battle. It is the strength of Lebanon, the strength of the resistance and the strength of the equation that ended the war. No one in the world ended the war against us on August 14, 2006. This must remain strong in our consciousness.

The third point: this project and this war would not have fallen and the enemy would not have been defeated and admitted its defeat without you. This is a continuation of the aforementioned point above. What did we, the people, the army and the resistance, have during that war? Even at the level of materiel, it cannot be measured by what we have today. There is no percentage. Even if we used percentages, they would not be applicable and accurate. Even the [military] capabilities, although important, were modest when we talk about the most powerful US-backed army in the region. They built it an air bridge to transport precision missiles and missiles fired by aircraft.

The factor that led to victory is your faith, your resolve, your sincerity, your courage, your awareness, your insight and your willingness to sacrifice. Who has the same level of sacrifice as the families of the martyrs, the wounded or those whose houses and shops were destroyed and filed burnt? Who has this level of sacrifice? Who has that level of patience?

This is the experience that laid the groundwork for the armed resistance on the battlefield, for everything that the resistance stood for in the July war, from Hezbollah to the Amal Movement to all the resistance parties whose factions were present on the ground in addition to the political leadership and position.

I don't want to talk about [national] unity during the July War. There was no unity. Let us not kid each other and the people. Yes, there was a distinguished and advanced official political position like the position of His Excellency President Emile Lahoud when he presided over the government sessions, as well as the position of Speaker Nabih Berri. There were also ministers, deputies, political leadership, popular forces and residents - Muslims and Christians from different parties - who supported, backed and opened their homes for refugees and displaced. Of course, if we had a true national unity and full harmony – I do not want to open files from the past – we would have achieved political victory. Lebanon would have been in a position not only to reject the conditions, but also impose conditions at that time. But we missed this opportunity. Le t me say at the very least, so as not to open old wounds, there was no internal unity in the Lebanese position. This is the point of view.

What we have reached is the result of these considerations. Of course, the main factor, the first and the other factor, is the support of Allah Almighty. Basically this is the only thing that makes sense. This legendary steadfastness, this heroism, this courage, this fortitude. 

How can a handful of Mujahideen in this square, who were under aerial and artillery bombardment and were facing brigades and battalions of armored vehicles and tanks, remain and fight despite no proportion in strength? Where is this faith from? Where is this confidence in their hearts from? And why all this horror in the hearts of the enemy’s soldiers? This is the act of God Almighty. We are confident that what happened in the July war was a push from God, support from God and a victory from God Almighty. And there is no other explanation.

Today, we are also strong and we will be strong, and we hope that the national position will be harmonious in confronting the enemy. Today, I also heard a statement by His Excellency President Michel Aoun on the July war and on the anniversary. I remember his position and the position of many of the national Muslims and Christians leaders during the war. But today, from the post of the Lebanese President, he says, if a new July war took place, we will victor again. Yes, when we have a courageous, firm and strong official position, an army that has this national ideology and willingness to sacrifice and a people and resistance, they will not be able to defeat us at all.

The fourth point: the main objective of the battle that took place on this square. The film that the brothers displayed relieved me from a couple of minutes. There is no doubt that the place you are sitting on now – what we call the confrontation and steadfastness square which comprises Bint Jbeil, Ainata, Maroun Al-Ra and Aitaroun – has seen one of the greatest battles during the July war. It was one of the main decisive junctures during the war which led to ending it. We cannot claim that this juncture was the one that resolved it. No, there were a series of junctures that led the enemy to the conviction that they cannot continue with the war, and if they had, they would face a catastrophe. Why was this one of the main and greatest junctures?

Because their aerial assault failed. If you remember during the aerial assault, they [the “Israelis”] hit all the targets. There were targets that they had already destroyed, but they bombed them once, twice and even three times because there were no more targets for them to bomb from the sky. All the generals, experts and military in the world said the battle could not be resolved from the air. So it was necessary to go on the ground. They had their eye on Bint Jbeil. But why Bint Jbeil?

