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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the Martyrdom Anniversary of Resistance Leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine 

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the Martyrdom Anniversary of Resistance Leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine 
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Hezbollah Media Relations, Translated by Staff

Hezbollah Secretary General Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah’s speech marking third martyrdom anniversary of Jihadist leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine & hosted by the party at the martyr Sayyed Baqir al-Sadr Hall in the Imam al-Mahdi Secondary School


In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets, Abi al-Qassim Mohammad bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you all.

I welcome our brothers and sisters, ladies and gentlemen.

On the martyrdom anniversary of my dear and beloved brother Mustafa Badreddine, I renew my condolences to the individual members of his noble and honorable family.

We, the family and the resistance, had to bring this occasion forward because the holy month of Ramadan is approaching. We did not want to trouble the people during the month of fasting. Therefore, we preferred to mark the event a few days ahead of time.

Before I begin with the speech, it is also my duty to congratulate you on the arrival of the month of Ramadan, the month of God, the month of mercy, forgiveness and repentance. It is the month, which invites you to be the guests of Allah. It is the month of acceptance. The days of this great month are the best of days, its nights, the best of nights, and its hours, the best of hours. I ask God Almighty to extend the lives of everyone for all to enjoy the blessings and mercy of this great month, to help us all in fasting and praying and allow us to benefit from His divine hospitality.

It is my duty to congratulate the people, the hard workers, the Mujahideen fighting for their children and a decent living. These people according to Allah and our Islamic teachings are just like the Mujahideen.

We appreciate and respect all those who work hard for their families and pursue their livelihood and a decent life. They have rights that must be guaranteed and maintained no matter the difficulties that any society or country faces.

I would like to begin by talking about the occasion, the martyr [Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine] and those who are related to him and to the generation of leaders, some of which are martyred while others are continuing the path of their martyred brethren who have not altered [the terms of their commitment] by any alteration. From there and with the time allotted, I will talk about some main arenas, which were Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine’s arena of jihad, sacrifices and martyrdom.  
When we commemorate the memory of this martyred leader or the memories of other martyrs and martyred leaders especially those who were unknown, we want to familiarize the people with them. They worked away from the lens of the media, fought night and day, did the basic and great work, but they were not introduced through the media during the period of their Jihad for the sake of their personal security, the security of their families and in the interests of the resistance movement. We want to familiarize people with them. We want people to know them better. We want others to be inspired by them and carry on their path. We want future generations to be inspired and learn from their experiences and for us to continue our difficult path.

Martyred leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine belonged to the first generation of Mujahedeen fighters in this march. They were the pioneers. This is one important feature of this march.

When Sayyed Mustafa and some of his brethren – I am talking about this group and Sayyed Mustafa was one of its symbols – were young, 16, 17, 18, 19 years old, they began their movement and work. They grew up and aged in this way. Sayyed Mustafa and this generation of Mujahideen were leaders along this march who possessed virtues I mentioned on previous occasions including faith, religiosity, commitment, spirit of jihad and intelligence. There are other qualities I would like to mention on this occasion including:

Being concerned and possess the spirit of responsibility as young men aged only 17, 18 or 19. Since the beginning they were concerned about their people. They bore the responsibility of their country, their homeland, their nation and their sanctities.

There are young people, who from the beginning of their lives, are concerned that Palestine is occupied even though they live here in Beirut, in the suburbs of Beirut, in the villages of the Bekaa as well as in the villages of the South and the north. Our region is under American-“Israeli” hegemony. Our nation is overwhelmed by ignorance, illiteracy, poverty, hunger, unemployment, etc. Its goods are being plundered by the Americans and the West. They are offered barrels of oil, dinars, dirhams and dollars just to please the arrogant tyrants. Our people throughout the region, including the people of Lebanon, must bear poverty, deprivation, neglect, hunger and dispersion. As young men, when they saw what the situation of the nation and the homeland was, they were worried, concerned and felt responsible. Nowadays, conferences – even though they fewer in number – are being held. Such conferences that were meant to discuss the situation of the nation included the Arab national conference, the Islamic national conference and other annual conferences. When they looked around and saw the occupation, humiliation, displacement, Arab submission, dispersion, loss, American-“Israeli” hegemony, arrogance, tyranny and oppression, they became tormented. They were not only tormented, but they were also concerned and felt a sense of responsibility. On the back of this concern and views, they launched a movement, worked and organized activities. 

