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Trump’s Promise to ’Plant the American Flag on Mars’ Stirs Social Media

Trump’s Promise to ’Plant the American Flag on Mars’ Stirs Social Media
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By Staff, Agencies

While speaking at the Lincoln Memorial on Thursday evening ahead of his Independence Day celebration, Salute to America, US President Donald Trump promised that the US will once again make it to outer space and “plant the American flag on Mars.”

During his speech ahead of his personally planned Fourth of July festivities, Trump reveled in a plethora of American accomplishments over the course of its 242-year history, including the moon landing more than 50 years ago with a promise that the US would visit the moon once again “very soon.”

“We are going to be back on the Moon very soon, and someday soon, we will plant the American flag on Mars,” Trump said during the rainy celebration.

The “promise” didn’t go over well with many on social media, especially since past research from NASA declared the planet an even more “inhospitable Antarctica” with its unbreathable atmosphere that National Geographic notes is less than two percent of is found at Mount Everest’s summit.

Naturally, his comments and those about his “Space Force” planting the US flag on the planet, Mars, did not go over well with those well-educated in the field of astronomy and keeping updated with NASA findings.

“He should be the first to go there. And stay,” wrote one Twitter user, while another echoed the sentiment adding: “Maybe he volunteers to go and plants the flag himself.”

“Martians will welcome us with flowers too,” wrote another user.

Additionally, past research shows how heading to Mars would be at least a year, round-trip. Moreover, and without research backing up clear facts, Mars is a planet that is far away, hard to visit with the resources available by the US government and costs a lot of money.