First of all because it is a city. It is one of the most important cities near to the border. So it is a city and it is near the border. So here we cannot say that it is okay they invaded a village. There is no doubt that symbolically, morally and militarily they will treat this as a major achievement, which will give them a push to occupy more villages, towns and cities. Thus, they were looking for a major ground military achievement on which the rest of the war is based. The second thing is the battle of awareness and morale and psychological warfare between the resistance and the enemy. All the documents and data at the time in addition to what is written in books about that stage confirm this second aspect. The guys have mentioned this in the film. Why did the enemy’s government especially the “minister of defense” – the “Israeli” war minister – choose Bint Jbeil?  

He said we must enter Bint Jbeil, to the place where the liberation celebration was held on May 25, 2000. You or one of the generals of the “Israeli” army stand and deliver a speech and let the Lebanese, the Arabs and the world hear that “Israel” is not a spider's web. After entering Bint Jbeil from this square, the project intended was to raise the “Israeli” flag, launch a military parade and one of the generals delivers a speech. The main subject of the speech would be that the “Israeli” army and “Israel” are not a spider’s web.

What happened? After the failed attempts to enter Bint Jbeil, they decided to enter from several axes. There was great pressure on this square. Therefore, Ainata, Aitaroun and Bint Jbeil had to bear greater responsibility in the fighting. That is why most of the fighters and most martyrs in this battle were from the town of Ainata.

The “Israelis” brought their armored vehicles, brigades and the Air Force. They launched heavy artillery bombardment just to enter from this axis. It was a heroic confrontation. Here we are talking about resistance fighters hailing from Ainata, Bint Jbeil, Maroun Al-Ras, Aitaroun and all the villages and towns. They even came from the Bekaa. One of the martyrs who was martyred in the square hailed from the village of Al-Nabi Sheeth. He came from the Bekaa to this region to fight.

These Mujahideen and resistance fighters resisted and fought. They fought from near distances. Grenades were thrown at them. They fought under the tree, at that olive tree, from house to house, from room to room, under difficult and impossible military circumstances. As I said, there were aerial bombardment, air cover and artillery shelling. A handful [of resistance fighters] faced the “Israeli” elite battalions. And God bestowed victory upon them. He filled their hearts with tranquility and filled the hearts of the enemy’s soldiers with terror. They fled and withdrew. They withdrew under fire – as the “Israelis” themselves admit. The resistance did not let the “Israelis” come out of this square. They told them if you want to leave, leave. So they fled under fire. The army understands what this means very well! That is why they committed massacres, including a massacre in Ainata that left behind 18 martyrs, some of them from the same family. Why did they [the “Israelis’] do this? To cover the withdrawal of their defeated and terrified soldiers and officers during that war.

This was a decisive juncture. It backfired on two dimensions. In the first dimension, the “Israeli” army wanted to provide a ground-based achievement to advance to the rest of the towns and cities. The defeat in Bint Jbeil made them desperate for any achievement on the ground. The battle of Bint Jbeil and the steadfastness square protected the rest of the villages and towns. The “Israeli” army was certain that its elite forces, brigades and battalions were too weak and unable to control the square, let alone a city the size of Bint Jbeil despite its military superiority. That is why I said it was a decisive juncture. The “Israelis” were shocked. We could not enter Bint Jbeil. We could not enter Aita al-Shaab. It took us four days to enter Maroun Al-Ras. We do not know how to enter. They lost tanks. They could not endure. This is an army that cannot endure. 

This is first dimension. The second dimension is the spider’s web doctrine. They wanted to eliminate the spider’s web concept by occupying Bint Jbeil. The martyrs, the heroes, the resistance fighters and their families in the square of steadfastness and along all the fronts of resistance established this belief and established this concept. 13 years after the July war, the “Israelis” talk about the problem ‘“Israel” is weaker than a spider’s web’ in conferences and in its consciences. 

This is the outcome produced by fighting in this square. It was engraved deep into the “Israeli” consciousness, in the consciousness of its soldiers, generals, people, government and public opinion. Of course it was built on it.

“Israel” has been trying – we are talking for the future – for 13 years to repair the ground forces of the army, the land force, its confidence, dependence and the belief in the ability to make victory. So far it is still unable. All the generals and all the “Israeli” military experts admit this. This is one of the lessings of the July war, and of course what happened in Gaza later.