Today, in Lebanon, if you are concerned about your nation, your country or the sanctities of this nation, whether they are Islamic or Christian, is surprising. On some levels, it is condemned. At other levels, it amounts to national treason. Isn’t this the case with us in Lebanon?

For example, what is the resistance in Lebanon accused of?  It is accused for caring about Palestine, al-Quds, Beit al-Maqdis, Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Church of the Resurrection. This is surprising. And in some political and media arenas it is condemned.

To care about what is going on in Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Bahrain, the Gulf States and North Africa and to be concerned, at the very least we are talking about our region. What is this? This is not isolationism. Even to be concerned, to care, to follow, to ask and to be worry. This is isolationism and not only in position but in emotions and in feelings too.

But unfortunately in Lebanon, we reached a stage where being concerned for one’s country is surprising and condemned! Do you know what limits are permitted in Lebanon? You are allowed to be concerned about your party, your movement, your area or an area in Lebanon. In the best of cases, you are allowed to worry about your sect. But for you to be concerned about the rest of the sects, since we are one people who share the same fate – poverty and unemployment transcend sects, deprivation transcends sects and areas – is considered interfering with the affairs of the other sects. 

There is interference in other country’s affairs and in Lebanon we have something called interfering in another sect’s affairs. What is your business? How dare you interfere? For example, you are Shiite, it’s none of your business to interfere with the Sunnis. This is an internal affair. What is your business with the Druze? This is an internal matter. The Christians are none of your business. It is an internal affair. Isn’t this the reality now in Lebanon? This is the cultural and intellectual level as well as the political reality they have put us in.

But the quality of the resistance, the quality of Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine and his brethren, who have passed away or are still alive, is that they strongly rejected this culture. Martyr Sayyed Abbas (may Allah have mercy on him) went to Afghanistan, Pakistan and Kashmir, to the Iranian-Iraqi border during the eight-year war. Palestine, the people of Palestine and the Palestinian camps were always in his heart and soul. The brothers, sons and students of these leaders still follow this culture.
2 – The other qualities of this dear leader, this group and this generation apart from being concerned are eagerness, fervor and dealing and interacting emotionally with the people and these causes. They were not only concerned and worried. They had eagerness, fervor and a sense of honor. We used to joke with each other and called it the revolutionary flame. This still exists.

3 - High resoluteness, determination, will and never getting tired: These men never tired night or day. They do not know fatigue, boredom and despair. They never tire from the path no matter the difficulties and challenges.

4 – His confidence and their confidence in their ability to achieve victory, change the equations and defeat the enemy no matter the circumstances.

5 – Not fearing the enemy: The presence of America in Lebanon, the multinational forces in Lebanon, 100 thousand “Israeli” officers and soldiers in Lebanon, the collapse of the Arab world, the lack of friends and the multitude of enemies did not scare them or undermine their will and determination.
6 - To make use of the modest human potential, a few youths and older men as well as a few modest capabilities. This is how the resistance began: a few weapons here and some explosives there, some shells here and some modest capabilities there. But no one said when we have the numbers, the equipment and the capabilities, we will start our jihadist path. This is how the resistance in Lebanon – Hezbollah, the Amal Movement and the rest of the Islamic and national forces – started out. Hezbollah’s march started with very humble capabilities. But there was a high level of confidence, conviction, faith, determination, spirit of responsibility and the readiness to continue the march no matter the difficulties. Among these qualities is being able to master work and focus. The Messenger of Allah (peace be upon him and his household) recommended proficiency in work and focus on the work in addition to perseverance.

Let us take an example from one of Sayyed Mustafa's achievements since we are talking about the memory of this dear leader. Sayyed Zulfiqar was a military commander in Hezbollah. The qualitative operation in Ansariya is well known. I will talk about the mastery and concentration in the operation.

