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Sayyed Nasrallah: Futile campaigns against Resistance, Zionists

 Sayyed Nasrallah: Futile campaigns against Resistance, Zionists
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Full Speech of Hizbullah Secretary GEneral His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah on 14-08-2008
In the name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate. Peace and prayers be to the seal of the prophets, Prophet Muhammad, his infallible household, his chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers ...

Says God Almighty in his glorious book:

In the name of God, the Merciful

{Call to mind when ye were a small (band), despised through the land, and afraid that men might despoil and kidnap you; But He provided a safe asylum for you, strengthened you with His aid, and gave you Good things for sustenance: that ye might t be grateful.} Koran 8:26. God Almighty states the truth.
Peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you all.

To begin with, and before I start on the dear and glorious occasion, this second anniversary of the divine victory for the resistance, for Lebanon and for the entire nation, I would like to extend my condolences and sympathy to the families of martyrs of the Lebanese army, and the martyrs of our folks of the good people of the city of Tripoli and the North who died yesterday by criminal hands in a criminal operation that targeted the nation, the army, the people and the whole country.

I also ask God Almighty to grant the injured a speedy recovery and give the families of the victims solace, patience and endurance capacity. 

The crime committed yesterday, while Lebanon is at the gate of a new phase on more than one level, is an internal and regional crime that must receive the condemnation of all Lebanese, as it also must be an incentive for all of us to rise above the tense situation, the tensioning rhetoric and from the strain to a phase of cooperation, to fortify the country against all threats and hazards. 

On the second anniversary of the divine victory on Aug. 14, 2006, which manifested in the victory of the resistance, Lebanon and the entire nation over the Zionist enemy in a historic defeat, preventing it from achieving any of its dark objectives.
On this anniversary I bow in tribute to the people who gave enormous sacrifices, to the martyrs of the resistance, the army and the people, with martyr commander Hajj Imad Moghnieh at their forefront. 

I bow in honour to their noble families, to the wounded, to those whose wounds still bleed today, to those displaced whose homes were destroyed, to those who steadfastly stood and their homes and livelihoods were destroyed, to those who supported the resistance with all that they had, and to those who embraced the displaced in different regions of Lebanon, to all the religious and political leaders in Lebanon and the entire nation, all of whom were partners in the leadership and co-creation of this epic.
I also bow in honour before those who stood by the Lebanon, its people, resistance, and army during the brutal Zionist aggression throughout the Arab and Islamic worlds and throughout the entire world. 

Now two years later and over the past two years, more and more has unfolded to reveal the enormity of the war, the magnitude of the aggression, the size of the threat, the military and security capabilities used by the enemy, further to the level of international and regional collusion. 

On the other hand, the volume of steadfastness and the degree of defiance, with which we fought together in our confrontation against war, aggression and the day by day collusion, confirms that what happened in the July 2006 war, reflects the energy inherent in Lebanon and in the nation, not only in the resistance and among political leaders but also among the good ordinary and pure citizens who have expressed a high degree of patience, endurance and ability to confront the dangers, pain and grief.
I am reminded here of the many organizations and research centers that came here and visited the areas destroyed by war and had expected to meet men, women and children who are psychologically disturbed and in need of psychological treatment. On the other hand, the results were astonishing that they found the people were glad and joyous for what they did and accomplished, enduring all that they suffered which they considered a part of their duty. 

These research centers considered that 'an act of faith', part of concepts in a faith culture rooted in their conscience and their cultural heritage, reaching deep into roots of history. 

After two years we also realized that what happened in that war was truly a miracle, a divine victory for the suffering and the vulnerable, those small in number and in equipage, had instead the will and resolve to face the hardest and most powerful army in the region backed by the mightiest and most powerful tyrants in the world.
The second anniversary comes to confirm that the repercussions of that war were still continuing and at every level. 

On the level of strategic, military and political thinking, and schools of war and combat, a great number of advanced studies have been revealed and completed so far, by more than one place in the world, especially in "Israel" and the United States of America, because they are more interested than others to draw lessons from the defeat and failure. 