This is very deep. Therefore, everyday I review what the “Israeli” generals say. Every day it is confirmed that the “Israeli” army is incapable of carrying out a large-scale military operation against Lebanon, with different circumstances. It is even afraid to attack Gaza despite it being besieged from all sides.

Also we took this as a reference point. This is of course a point of strength for those who want to analyze the possibilities of a future war. What will “Israel” use to launch its war? The air force! It does not end a battle. The ground forces are incapable. The “Israelis” say they are incapable and crumbling.

On the other hand, the resistance has benefited from the July war experience militarily in the battlefield. It benefited from the fighting experience in the square of confrontation and steadfastness and everywhere, including from Maroun Al-Ras, to Aita, to Al-Taybeh and to Al-Khiyam. We developed a military system to defend our villages, towns and cities. We developed a sophisticated and creative system. We also set military plans to defend our lands, our hills and our valleys.  Since that war, we have been training, equipping, planning, maneuvering and passing on experiences, etc.

Brothers and sisters, I said this a while back. Today in this blessed celebration let this square bear witness to what I am going to say. Today, I tell all “Israeli” brigades, battalions and elite forces, if you encroach onto our land, any spot of our land, including the south, the steadfastness will be 500 times greater than at the square we are celebrating on. Your battalions will be destroyed. Your brigades will be dispersed. Your tanks will be destroyed on television and in front of cameras for the whole world to see. I promise you again, you will see a live broadcast of the destruction of “Israeli” tanks and battalions if they enter southern Lebanon.

Fifth, some of the results and then I will delve into the regional situation.

I will only talk about two of the results and not all of them. Arab officials said and the “Israelis” and the Americans admitted that the objective of the war was to crush the resistance. They named Hezbollah. Where is this party that they wanted to crush now? Simply speaking, everyone is talking about the excess in its power and that of its allies. This is the first point.

The second point is that everyone is talking about its transformation. What was required was to crush it. In turn, it became a regional power or a force that has regional influence and presence. In my opinion it does not matter what the world says that you are a regional power with regional influence. What is more important is how the enemy perceives you. Lebanon’s strategic interest and the conflict in the region rely on this view, the enemy’s view. This resistance, including Hezbollah, has imposed equation on this conflict. Today, all the enemy’s generals admit that there is a balance in deterrence. Let no one say otherwise. If there were time I would have read you some samples. Everyone admits that there is a balance in deterrence. Everyone recognizes that there is a balance in fear, a balance in terror – call it what you want – that has led to this stability. Of course this balance is in the interest of Lebanon, Why? Because “Israel” has always been the aggressor. “Israel” is the usurper. “Israel” is greedy. “Israel” the terrorist. Thus this balance is in Lebanon's interest. Everyone recognizes this balance. Some army generals used the term strategic balance between “Israel” and Hezbollah in Lebanon. Strategic balance, a term I read about it for the first time in weeks. Why is this balance? Because “Israel” is afraid of what the resistance and Hezbollah represent in Lebanon. I will give an example that will corroborate this. On July 12, I sat for an interview with Al-Manar television. I showed a map and pointed to a rectangle. A few days ago, the brothers told me that there was a person who was cheating from me. His name is Brigadier General Michael Herzog. He was the head of the “Israeli” army’s Strategic Planning Division. The study was published by the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, a US think tank founded by the American “Israel” Public Affairs Committee AIPAC. All this took place after the interview. That is why I am saying he is cheating from me. When he talks about “Israel” and the precision rockets. He says that the precision rockets might be the most dangerous component in the Iranian plans in Syria and Lebanon against “Israel” despite its military capabilities. Listen carefully. He is the former head of the “Israeli” army’s Strategic Planning Division who now works for the US think tank AIPAC.