In previous years, we revealed that the source of the information was obtained technically. We were able to find out that the special naval force, called Shayetet, will land on the coast. Two or three members will descend and head towards Ansariya towards the orchard area. This means that they were searching for a target. Whether it is to kidnap an official or to assassinate an official needs to be confirmed. Due to this focus and mastery, the Intel was obtained. Sayyed was the military commander. He discussed with the rest of the brethren, including Hajj Imad (may Allah have mercy on him). At that time Hajj Imad was the security commander. They studied and discussed it. They also discussed it with me and with others and said they had a chance. One could have been hasty and suggest to set up an ambush for those two or three people who entered and exited more than once. It was decided no. They were definitely preparing for something bigger. Let us be patient, wait, watch and follow-up. After following up, it turned out that there was a preparation for a very big operation. An ambush was planned. When I speak about mastery and execution, Sayyed Zulfiqar did not sit and plan for the Ansariya operation. He was on the ground, accompanied by Hajj Imad and some other brethren. They explored the orchards and scouted the area. They walked along the same path the information revealed the “Israelis” would take. They searched for the possible target. Well, the place is very likely to be crossed by “Israeli” commandos. So, they set up a plan. We also come to how they proficiently set up the plan. The problem was that farmers work on these orchards every sunrise, which means that these orchards were not abandoned areas. So, how can you set up an ambush in a place where people come every morning and leave it near sunset, knowing that the operation will be executed at night!

They set up a plan to have groups and ambushes hide in a nearby area. When the sun sets and the farmers leave, the Mujahideen plant the explosives and wait all night. If the “Israelis” do not come at dawn, they will dismantle the explosives, remove the trail and go back to their hiding place. They carried on like this for long days and nights. Sayyed, may Allah have mercy on him, followed up with them throughout the night, because it was possible at any moment, from sunset to dawn that the commandos come and engage [with the resistance]. That great qualitative confrontation took place with such precision, focus and perseverance. This is an example.

The march was always like this. At the beginning of the crisis in Syria – I will talk about this shortly – we decided that Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine head to that arena. He was the one who offered and asked to go. He wanted and insisted to personally be on the battlefield. There, he also worked with the same diligence, focus, perseverance and all the previous qualities mentioned. These qualities that this martyred leader and other martyred leaders in our resistance possessed were passed down from one generation to another. That is why in the annual martyrdom anniversary of martyred leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine, I would like to assure and confirm that in our resistance today, in our ranks, there are many men and cadres who shoulder this great responsibility, who continued with this resistance until the 2000 victory, who fought in 2006, who went to Syria, who offered support in Iraq, who were at all the battlefields, thanks to God Almighty. They possess the same spirit. The resistance is working to pass down this spirit and these qualities from one generation to another. 

Brother Sayyed Zulfiqar was a great Jihadi commander, and mentor. He was a good role model. From these important and special qualities that made men who achieved victories – in God’s will and with God’s help – I will talk about the fields he was present in as a fighter, where he was wounded, detained and eventually martyred. He gave his blood for victory.

The first issue is the “Israeli” issue. I have two points to talk about regarding the “Israeli” issue. The first point is that there is a gap in the country the Americans, some European countries as well as some Gulf countries are trying to fill, publically and in secret via the media and some Arab and Gulf media, with continuous talks about a war on Lebanon. At times, they attribute this talk to me and I deny it.  Some newspapers, leaks and analyses also talk about the constant “Israeli” intimidation involving a war against Lebanon and threats that “Israel” will destroy the country. Pay attention, Lebanese people. What does this mean? It means that you have to remove the reasons that might push “Israel” to wage a war. This is not just media talk, political or diplomatic talk, or just psychological warfare. I would like to ask the Lebanese people: is everyone concerned about Lebanese affairs when it comes to the “Israeli” issue? No, this has an objective. I would like to point out the objective. This is an extensive political and diplomatic psychological warfare using countries, embassies and the media to pressure the Lebanese state, officials and people to submit and give concessions.