Repercussions continue as well at army level within the usurping enemy entity, which lost the majority if not all of its first row of leaders and generals, through sackings and resignations, even started exporting some of its failed generals, like general Gal Hirsch, to be tasked by the other miserable government of Georgia, with the establishment, training and rehabilitation of the Georgian special forces. 

Georgia, which used "Israeli" experts and "Israeli" arms in its confrontation against Russia, is now learning failure from the failed generals. 

Incidentally, what happened in Georgia recently is a lesson to all those who allow themselves to be thrown by America into uncalculated adventures, wars and clashes with blocked horizons, only to abandon and neglect them in the end, with issuing a stand to lift blame because its interests are above everything else. 

In the end, Ehud Barak, the enemy army's Chief of Staff and one of its highest ranking generals as well as current war minister, stood to say that the reason for defeat was the lack of experience among the leadership that fought the July 2006 war, especially among the military leadership. 

If this is the case, who then has experience among the military leadership?
If all the generals that once were "Israel's" pride, failed and are now all considered inexperienced by Barak, where are the ones to be considered with experience?
Barak? or Ashkinazi? 

To recall "Israel's" defeat in Lebanon in 2000, need I remind Ashkinazi when he was commander of the northern region? Or remind him of his failure and inability to face the resistance youth, with their modest tactics and capabilities proportional to the current tactics, capabilities and expertise of the resistance?
Or need I remind Barak of the speeches he had made when he ran for Prime Minister of the enemy Government?
Or during his term as PM in 2000 and his admitting failure and the failure of all methods of confrontation with the resistance in Lebanon?! And that "Israel" has no choice but to withdraw from Lebanon?!
Do I also need to remind him of the date he set for withdrawal in July 2000, but was forced by the resistance to withdraw earlier in May 2000, when the resistance imposed a different timing and withdrawal scenario as well as a humiliating withdrawal he could not employ politically nor obtain political or security gains for it from Lebanon or Syria?
These two who are making threats every day, recently headed a military division in the Golan; this is what remains before us, only these two with their demonstrated failures and ineffectiveness.
We would have paused to consider their threats, had they been new leaders not seen before; but for these two to try to present themselves as historic leaders capable of changing the equation!?
Thus, repercussions continue on the political level within the enemy entity, where political life has ended for the crew that led the battle. The War Minister's ended; the Chief of Staff who usually dreams of becoming Minister of War ended; there is also a wait on Olmert to depart come September, of whom the "Israeli" and Arab press a few weeks ago said that 'Olmert died two years ago, his burial to take place in two months time.'
The outcome of the July war will continue to impose itself in the conflicts among "Israeli" political parties and forces, in everything that relates to command structure, where most Zionists admit they are facing the harshest and most difficult crisis of leaders and leadership in their history.
All of which resulted from this war.
Other continuing repercussions of the July war also manifest at regional level.
Before the war ended, we said that the new Middle East project either froze up or died at this gate, but evidently after two years the project has either fallen or been deferred to a longer or far away time, since we no longer hear Ms. Rice mention any word on the new Middle East. This new Middle East which would inevitably lead to the division of a number of Arab and Islamic States, Lebanon would stand in its face as a state, as an army, as a people and resistance to say to the Arab and Muslim worlds, with the blood and tears of our people we prevented this division and kept its unity..
We no longer hear Rice speak, as it is difficult for her to admit that a new Middle East we were once "witnessing the birth" or "birth pangs of", has now been terminated and revoked, while repercussions of the July war continue at regional level.
Confused at the gates of Gaza, "Israel" accepted a truce while it gambles on the embargo to yield results, yet recognized its inability to confront the Palestinian resistance missiles.
"Israel" itself has been moving from hype and threats of war against Syria to adopting a strategy of negotiation again, as it works on disrupting its ties with the Islamic Republic of Iran and the resistance movements, while clearly stating that the developed strategic Syrian military must not be ignored.
This "Israel" stands frightened and hesitant in front of the Islamic Republic Iran, unable to decide whether to advance or stay put?
