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Venezuela Crisis: Maduro Warns Will Be ’Ruthless’ If Opposition Seeks To Oust Him

Venezuela Crisis: Maduro Warns Will Be ’Ruthless’ If Opposition Seeks To Oust Him
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By Staff, Agencies

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro warned Wednesday that he would be "ruthless" with the opposition if they attempt a coup d'etat, after his government said it had thwarted a plot to assassinate him.

"We would be ruthless in a revolutionary counter-offensive against an attempted fascist coup – ruthless!" Maduro said in an address broadcast nationwide on radio and television.

Earlier, Maduro announced that security forces have foiled an opposition coup attempt that included plans to assassinate him and other top political figures.

“We have revealed, dismantled and captured a fascist band of terrorists that planned a coup against Venezuelan society and Venezuelan democracy,” Maduro said in a Wednesday evening broadcast.

“They are captured, behind bars, with clear evidence after following this group of criminals and fascists.”

The plan allegedly involved an attack on the headquarters of the Sebin intelligence agency to release General Raul Baduel, a former defense minister arrested on corruption accusations in 2009 after falling out with the Socialist Party.

Maduro said the plan involved opposition leader Juan Guaido as well as political leaders from Chile, Colombia and the United States, but Guaido dismissed the accusations as lies.