Before Pompeo came [to Lebanon] Satterfield, David Hill and Hook came. As you know, there is something called the land border. In a strategic sense, there are very sensitive areas along the land border. There is discussion regarding the maritime boundary, the subject of a maritime border. The issue of a maritime border is not only about the waters and geographical space. It is related to the supposed oil and gas resources there. They should find a solution for the land border, of course, through negotiations. They should also find a solution for the maritime border, including the issue of gas and oil, between Lebanon and “Israel”.

Thirdly, regarding the issue of the Shebaa Farms. After Mr. Trump gave what he does not own – the Golan Heights – to those who do not deserve it – “Israel”, there is the issue of the [Shebaa] Farms.

Fourth, there is the issue of Lebanon’s strength, which is represented by the army, the people and the resistance. What is being targeted in this equation is the resistance in particular. This means if you don’t want “Israel” to attack you, you must cut off your hand. You must get rid of the elements of strength that you possess. You must abandon the deterrent capability that you hold as Lebanese against “Israel”. That's why Pompeo and everyone else come and talk about the resistance’s missiles. One part of “Israel’s” real problem is the resistance’s missiles. Intimidation comes in this context. If you do not give up the border, accept what’s on offer regarding the maritime border, forget the Shebaa Farms and address the issue of the resistance and its weapons and missiles, “Israel” will attack you. This is the summary of the scene that has been constructed for weeks and months. This work is still ongoing. Let us comment a little bit on this. Even though I do not want to make predictions today, it will be enough for me to tell you that: O brothers, O Lebanese people, do not allow anyone to intimidate you or execute a psychological warfare against you. You are not weak. Lebanon is strong through its army, people and resistance. Lebanon possesses great strength, real strength. It is not just strength for the sake of appearances. We do not exercise showmanship. It is real and serious strength. Going back to realistic discussions, senior “Israeli” military experts in the entity talk about the many lethal and weak points even though they acknowledge many of “Israel’s” points of strength. With regard to Lebanon, we will be realistic. We acknowledge that even though Lebanon has a lot of weak points, it possesses many great lethal and decisive points of strength. This should be taken into consideration. The sanctions and the hardship cannot affect the strength, ability and readiness of the resistance in Lebanon. Therefore, there is no need for anyone to be afraid or to submit. “Israel” wants to wage a war! Let it wage a war. Everyone in “Israel” agrees that a war against Lebanon should be swift, short and decisive with a clear and evident victory. Who can accomplish this? This era is over. I do not want to talk again about the enemy’s points of weakness, the ammonia [tanks] in Haifa or anything else in Haifa, or a target that can cause more damage than the damage done by a missile hitting the ammonia [tanks] in Haifa. I don’t want to talk about the resistance’s missile capabilities, etc.

The “Israelis” are talking about an important development which is the ability of the resistance to operate on land, to attack and to defend. The resistance has the ability to enter the Galilee. The enemy acknowledges this. Now, I do not want to talk about this point. But at the very least, this is present in “Israel’s” calculations. “Israel” fears getting involved in Gaza, even though it is besieged and exposed from all sides. Will “Israel” dare enter the South? If it wanted to enter, it will enter with brigades. Today, on the martyrdom anniversary of martyred leader Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine, I reiterate on behalf of your brothers and sons in the Islamic Resistance – this is a firm and decisive promise – any “Israeli” forces or brigades that think of entering southern Lebanon will be crushed and destroyed. This will be broadcast by international TV channels, God willing.

In the past, former “Israeli” prime minister Yitzhak Rabin, who was defense minister – that is war minister – and chief of staff, a historic leader in the “Israeli” entity, said before 2000 that ‘if you look at southern Lebanon you will find quite and calm mountains, hills, lands and valleys. We don’t know what is hiding behind those mountains, valleys, villages, houses and quiet roads.’ He said ‘we cannot get in!’ Why can’t they enter? This means that the time when Lebanon was occupied by a music band is over. You must believe this after all these lengthy experiences. There are still people in Lebanon who live in the culture of weakness before “Israel”. Those people are ready to surrender. However, those who trust their God, people, army, resistance and their ability to deal a historic defeat to the enemy should not surrender and give up an inch of soil or one grain of soil or as Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri says a glass of water, dignity or anything related to sovereignty. When we believe that we are strong, we are supposed to seek our full rights.