Of the continued further repercussions is the growth and further strengthening of the resistance culture amidst the nation. Here, I am not saying this culture had not existed before July 2006. On the contrary, it had in more than one country facing occupation, but the circumstances of the steadfastness and victory of July war further promoted and strengthened the growth of the resistance culture within the nation, helped spread in place of a retreat and surrender culture.
This is confirmed by all studies and opinion polls conducted over the past two years, and continue to be conducted now and then.
Considering the "Israeli" talk for over fifty years about burning the Arab awareness, let us view this awareness today after the July war and the victory of the July war, to view where in comparison is the Zionist awareness now? Which is suffering from burns these days?
Despite internal events that create confusion and awkwardness in Palestine, the resistance remains the path of hope for most of the Palestinians, especially after their horizon was blocked against any settlement, and "Israel's" reiteration of humiliating conditions no Palestinian can accept.
Some such offers were recently said to have been made by Olmert to the head of the Palestinian Authority; this also applies to Iraq.
In Iraq there exists a stern and solid resistance fighting foreign occupation.
When I speak about the resistance in Iraq, I do not speak about armed criminal groups that kill people and shed blood just for religious or political differences, ethnic or regional; this is no way resistance.
Just a few moments ago came the news of a suicide attack that targeted visitors to Karbala, this is strange and bewildering. Why, when did we have men or women prepared to die and kill, not point them to fight the occupation forces? Instead you push them to kill civilians, women and innocent children just because you differ with them in tradition, custom or way of worship?
This is not in any way resistance, but criminal groups completely unrelated to resistance in Iraq.
In contrast, I was talking about the serious Iraqi resistance that comes from different regions and from different religious communities; some media channels show their excellent operations which sure to have impact on the future of the occupation and the occupation project in Iraq entirely.
These honorable resistance fighters are killed in tough and extremely complex conditions. Yet, they continue their action, but what I want to add in this area is the outcome of opinion polls (if we wanted to be scientific rather than sloganeers, or accusatory) conducted by neutral centers, some of them pro-occupation, that revealed a high percentage in favour of the resistance, its right and legitimacy. In some southern provinces, the polls revealed an even higher percentage of seventy percent in favour of the resistance.
Certainly, this widespread support for the resistance option in Iraq is also the outcome of the strength of the resistance and the spread of its culture within the nation in recent years. No doubt, the July war was a major contributing factor. In this respect, we must draw the attention of politicians, and everyone that comments on my words, that the turnout at the ballot boxes in any municipal or parliamentary Iraqi elections is not in any way incompatible with the resistance's high support rate.
This is because, as I and many others know, the oppressed Iraqi people are ready to take all possible paths to reclaim their country and its resources, whether militarily through resistance or politically through elections.
Now comes the second anniversary of the victory, the prisoners and martyrs have been returned, Samir and his brothers have come back not as favor or charity from anyone, with heads held high, and great pride in the most beautiful national wedding, at a time when the enemy wore a garment of shame, defeat and failure.
I would have liked to talk about some aspects of the Operation al-Radwan, but I will wait for several days more until the DNA analysis of the four martyrs' remains is complete, among them are supposed to be Dalal Moghraby and Yehia Skaf.
Concerning martyr Dalal and because we know she was martyred, this test will not change anything about the fact of her martyrdom, but it is very crucial in determining the fate of Yehia Skaf.
I may hold a press conference and talk about practical results and about the reports we received from the "Israelis" through the mediator over the fates of each of Yehia Skaf, Mohammad Farran and the four Iranian diplomats.
I will talk about the outcome of the prisoners file, the file on those 'missing', and the bodies of martyrs. I will also address the issue of Lebanese detainees in prisons, the four officers and those missing in Lebanon and Syria... I will postpone any talk on this file now until a special press conference.
The second victory anniversary comes at a time after Lebanon's national unity government was formed and a two-year long sharp political conflict, which the war with its outcome has strong relevance to conflict's causes and pathways. This new government issued a ministerial statement in which the resistance was justly treated, and the enemy ("Israel") disappointed, after it had wished and gambled on the war to bring an end to or at least isolate the resistance, but failed in both cases.