He says “Israel” is a small and fragile country. The main population centers and military and national infrastructure are located in an area of 20 kilometers wide and 80 to 100 kilometers in length. With a relatively small number of high-precision rockets, Hezbollah could inflict on “Israel” a heavy price in any future war by targeting important components in the “Israeli” national security and the ability to fight the war effectively. “Israel” is fragile. One of the outcomes of the July war and what happened after it is the fact that “Israel” began to be exposed. This fact exists. It is a geographical and demographic fact that has existed since 1948. Why are we talking about it now? Because it is clear in front of us. Because we looked at it, studied it, discovered it, sensed it and tried it. 

A few days ago, the commander of the home front also confirmed that the home front is not ready for a war. I tell this to all the people who are scaring the Lebanese with war. I will get back to this. The commander of the home front says an important statement. He says, ‘in the next phases of a future war and throughout the entire territory of “Israel”, the border between the military home front and the civilian home front will be obliterated. “Israel” will become one front and must take responsibility for any aggression it launches.

These achievements have been achieved with thanks to Allah Almighty. In all the “Israeli” conferences from August 14, 2006 until today, politicians and generals are always asked the following question: In a third Lebanon War, will “Israel” win? They sit and discuss. They are not sure. There has never been in the history of “Israel” confusion and hesitation over the possibility of a victory over Lebanon. We only talk about Lebanon. We are not talking about a major war in the region, as is the situation now. The chief of staff of the “Israeli” army has been holding meetings for senior generals and psychological warfare experts for months to develop a new concept of victory. Because with the prevailing concept of victory, “Israel” will not win. They want to invent a new concept of victory and convince their people of it. Even if they achieved its distorted credibility, they will say they have won. This is the fact of the matter.

The other outcome: The July war was intended to end the resistance in the region –as I have mentioned in the objectives – from Palestine to Lebanon to Syria to Iraq to the Islamic Republic of Iran. Back then Yemen was not what it is now in its new position. But what were the results? Today we have a resistance front. We have an axis of resistance,. Call it what you want. There is a resistance front that extends from Palestine to Lebanon, to Syria, to Iraq, to Iran, to Yemen. It includes many Arab and Islamic peoples, the most prominent of which are the Bahraini people, the Tunisian people and the Algerian people. There are also some political forces in the world and in the region. 

Today there is a resistance front and axis of resistance escalating, strengthening and growing. They couldn't end the resistance. On the contrary, there was an attempt to capture an Israeli soldier a few days ago in Gaza. This is an important development in the resistance work in the West Bank. Of course, they were not lucky to capture him and he was killed. Today, there was a car-ramming operation. Yesterday, young men broke into the military. You saw them on television, they were carrying knives. This is the generation of Palestine. This is the future generation. This is the generation of the resistance. Fourteen, fifteen, sixteen and seventeen year old young men and women in the West Bank. This resistance is continuing, and this is causing great terror in the West Bank and within the entity.

All forms of resistance include Gaza, the steadfastness of the Palestinians in Bayt Al-Maqdis during Eid, the resistance in Palestine, the unanimous Palestinian rejection of the Deal of the Century. It is known what happened in Lebanon. Syria stood its ground during the global war. It is moving steadily towards the final victory, God willing. I will talk about Syria more in the Bekaa address. They wanted to consolidate the occupation in Iraq. Because of the blessing of the victory in Lebanon and the interaction of the axis of resistance, a strong, sincere and loyal resistance set off in Iraq that forced the American occupation out of Iraq. Iraq today poses a concern for America and “Israel”. The steadfastness of the Yemeni people, the accumulating of experiences, the strength, legendary and unrivaled patience promise the nearing of the enemy’s defeat. Iran is a powerful and great regional power.

Thus the purpose of the July 2006 war to crush the resistance, a resistance movement here or a resistance regime there. Through the years, the tears, the blood and the sacrifices a great resistance front and an axis of resistance were born. It must be reiterated that there has never been a time when there was a real resistance and true resistance like today.

After the sixth point, I will talk about the internal situation.

Sixth, it is the strength of this axis and this front that must be relied on. I am talking to the Lebanese people and all the people and countries in the region. We can base our political and strategic calculations on the strength of this axis, which we proudly belong to and are part of. We are not shy of admitting that or hiding. Our identity has been clear a long time ago. But our argument in the country is sometimes theories and nonsense and other times it is based on facts. Sometimes we lack academic terms. But we express a real essence that exists outside. This axis can be relied on. 