The second point in the “Israeli”-Lebanese issue is a quick comment on the Shebaa Farms. On the eve of the 2000 liberation – because this discussion existed – I remember I delivered a speech that we, in Hezbollah, discussed and consulted with the rest of our friends and allies. At the time I said that with regard to the Lebanese territory, the state determines whether it is Lebanese or not. Not Hezbollah, or any other party or movement will determine whether it is Lebanese or not and then force all of Lebanon to accept it as Lebanese. The Lebanese state determines what is Lebanese territory. The resistance is committed to this occupied land and considers that its responsibility is to liberate this occupied land. Do you remember this in 2000? We repeated this several years later. At the time, the issue of the Shebaa Farms being Lebanese or not was also raised. There were people including us, our brothers in the Amal Movement and other national forces sided with the people of the seven villages which are Saliha, Hunin, Qadas, Malkiyeh, Abil al-Qamh, Tarbikha and Nabi Yusha. These are the seven villages. We also have the border villages in the south like Blida and Meiss Ej Jabal. When they demarcated the border, of course not the Lebanese or the Palestinian but the English and the French, they took tens of thousands of dunums [acres] apart from the seven villages. Tens of thousands of dunums belong to the residents of the border villages. These are Lebanese lands. The seven villages are Lebanese lands. We stated that the seven villages are Lebanese lands. Of course the Lebanese government did not adopt this position. The parliament in general did not adopt this position. However, we did not insist that the seven villages were Lebanese. And we did not say we wanted to fight to liberate the villages despite the government and the state and the disagreement regarding this matter. We are certain that the seven villages are Lebanese lands. We are also certain that “Israel” is occupying tens of thousands of dunums of agricultural lands that belong to our border villages. The lands are located behind this internationally recognized border. This exists in our culture, heritage, and our literatures. But we do not speak of it in the political discourse because the state did not adopt this matter. It is kept for the future. This does not constitute an ideological and cultural crisis for us because for us whether the seven villages are Lebanese or Palestinian villages, they are occupied land belonging to our peoples and our nation. It is our land, whether it is Lebanese or Palestinian.

The issue of the Shebaa Farms: Since 2000, the Lebanese state and the Lebanese government have said these are Lebanese lands, and this was mentioned in governmental policy statements. The parliament gives the government confidence on this basis. From 2000 until today, this issue is mentioned. Yes, it was discussed at the dialogue table. It is true that there are people who are undecided. But there is something settled. The Lebanese state considers the Shebaa Farms as Lebanese territory. This issue is settled. Hence, a change in any person’s beliefs as to whether it is Lebanese or not is irrelevant. They are just meaningless words. They are irrelevant. Hence, since the Lebanese state says they are Lebanese, to us they are Lebanese territory. Otherwise, they are either Lebanese or Syrian territory. Syria, Lebanon and Palestine are lands that belong to our people and nation. But as a result of the status quo during the past decades and the demarcation of the border, the Lebanese state says that the Shebaa Farms are Lebanese. Hence, the resistance bears the responsibility alongside the Lebanese people and state of liberating the Shebaa Farms, the hills of Kfarshuba and the Lebanese part of the Ghajar. If you like, it's no problem for us to go back and discuss the issue of the seven villages and the tens of thousands of dunums of lands that belong to our people in the border villages that “Israel” is occupying.

The other topic, I still have another final topic. I want to talk briefly about the subject of the budget in Lebanon.

The second topic, which is the most important topic, is the arena that Sayyed Zulfiqar, may God have mercy on him, went to, and spent the last years of his life and from where he returned a victorious martyr. It is Syria. We will talk a little about this subject. Day after day, it is being confirmed and becoming clearer that our choice to go to Syria was correct. Today, we are talking about a martyred leader who was martyred in this battle. We are always asked about this blood. When friend and foe write to us, they ask us about this blood and our martyrs. A big group of our martyrs and wounded were martyred and wounded in Syria. They ask us who will answer for this blood? We answer for this blood. We answer for these wounds. As the days pass, the more masks fall and grim faces are exposed. Documents appear. More confessions and interviews by a former president, a king, a former prime minister, a former foreign minister or a former chief of staff are made. Day after day, we become more confident that what we have done is 100 percent correct. It was the right time and right place. 

