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“Israel”: Right-wing Parties Announce Non-majority Government

“Israel”: Right-wing Parties Announce Non-majority Government
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By Staff, Agencies 

“Israel's” right-wing parties announced on Thursday that they will form a 60-seat non-majority government, urging Avigdor Lieberman’s ‘Yisrael Beiteynu’ party to join the coalition. 

‘Kulanu, Shas, United-Torah Judaism, Shas, Union of Right-Wing parties and Likud’  issued a joint statement after a meeting late on Thursday, saying it was committed to forming a government led by Netanyahu while calling on Lieberman to join and "not give a hand to forming a left-wing government."

Lieberman’s party issued a statement shortly after, saying it would vote against a 60-seat government if the coalition doesn't agree to pass a law that would see ultra-Orthodox drafted to the army. 

After Netanyahu and Lieberman reached an impasse in negotiations on Thursday, Bibi’s Likud party lashed out at the ‘Yisrael Beiteynu’ leader for failing to live up to his election promises. 

“Lieberman promised his voters that he’d support establishing a right-wing government headed by Netanyahu. Now, he’s using all kinds of excuses to prevent this government’s establishment, which is liable to lead to the establishment of a left-wing government,” Likud said. 

Less than a week remains for Netanyahu to assemble a coalition government before the final May 28 deadline.