To those who are accusing us of launching wars, I tell them you have to base everything on the resistance axis to prevent wars. How? Today what is preventing “Israel” from waging a war on Lebanon is the power of the equation. This is the truth and nothing else.

Today, “Israel” does not attack not only because it is afraid of Hezbollah. It is now taking into account that a new war on Lebanon might cause the region to explode due to the axis of resistance. Relying on the resistance axis will prevent any targeting or the rise of terrorism again in Syria. Relying on the resistance axis will also prevent a new global war on Syria. Relying on the axis of resistance will lead to an end to the aggression against Yemen sooner or later due to steadfastness, stability, strength and support. Relying on the axis of resistance will prevent Iraq from permanently returning to American hegemony and will remain for its people. Relying on the axis of resistance and the strength of the resistance front make it possible for Al-Quds and the holy sites to be restored. Relying on this axis will keep Gaza dear. Hope will remain in the hearts and minds of the Palestinians in Palestine and in the diaspora. 

Brothers, the cost of resistance and steadfastness, as His Eminence the Leader Sayyed Khamenei always says is less than the cost of submission, bargaining and surrender. When you resist, your lands, oil, gas, sovereignty, people, government, dignity, honor and future will remain yours. But in submission and surrender, they take everything from you. They take your dignity. They humiliate you the way Trump humiliates his allies. You would owe them gratitude for protection you and defending you. They exploit you, milk you and loot you while you are smiling. When we are part of this axis, yes, we can prevent wars in the region.

Therefore, when talk about US war against Iran began, Arab countries including Saudi Arabia as well as “Israel” and Netanyahu paid Trump to wage a war against Iran. The axis of resistance, headed by Iran, will prevent the war and not go to one. Simply put, the axis of resistance through its coherent position, through its steadfastness, through its readiness to fight, through its willingness and its declaration to ignite the region is preventing the war. Let the people in Lebanon and in the region understand this logic and position. It is this decision that prevents the destructive war in the region, the destructive war in which countries will be destroyed, peoples annihilated and the present, future and past will be lost. We are part of the axis that prevents war. We are not part of the axis that pushes for war in the region. Netanyahu, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates and some Gulf countries are the ones pushing for war. We are not pushing for war.

We want an end to the war in Yemen. We want an end to the war in Syria and a political solution. We want security and peace in Lebanon and Iraq. We stand by the Palestinian people in pursuit of their rights. We do not want a war against Iran so that the whole region as well as the Iranian people are not harmed. By relying on this axis, yes, war can be prevented. I tell you frankly today, we are in front of a real and great achievement. Today, talk of an American war against Iran has died down. Of course, His Eminence the Leader [Sayyed Khamenei] has said from the beginning that there is no war, that this is all psychological warfare. What happened to the commotion, Trump’s threats as well as the threats of the US administration and its tools and allies in the region? What happened to the talk about a war against Iran? It has died down. Why has it died down knowing that the people of the region, their governments and states felt that they are on the brink of war? First, because Trump understood and realized that Iran is strong and militarily capable. Iran is confident and courageous. A country, like many in the world, may possess military might, missiles, air defenses and enormous capabilities, but is cowardly and does not dare make a decision. 

Iran has military power, courage and confidence. The proof is the shooting down of the $ 200 million US-“Israeli” produced drone in Gulf waters.

Additional proof is Iran’s legal seizure of a British ship. The Iranians faced the Americans and the British at a time when anyone can seize any ship with legal justification but does not dare do it. Iran dared when others would not. 

Trump and the US administration discovered that they couldn’t bet on Iran’s internal division because its political system is united in confronting the US. In addition, Iran has a wise, great and brave leader. All opinion polls showed that its people are not afraid or terrified of war and would not surrender to the Americans.

So the Iranian officials told the people, ‘we will not negotiate under pressure.’ 

The Iranian people told them, ‘we do not accept that you negotiate under pressure because our dignity is above all else.