Today, every day it is becoming clear that everything that what was going on in Syria is different from much of what happened in the Arab world. In Syria, there was a US-“Israeli”-Saudi conspiracy where some of the Gulf States and some countries in the region were used. The matter had nothing to do with – now I am repeating something that has already been said. But we must say it on the martyrdom anniversary of this martyr – elections, democracy, reforms, change and any of that nonsense we heard in 2011.

Well, the proof is that America, Saudi Arabia and these countries say they brought those who will bring about democratic and humane change in Syria. Who did they bring? The democratic forces! The forces stemming from the popular will! The forces whose strong culture and thought is creating the future? Where are these changes! Well, so as not to speak in theories and talk about documents, the actual external proof is Daesh. If we take a single example, how was Daesh able to control about 40 to 45 percent of Syria? As I recall, it controlled most of east of the Euphrates which is 25% – if we add to it Manbij and other areas, including Deir Ezzour, Albu Kamal, al-Mayadeen, Syria’s Badiya all of which are five times the size of Lebanon – reaching to Palmyra, the outskirts of Homs, the Yarmouk Camp, parts of Sweida province, east of Homs, east of Hama until the east and north of Aleppo. This is 40 to 45%. At the same time, Daesh also controlled half or more than half of Iraq, a large number of Iraqi provinces including Anbar, Mosul, and Salahuddine. They reached the gates of Karbala and Baghdad. Where did they come from? Who brought them? Who gave them weapons? Who gave them facilities? Who gave them money? Who opened the border for them? Who gave them media coverage in all the Arab satellite channels – the Islamic State?  Who? 

We should not forget the Lebanese, who have suffered from Daesh in Jaroud Arsal in the Bekaa. We should not forget the Syrian people or the Iraqi people or all the people of the region who suffered from what Daesh did and will do. I will talk about this a little. Who is Daesh? What is its ideology? Its ideology is Wahhabism, which is created in Saudi Arabia, in Saudi universities, in Saudi religion schools, in Saudi mosques. It is exported to the entire world using Saudi money and American direction. The Americans and the Saudis themselves admitted this. Before Mohammad bin Salman spoke, there were voice and video recordings of Hillary Clinton admitting this truth stating that America asked Saud Arabia to support, distribute and spread this ideology in the world. Where did this ideology come from? From Saudi Arabia. Who asked for it? The Americans. Who facilitated it? The Americans and their allies. Who funded it? Saudi Arabia! Where did the fighters come from? From all over the world. Most of the suicide bombers in Syria and Iraq, brothers and sisters, were Saudi nationals and other nationals who were brought in to these cities. They supported them, armed them, funded them, opened the borders for them and bet on them. Daesh was needed to seize Iraq, Syria and Lebanon, and later Iran and anyone they wanted to strike and force into submission. What is Daesh’s project? To establish a state where there are elections? A democratic state? A state where people expressed their free will? A state where the people elect their deputies, presidents and rulers? Not at all! According to Daesh’s ideology the elections are a form of infidelity and the person who votes is an infidel. The people who head to the polls should be killed and their blood should be spilt. Isn’t this what al-Qaeda and the Taliban did in Afghanistan? Didn’t this happen in Iraq with all the elections that were held? Are those future makers? Who created them? They were created by the Americans.

In the past, there was a person named – now anyone can search him on the Internet – General Wesley Clark. He was the former Supreme Allied Commander Europe of NATO.