This is all I will say about the implications of the war; the resoluteness and the victory for now. So, I can go on to begin addressing the current and coming ramifications.
Here I have a few headings:
First: Hizbullah's reinforcement of strength
The '"Israeli"' uproar about the reinforcement of Hizbullah's strength, as announced by Barak and other "Israeli" officials (Livni, Mofaz and Ashkinazi ...) of course, Ehud Olmert, can hardly catch his breath these days.
All the talk of sophisticated weaponry, air defense systems and the threats directed at Hizbullah should it use such systems, we have much of this type of talk in the last few days, but this dramatic escalation in tone after the detainees exchange operation concluded, may be psychologically or morally rooted in the disappointment, sadness and shame, as described by Olmert, that has struck the "Israeli" enemy.
But I want to touch on this subject for its relevant importance to Lebanon and the region.
Certainly, no one now expects me to disclose or deny our possession of a new weapon. This is not our custom, whether it exists or not, what its name is or what size, is.
Safeguarding its secrets is part of the strength of the resistance.
Yes, at times we disclose some matters as part of a deliberate war, which they call psychological warfare, a part of the deterrence capabilities and employment of deterrence before using it.
Do not imagine that we disclose a certain military capability, for the sake of flaunting or showing-off, or that when we hide a weapon, we do so out of fear. This is all part of managing the liberation, defense and resistance battle. With this enemy, what we publicly announce or withhold, we do so calculatingly.
It is why, when the war took place in 2006, the enemy was taken by surprise and I assure you the enemy did not have the faintest clue of our possession of land-to-sea missiles. The enemy had no knowledge whatsoever about the resistance's advanced anti-tank weaponry. They may have had an idea about the existence of a rocket power, but not its size, capabilities and proliferation.
This was also the case with other things the enemy knew nothing about. Hence we are now not about to disclose, confirm or deny the existence of any such weapons (as if we would, disclose or deny out of fear of "Israeli" threats) ... we will not deny nor confirm anything.
To go back to the uproar in "Israel", it is important to know how to deal with such racket. Every one knows that this resistance, especially armed with its weapons, blood, martyrs and the sacrifices of its martyrs from all parties, factions and religious communities, is the one that with its arms defeated "Israel" in year 2000.
Since then, "Israel" put a large plan to work with the international community aimed at pressuring states to disarm the resistance. This was often mentioned by enemy leaders, in particular their former Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom, because he used to consider resolution 1559 a diplomatic achievement to be credited to his ministry.
This plan includes pressuring some countries that allegedly help arm the resistance and smuggle and sell weapons to it.
This plan also includes the freezing up of funding sources, siege anyone providing or donating funds to the resistance, so much so that some Lebanese officials were refused entry visas to some countries because they had paid $ 300 at a fast-break dinner held by the Islamic Resistance Support Association in Ramadan!
Also to blacklist Hizbullah as a terrorist organisation on the many banned lists around the world, including the issuance of international resolutions on this matter, 1559 is one of such resolutions. All these efforts failed. At the height of U.S. "Israeli" anger towards the resistance, the July war came to eliminate it.
This war also failed and they have started plotting again now.
A few days ago, specifically after the detainee exchange, Livni made strong statements about "Israel" adopting a clear strategy of moving to investing huge efforts across the world to achieve one goal: 'disarming Hizbullah in Lebanon.'
All Lebanese people must be alert to this fact, that disarming the resistance in Lebanon is an announced "Israeli" goal.
This is not private or classified information; these words have been broadcasted across satellite television screens and through the media. Every day the "Israelis" talk about it and make threaten of it.
The recent wave of hype and browbeating by the "Israelis" comes as a part of the large plan, which they had promised to start implementing, by exerting pressure for our disarmament, after the last detainees exchange.
Browbeating and putting pressure on the resistance has many goals, such as the attempt to frighten us against developing our capabilities, and here I tell the "Israelis" 'your pressure is futile.'
Second: Defensive Strategy at National Dialogue level
The second objective is to pressure the national Lebanese dialogue table to negatively impact the defensive strategy discussions, to impede the Lebanese leaders' progress at the national dialogue and their discussion of the defensive strategy, by sounding a huge uproar, and by making endless "Israeli" threats and browbeating.