Therefore, Iran is strong. The axis of resistance made the Americans, the “Israelis” and countries in the region that are inciting war understand the message clearly. I repeat this now for the future. War on Iran is war on all the axis of resistance. War on the Islamic Republic means the entire region will be set on fire. This talk is not for domestic consumption or psychological warfare. It is a call to understand the facts and prevent the war.

I believe that the message was received in the past few days from us and others from Lebanon, Palestine, Iraq, Syria and from many places in the world. The message was received. Some amateur players in our region have realized that the fire they are working to ignite will not only burn their fingers, it will also burn their faces, bodies and entities.

So, today where is the talk about war? This axis, through its strength, presence and effectiveness, can prevent the war. We belong to this axis, and we want to prevent wars in the region.

We can rely on this axis, this force. After all it helps us protect our country, our people as well as our region and its people. After reliance on God Almighty, we rely on the power of an axis and a front made of the people of the region and governments of the region.  We do not rely on those who are oceans away from us and must pay them hundreds of billions as well as our humiliation to give us false protection.

This force can also protect, preserve and prevent collapse.

Dear brothers and sisters, based on this reassurance in the regional situation, I will talk briefly about the internal situation. It will not take time because it is clear.

With regard to the internal situation during the past few weeks, which was being addressed in the Baabda meeting, Hezbollah is interested in emphasizing the following to correct some of what was said and move forward to the next stage:

In Lebanon, we do not behave from the position of someone who has emerged victorious. And we don't act from a position of someone who possesses excess power. This is very clear. If we wanted to otherwise, things would have been different. I don't want to say how, but things would have been quite different. With a bit of deliberation and amble, one discovers that we do not act on this basis.

In Lebanon, we want everyone to be present and everyone to cooperate. That is why we insisted on a national unity government, a government in which everyone participated even our political opponents. We did not agree to exclude anyone or to write off anyone in the formation of the government. The facts and discussions are all witnesses to this matter.

Some say, ‘your axis has emerged victorious and you want to exclude the others.’ That is not true.

Of course, I would like to ask the Lebanese a question: If “Israel”, America and its axis triumphed in the July war or if the other axis, the US - “Israeli” - Saudi axis, were to be victorious from 2011 until today, some people in Lebanon consider themselves friends with some in axis. I am not accusing anyone of having a relationship with “Israel”, but they might have relationships with the Saudis or the Americans. They are friends and belong to that axis.

If that axis were to emerge victorious, how would they have dealt with Hezbollah, with the Amal Movement, with the national and Islamic forces, with all the other political parties, with all those who belong to and are allies of the March 8 camp? How would have they acted? If they possessed the strength, the power and the surplus of power as well as regional support of this magnitude, how would they have acted with us? How?

I do not want to say how not to cause problems. But a question, I hope from each one of our camp and from camp to sit and meditate a little and see how we are acting?

I reiterate and say that we are not targeting anyone neither in the past nor now nor in the future. We do not want to write off anyone or exclude anyone. We might disagree. We might argue. Disagreement is one thing and argument is another. But no one should be accused of wanting to exclude another political party. This is a wrong reading into matters. It is an illusion and fears. It has no meaning at all. I have many proof of this.

But what I would like to say today and stress on: We do not want to exclude anyone or undermine anyone. We say that all Lebanese should cooperate and activate the government and Parliament to address all the outstanding dossiers, the first of which is the waste crisis, the living situation, the economic situation, etc.

At the same time, I am also clear, our problem is not that we want to exclude anyone. Our problem is that there are persons who want to cancel others who belong to their arenas and sects. This is the correct descripting. The right characterization of the political forces is that there are transient forces that exist in all sects. Let us speak openly.

In the Shiite community, there are two main forces, Hezbollah and the Amal Movement. No one intends to exclude the other. On the contrary, there is integration, cooperation and harmony. Sometimes people who are active on Facebook might provoke a disagreement. It not a big deal. It can be resolved. But the level of existential integration between Hezbollah and Amal is known to the whole country. But here no one is excluding the other.