He told CNN, not a channel friendly or allied to us, that the Islamic State – he does not call it Daesh, they are sticking with Islamic State – was created by ‘our friends and allies’ among other objectives to defeat Hezbollah. He said ‘we cannot raise a sign saying come and fight Hezbollah. That is why our friends and we created Daesh. Daesh was created to confront whoever stands in the face of the Americans and the “Israeli” project. Syria refused to surrender and submit. There are people who do nothing against “Israel”. Instead they have been pressuring Syria for years to give up the resistance in the Golan. It is enough that Syria and its current and previous leadership did not give up. It was steadfast and protected the resistance. It did not surrender to the American will at a time when the entire world except the Islamic Republic and some popular forces submitted to the Americans. The objective was for the Syrian crisis to end in favor of America and “Israel”. 
Iraq drove US forces out of its lands with popular resistance, military resistance, political resistance and steadfastness. The Americans want to return. Here, I want to warn our brothers in Iraq. Trump seems to be carrying out his electoral promises. Call him what you want, foolish, crazy, and arrogant. But you know me. Even the enemy has a point – I don’t want to say good but fixed. I am not saying denied – we recognize it. This man is carrying everything he said during the elections, including withdrawing from the Iranian nuclear deal, withdrawing from a certain treaty – is there any treaty he has not withdrew from yet! – Moving the US embassy to Al-Quds. He is also going ahead with the deal of the century. I do not know if he made a promise about the Golan at that time – so as not to accuse him of something he did not say. Everything he promised, he carried out.

He also said that this Iraqi oil is ours. I want to take it. And of course during the elections he promised that Saudi Arabia will be a cash cow and I want to milk it. And he milked it and is milking it every day. Right or wrong? He also said that the oil in Iraq is our right. We went to Iraq. We sent 150 thousand soldiers. We made great sacrifices and paid $ 7 trillion. It is our right. They ask him how. He told them ‘we will go’ – he said this during the elections on television. I am not accusing him – ‘and take the oil area. We will put our army and soldiers there and isolate it. We keep taking the Iraqi oil and selling it until we get back our money.’

This is one of the electoral promises that the Iraqi brothers must pay attention to. This has not gone out of Mr. Trump's mind. You have to be aware that this is Mr. Trump's background. Mr. Trump sees Iraqi oil as his natural right and he must collect. Daesh was the means for the US forces to return to Iraqi. Daesh will remain the pretext for the US troops to remain in Iraq. Otherwise, where are Daesh militants that were in the east of the Euphrates? Some went to Iraq. They sent others to Syria. Others they transported to Afghanistan. Brother, who transported them to Afghanistan? Who?

Thus, Daesh still has a role to play.

In any case, Daesh’s project is to destroy armies, communities and peoples. You tell me Daesh is defeated? I tell you yes, Daesh has been defeated. But it has accomplished great achievements. Unfortunately, I am saying this. Daesh accomplished great achievements for America, “Israel, and the enemies of this nation. It destroyed armies, people and communities. It shed the blood of a lot of people of the region. It spread hatred that needs decades or centuries to be removed. These are achievements for the benefit of the Americans and the “Israelis”. We must recognize this. We recognize it to address it and not to surrender to it, but to address it.

What I want to say before I conclude this point is that Daesh – brothers and sisters and I say this to all the people of the region – still poses a threat. No one should act as if Daesh no longer exists. Yes, the caliphate of Daesh, the alleged caliphate, is done. The [Islamic] State is over. The military that controls a big part of Iraq and Syria is gone. But the ideology of Daesh, the leadership of Deash that came on television two days ago, the lone wolves of Deash, the suicide bombing cells still exist. Daesh is still present in Syria and will be activated. I am not scaring anyone. I am stating information and data. It will also be activated in Iraq. That is why the Syria-Iraq cooperation along the Syrian-Iraqi border is necessary and comparative. Daesh poses a threat to both people, both armies and both countries. Daesh’s role today in Afghanistan is to kill the Afghan people and to provoke more fighting in Afghanistan. Afghanistan will be used as a base to launch Daesh into central Asia. As a result, the Russian foreign minister and the Russian defense minister raised their voices. Who brought Daesh to Afghanistan? The horrible massacre in Sri Lanka was condemned by the world. The European Union condemned it. The European Commission condemned it. The United Nations condemned it. America condemned it. Has anyone wondered who was behind this ideology that executed the suicide attacks and this slaughter in Sri Lanka against men, women and children in churches and hotels? Who is supporting it? Who is funding it? Who is protecting it? Who is defending it? Isn’t it the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia? Why do you condemn the tools and leave the main and true reason?