The deliberate "Israeli" direction of threats at the Lebanese state and its institutions falls within this context as well.
Part of this uproar may be to exaggerate Hizbullah's strength to obtain more aid from America and the West, in other words "beggary". They say to the Americans and the West, "our strategic existence is threatened by a force on our side, therefore give us planes and weapons", which they get constantly.
Also to provide an image of the 'poor' and the 'targeted' "Israel", of being 'within the danger circle', to keep hidden its true picture the aggressor, murderer and butcher, that is threatening others and spreading havoc, destruction and killing every day in Palestine and throughout this entire region.
But this policy failed in the past, with counterproductive draw backs, as God almighty says: {they plot and plan, and God too plans; but the best of planners is God.} Holy Koran 8:30
Why? Because the uproar created by "Israel" can be heard by its people and within its entity, along with the Lebanese people and the Arab and Islamic peoples.
This has two conclusions:
A- It instills fear and panic in the "Israeli" people i.e. Hizbullah's force grows in their eyes, thus increasing their fear and terror; because what this creates is a, free of charge to us, psychological war amidst their own people without us paying a cent or exhausting ourselves in psychological warfare.
In contrast the Lebanese people, meaning our people in the south, the Bekaa, in Beirut, the mountains, the north and all Lebanese regions, together with the people in the Arab and Islamic worlds, will have increased confidence in the strength and abilities of the resistance to create new victories.
Not Lebanese person would be disappointed if the resistance possessed air defense systems capable of breaking the balance of force, because if such weapon exists, certainly such clatter and uproar will feedback such negative and counterproductive returns.
Yes, we have to face this uproar with strength.
Lebanon and anyone in Lebanon should not be subject to such extortion and this kind of hype.
I say to the Lebanese that if we unite, cooperate and commit ourselves to the text in the ministerial statement, even if everyone interprets it differently, but if Lebanon is united in its people, army and resistance, this "Israel", with its Barak, Livni, Mofaz, Ashkinazi and their group of losers cannot do anything against our country at all.
For our part, I say to the Zionists we do not fear you, nor have we feared you before, so say and do what you will.
We know you are planning for new assassinations and murders of resistance leaders, but this will not drive us back. In the past, you murdered Sheikh Ragheb, Sayyed Abbas and slain many of the resistance leaders, you also murdered the commander Hajj Imad Moghnieh, and the doors to martyrdom are wide open to other leaders as well; but I want to remind them of the words we used to say in the days of resistance, when they used to threaten to kill us, and these resistance days are still current now, "Do you threaten us with death O son of forgave people, death to us is habitual and martyrdom is a honour God bestows upon us".
This culture is not exclusive to resistance leaders. It is the culture of children, women, elders and youth, they refuse to give up a single grain of their soil or part of their dignity or sovereignty to a usurper enemy of this kind.
Steadfast we remain here, and I say to you we will strive and work day and night. Our central cause is for Lebanon to become stronger, stronger as a state, with its army, people and resistance, to be the stronger and its say heard and respected god willing.
As for you Zionists, you and your threats can go to hell.
B-Besides "Israeli" threats, another subject that is also linked to this occasion is the national dialogue which is to be planned, formulated and held.
Regarding the national dialogue table that will supposedly discuss and settle national and decisive issues, we stress the need to prepare for it well and hold it as soon as possible.
As I said at the reception of the returning detainees, we insist more than anybody else, and more than any time before, on the necessity to research, resolve and settle this strategy, so that we know how to defend our country in light of all the challenges ahead.
There are also legitimate calls by a number of political forces, for the need to have major and key political forces strongly represented in this national and crucial dialogue.
In this context, we emphasize our readiness and full and complete openness to a logical, calm and purposeful discussion for a national defense strategy to achieve the desired national objectives. We have put His Excellency the President's envoy in the picture.
We also call for other decisive issues to be discussed that are no less important than the defensive strategy, without excluding other issues, but I want emphasize two matters we must explore and discuss at the national dialogue table:
1- A national strategy for rebuilding a just, fair and strong state capable of reassuring to all, built on explicit and clear basis. This does not mean a call to amend the Taif Accord, but in light and under the ceiling of the Taif Accord.
Hence, how do we build a state?