Then they say that Hezbollah and Amal are excluding other groups in the Shiite community! Let them prove their existence through the elections, celebrations, sit-ins, and demonstrations. Let them prove their existence. Even though they are being paid millions of dollars every month. They are given websites and media platforms. They write articles and appear on television. So let them express their popular size in any form of expression.

If we look to the rest of the sects. We do not accept, to be frank and clear so we can move on to the next phase, that in a certain sect there is a party that considers itself the majority. It wants to wipe the others. This is not acceptable, not for the Sunnis, or for the Druze, or for the Christians or for anyone.

We want everyone to be part of the political process, those who enjoy popular backing. I aM not talking about "inflatable balloons". And we have in the country "inflatable balloons". There are people who speak day and night and only represent themselves. Even their drivers who work for them do not believe in them. We call on everyone to respect the results of the parliamentary elections. The parliamentary elections underscored popular backing for certain parties. Why do we ignore this fact?

I ask of you not to ask us not to be arrogant, not to cancel anyone or not to undermine anyone. That is why we call on the others not to cancel anyone who belongs to their sects and areas. We ask them not be arrogant with them and acknowledge the true extent of their backing and to deal with them accordingly. Let everyone cooperate with each other and understand that clashing with each other is not in the best interest of the country that includes political, popular, civil or armed clashes.

We are advocates of civil peace and coexistence. Some say that Hezbollah wants civil peace because it is in its interest. Is this a shameful thing now! I read many articles saying that Hezbollah is holding on to civil peace, security and stability in the country because it is in its interest. By God, wanting this [civil peace] has become a shameful thing! This should make you proud. We belong to a party whose interest is the interest of its people as well as security, stability and peace in the country. This is what we want. Therefore we hope that in the future work will be done in accordance with previous agreements. Not only is Hezbollah required not to exclude anyone as they presume or allege, but no one should exclude anyone. Everyone should be part of the political process. Everyone should join hands and cooperate with each other.

What passed is no more difficult than the July war. Following the July war and after the celebration in Dahyeh [the southern suburbs of Beirut] we were stabbed in the back. However, I came out and said: we must move beyond the past. We must stand shoulder to shoulder, hand in hand and cooperate to build our country, defend our country, and lift our country. And today, I say this too.

Also in the internal situation, we have the Tyre by-elections. I call on the honorable people of this district and all the cities and villages of Tyre to participate in the by-elections.

Of course, we regret the resignation of our dear brother, Nawaf al-Moussawi, for known personal and family considerations. We ask God to help him in his situation. We certainly miss him in Parliament. In any case, he will continue working with us as one of our cadres and brothers, the Mujahideen in other positions in Hezbollah.

This resignation necessitated going to by-elections. Given the understanding between our brothers in the Amal Movement and us, it was natural for Hezbollah to choose the candidate for this post and for this seat. Following reflection and study, we have chosen our dear brother, Sheikh Hassan Ezzedine as our candidate for this position and responsibility.

Now we will not talk about Sheikh Hassan, we will talk about him later. We call for your presence and participation for the same goals that we spoke about during the electoral festival in the last elections in the city of Tyre, which we were following up with our current deputies. We hope, God willing, that our candidate and the candidate of this integrated, coherent and harmonious duo will win your trust, support and vote so that he continues the same path, achieve the same objectives and serve the same program that we were on from the beginning.

Of course, we will talk about these elections some other time, God willing.
In conclusion, dear brothers and sisters, this is a great and gracious occasion. I thank you for this great presence in this area and in this square because this participation is part of the war. You are now under the sun, hopefully the weather will be pleasant. I feel the heat too to console you.

Your presence under the sun and bearing the brunt of this presence makes you part of the battle and part of the war. You are part of the scene, the morale and the message that must be sent to the enemy and its axis. The message is: this is the resistance, its people, its environment, its present and future. This is how its future will be through the presence of our scholars, officials, ministers, deputies, leaders, representatives, parties, men, women, young and old, the families of our martyrs, our wounded and all the dear people backed by the army and the resistance.

God willing, with you by our side we will achieve victory in this war. We will win, defend and cherish our country and lift it up and solve all its problems, God willing.

Many Happy Returns. May you always be blessed and successful. Peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you.


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