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Trump Warns Iran ’Better Be Careful’ on Nuclear Enrichment

Trump Warns Iran ’Better Be Careful’ on Nuclear Enrichment
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By Staff, Agencies

US President Donald Trump ‘warned’ Iran it ‘better be careful’ after Tehran announced it would begin enriching uranium beyond a limit set in the nuclear accord he already breached.

Trump last year unilaterally abandoned the 2015 deal and reinstated punishing sanctions on Iran, prompting it to announce in May a phased reduction of compliance with the landmark pact.

On Sunday, Iran said it was hours away from passing the 3.67 percent uranium enrichment cap set in the deal, and threatened to keep reducing its commitments every 60 days unless the remaining signatories to the accord - United Kingdom, Germany, France, Russia and China - protected it from US sanctions.

It had already surpassed the uranium stockpile limit set in the accord on July 1.

When asked about the latest Iranian moves, Trump said on Sunday: "Iran better be careful because you enrich for one reason, and I won't tell you what that reason is, but it's no good."

He did not elaborate on what actions Washington might consider, but told reporters that Tehran "will never have a nuclear weapon".

Iran denies seeking nuclear weapons and refers to a religious decree issued in the early 2000s by Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei that forbids "the production, stockpiling and use of weapons of mass destruction, and specifically nuclear arms".