States are not built on disagreements, maliciousness and cancellation of one another.
We are in need of a real national debate. Experience has revealed what we were saying in the heart of the crisis years ago, that no one can cancel out any one else - 'the other'...this is the Lebanese reality, whoever this side may be, regardless, whether its assessment of the 'other' is positive or negative.
Therefore, it is in our interest to sit together to discuss, no less serious or important than the issue of resistance and national defense, the issue of rebuilding the state that is fair, strong and reassuring for all on sound basis.
2- A national strategy to address the economic, financial, social situations as well as the living conditions so as to shift Lebanon from its current difficult phase and harsh reality to a healthy and sound state.
In the economic social and financial topic, an ongoing national disaster exists.
A war may last days, its repercussions may last months or a limited number of years, but an economic disaster can accompany the Lebanese for every second and minute of their lives, over decades.
Should the economic situation we are in, not be approached and treated scientifically, objectively, nationalistically, in a clean and pure manner, Lebanon may be place in the face of a complete collapse.
This is more dangerous than war.
The possibility of victory in war is very big. The factors of victory are also very big, given the total of our strengths and weaknesses and the total strengths and weaknesses of the enemy.
Economically, the issue is more complex.
In any case, in our next dialogue we must all address the interests of our people and country, cooperate in reaching the right decision and cooperate in its implementation as well, so as not to let them become mere words or mere ink on paper.
3- Lebanese - Syrian Relations
These two days, what took place during the visit to Damascus by President Michel Suleiman and his accompanying delegation, his meeting with President Bashar al-Assad and Syrian officials, in form and substance, must be built upon. We will deal with it positively, regardless of the level of positivism our assessment proves achieved ... we still must build on it.
No doubt. this visit opens the way to a new phase and points to a qualitative development in the relations between Lebanon and Syria. We hope that no one obstructs or complicates these efforts. According to my knowledge, acquaintance and follow-up of this aspect over years, I am certain that the positive spirit will be able to treat the outstanding issues between the two countries, in the interest of both countries. The malicious spirit is unable to achieve anything on any of the outstanding issues.
4- Internal Lebanese relations and the government of national unity
In the past few days, we saw the sharp bickering that occurred in parliament during the debate on the ministerial statement. Of course, they were all mostly in their broader sense, discussions outside the statement and unrelated to it, but it was still a chance to speak.
We also saw the injurious attacks on the resistance and its weapons.
I have always called as I again do now for calm, I used to emphasize to the brethren, the necessity to be tolerant and patient despite the harsh speech that is being said.
But at the same time, I stress to everyone that media campaigns against the resistance and its weapons, its accusation and distortion is useless and futile.
No one can shake the resistance's resolve, determination, usefulness, and the light beams of its rising sun, which has been rising victoriously over this country for years.
These useless campaigns only ratchet up the tension level in the street, when Lebanon no longer needs such tension, but needs calm.
I tell them to learn from all previous events. If the 33-day aggression by the mightiest regional army, with internationally backing, and the fierceness of that war, all of which did not shake the resistance, its men, its community nor its weapons, but grew stronger, and every day this enemy talks about the growing strength of the Resistance.
A few angry speeches will not change anything in the existing scene.
I say this to the brethren who are angered, and also to those who speak angrily... futile...futile...all this uproar is futile both internally and regionally.
The resistance is a grass root project, conscious and sane, built on strong and solid foundations of intellectual, cultural, political, national, psychological and emotional principles that run very deep. I do not think simple movements of this kind can change anything in the course of this resistance. Therefore, let us put aside all that disturbs the streets and deal with this new stage responsibly.
Some insist on saying "there is no national unity government" ...
No, not true, there is.
A government of national unity exists, yes.
We would have preferred that it included other existing forces in the Lebanese arena, with popular, political and national regard and considerations, but these forces consented to be represented by ministers of the opposition.
Let us say this is an opportunity for all of us, let us no stubbornly insist and let us give this opportunity the potential for success.
