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Killing Sheikh Zakzaky Slowly by Tyrant Buhari

Killing Sheikh Zakzaky Slowly by Tyrant Buhari
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By Harun Elbinawi

"These people just waiting for us to die in the illegal detention" - Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky [on Thursday when he spoke to his Legal Counsel].

The evilness of the wicked mass murderer tyrant [Muhammadu] Buhari, Elrufai and gang knows no bound. The violent delay strategy was to complete the evil agenda given to them by the savage and barbaric Saudi regime: kill Sheikh Zakzaky!

Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky came from a school of thought where all the 11 Imams out of 12 were murdered by murderous tyrants and oppressors like Buhari. The way of Sheikh Zakzaky is the way of Imam Hussein [AS], the beloved grandson of Prophet Muhammad [PBUH].

On 12th-14th December, 2015, Buhari, Elrufai and gang brutally murdered 1000+ children, women and men in Zaria in less than 72 hours and wickedly dumped the dead bodies in mass graves at night to bury the evidences. These bloodthirsty Wahhabi barbarians then abducted the survivors and framed them with murder! They murdered some of the children of the survivors then framed the parents with murder! Dear Friends, this is how evil these bloodthirsty savages are!

Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky has succeeded. Their hateful sadness is due to their gross failure to destroy or even weaken the Zakzakiyya path. With Saudi money they did everything humanly possible but failed woefully.

Alas! But they failed! They woefully failed!

The path of truth and falsehood has clear mark and to bury innocent children alive in Mando mass grave is a clear evil. To burn innocent and defenseless civilians alive is monstrous evil.

The Islamic Movement in Nigeria will never be another Boko Haram. Boko Haram was inspired by evil Wahhabism while the Islamic Movement in Nigeria was inspired by the Husseini Revolution. Boko Haram like all murderous Wahhabi terrorism is a tool of the genocidal Western imperialism and global Zionism while the Islamic Movement in Nigeria is a sworn enemy of Western imperialism and global Zionism.

Boko Haram terrorists kill the innocent, members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria save lives. Boko Haram terrorists had attacked members of the Islamic Movement in Nigeria on multiple occasions and dozens were killed.

Exactly on 27th November, 2015, the leader of Boko Haram, Abubakar Shekau, threatened Sheikh Zakzaky and the Nigerian Shia community with genocide, two weeks later President Buhari sent the Nigerian army to Zaria and they slaughtered 1000+ innocent children, women and men Zaria Genocide. Buhari, Elrufai and gang are worse than Boko Haram terrorists, their cousins. Boko Haram has never slaughtered 1000+ children, women and men.

On a Final note, we should intensify the #FreeZakZaky campaign worldwide and that should remain peaceful. Massive Calls to Nigerian embassies for free Sheikh Zakzaky is ongoing.