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US To Iran: Call Us on This Number

US To Iran: Call Us on This Number
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By Staff, Agencies

After US President Donald Trump publicly appealed to Iran to call him amid heightened tensions with Tehran, the White House contacted the Swiss on Thursday to share a phone number the Iranians could call the President on, according to a diplomatic source familiar with the move.

"I'd like to see them call me," Trump said of the Iranians in the White House on Thursday.

The source said the Swiss likely won't hand over the number unless the Iranians specifically ask for it and it is thought they are highly unlikely to do so. White House officials say Trump's overtures are sincere.

On Friday, an Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps commander said Iran would not engage in talks with the "Americans," IRGC Lieutenant Commander for Political Affairs Brigadier General Yadollah Javani said.

"Negotiations with Americans will not take place, and Americans will not dare to take military action against us," Javani added.

The White House did not reply to request for comment on the sharing of the number.

The US and Iran do not have an official diplomatic relationship and Switzerland serves as the protecting power for the US in the country. 

That means they represent US interests in Iran, performing services for US citizens in the country like visa processing. They also serve as a channel for diplomacy between the two nations though there are other mechanisms for the two nations to communicate.