Speaking a few days ago, David Welch and the former US ambassador to Lebanon before him, both said that the issue of a blocking or guaranteeing third, is a question of no value or importance, they are in a sense simplifying this matter.
If this matter is of no value or importance, why did they disrupt and sabotage the country for two years?
If giving the opposition a guaranteeing third was trivial, why all the disruption?
This proves they were the ones blocking and not the opposition.
Today, this government was formed, gaining the confidence of one hundred MPs, a very high backing from the house. We here thereby call upon the government and political forces to act seriously and responsibly and not to pass time.
Let the Government work on all the files in real earnest, and I assure and reaffirm Hizbullah's openness and readiness for real and sincere cooperation with the government, and all the ministries in order to achieve the national interests of our country and people.
To the political forces I say let us ease this tension, use calm discourse, debate and calm criticism.
Calm and quiet does not mean we do not make objections to others, criticize or make remarks, but the form, style, language and codes of conduct, can certainly relieve the country or set it aflame on the edge of a volcano.
Today, we are facing this great and dangerous national responsibility, a very important responsibility we must bear, we must cooperate and utilize this opportunity.
On August 14, in these moments I am taken back to the wonderful scene of our folks from different regions of Lebanon, whose villages, towns and neighbourhoods were bombed, speedily returning to their villages and towns despite the fact that the "Israeli" enemy had announced a halt of military operations, they did not then nor the following day, and until today they have not declared a ceasefire, and everyday "Israel" stresses that it is in a state of war with Lebanon.
People were told "millions of cluster bombs are scattered in your villages, homes and groves."
Yet they returned.
Here we remember the children, elderly, women, peasants, farmers and school students, martyred so far by cluster bombs, which reflect the "Israeli" level of hatred toward our children, women and people.
I am reminded by this glorious scene that reflects the culture, will, faith, resolve and a people determined for life, steadfast they stay in the land regardless of the risks involved in returning to or remaining on their land. They have the resolve to live an honorable, dignified life and reject a life of humiliation and shame.
I recall the scene of their return, and images of all those who had embraced them during the days they fled the cities, villages, mosques, churches, schools, universities, houses and public gardens. Some always ask for a tribute to be paid here or there, and I often hear people ask for a tribute to Beirut.
To start with, we are not outside Beirut, or we are not foreigners to Beirut to send a greeting to Beirut, we are of the people of Beirut, and today, I give a thousand greetings to the capital Beirut, the capital of Arabism, the homeland, resistance and steadfastness capital.
Greetings to Mount-Lebanon, with all its districts and population, people and political movements, greeting also to the North that bled and still bleeds, as it did yesterday when the clean and pure blood of the oppressed and innocent people was spilt.
Salutes to the steadfast and resistant Bekaa and South, the fighters.
I particularly salute the southern suburb that had received its fare share of displacement and destruction in the days of that war.
A tribute to every city, village, town, home and Lebanese family embracing this resistance, loyal to this country and insists that Lebanon be a truly free, sovereign and independent country.
As I cannot fail to salute all our folks of the Palestinian camps in Lebanon, who were over the past decades, as they were in the July-August war, partners of the resistance, partners of the blood and resoluteness, who have always been partners of hardship, deprivation, and neglect shared by a great many of the Lebanese deprived, and as our Commander the concealed Sayyed Moussa al-Sadr used to say: "the Lebanese who are deprived in their land with the people deprived of their land."
This second anniversary returns to confirm that this a time when we can complete our victory and victories through our unity, cooperation and tolerance. Issues such as "I did you wrong, you did me wrong, so and so wronged so and so"... do we want to hold on such grudges from the past?
We must get over past grudges. In the past, we overcame many of these hatreds.
Today, facing the opportunity to build, we are facing a new stage and a new spirit, Let us take advantage of this opportunity, as the greatest expression of loyalty to all the martyrs who passed away in this war, the martyrs of the resistance, the people and the army.
Happy Victory Day!
Live long, long lived Lebanon, long live the resistance, long live the people of Lebanon dear and proud, long live our nation which will reclaim its sanctities and .... God willing with its will and determination....
May peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you.