Therefore, Daesh still poses a threat. We should deal with it as such. It must be confronted politically, culturally, via the media, militarily, security wise and at all levels.
This threat will also not remain far from Lebanon. It is true that the army and the resistance were able, with the support of the people and a national consensus, to liberate the Jaroud from Daesh and other militant groups. But the danger is not over yet and is not yet distant. It is true we have achieved great victories in confronting Deash and militant groups as well as the whole project in the region. But we have to act on the basis that there is still a threat that has to be addressed. We should not forget who is responsible because this is one of the challenges. America and Saudi Arabia are primarily responsible. The atrocities Daesh committed against the people of the region, in Iraq, in Syria, in Lebanon, what it is committing now in Afghanistan, in Yemen, in Nigeria, SriLanka are horrible crimes, massive destructions, billions of dollars of economic losses, hundreds of thousands of martyr and wounded. Holy sites were violated and destroyed. All these losses are in the past! Forgive and forget! How! They launch conferences in the US and some gulf countries called facing impunity. That is if some person committed something, he is not allowed to escape punishment. However, invading other people, destroying countries and killing hundreds of thousands is not a problem. This issue will be simply solved later. Why? Because the Saudis and the Americans are the ones committing these atrocities. This existing bloody alliance should frankly be confronted and condemned. It insists on the continuation of the war in Yemen. Yesterday the United Nations said that the number of victims in Yemen reached 250 thousand martyrs or victims. 250 thousand! It was ordinary news that was displayed on the news bar. That was it. Is there anything in Arab world? Is there anything in Islamic world? Is there any thing in the world? The United Nations and not al-Masirah television or the Ansarullah or Sayyed Abdel Malek is saying that there is a massacre. There are 250thousand Yemeni people who have been killed so far. The Unite Nations said this. But did anyone do something? Why? Because those slaughtering are the Saudis and the Americans. You cannot say anything against them.

We reach the executions in Saudi Arabia of the young men, including one distinguished [religious] scholar. They were from the elite and young people. There were people who were under the age of 15 when they were arrested. What was their fault? What was their crime? Was it because they participated in a protest? Was it because they participated in a stand-in? Was it because they wrote something on his social media account? It was an execution without trial. Secret trials took place and there was one verdict. It only took some countries two to three hours to condemn the execution. Then the relationship went back to normal because money is involved.

Today, brothers and sisters, we must understand and be convinced we live in a world where there is no international law, no international institutions, no self-respecting countries, no values, no morals and no laws. There is nothing. There is money and power. The strong one in this world is respected. The one who has money in this world does whatever he wants. He can do things never done in history to a journalist like Khashoggi in the consulate. No one can say anything because it is Saudi Arabia. The US commits massacres every day and no one says anything because this is America. If you spoke out, you are condemned. Tomorrow in Lebanon, you will hear people saying that Sayyed wants to make more problems for the country. Don’t we have enough problems? Where is our humanity? Doesn’t this situation demand our attention?

On top of all this, everything going on in our region is in the service of “Israel”, its dominance and its hegemony. It is in the service of the deal of the century and America, both politically and financially. Can anyone say no? Let someone defend Saudi Arabia and say no, this is in the interest of the Arab nation. This insistence on wars and funding them. Today there is a war in Libya. God help us to where Sudan and Algeria are heading. People should act with national responsibility and awareness because we do not know what they are dragging Sudan and Algeria into. Where will insisting on enmity and scheming against Iran as well as besieging it and declaring the readiness to replace Iranian crude with Saudi and UAE oil lead to? What happened to those who committed mischief? What? Look at the consequences. These are some of the consequences of the world. A person would show respect for his friends and thank them, and says: I am grateful to you and God bless you. But Trump insults them every day. We all have seen Trump on television. In his most recent speech, he was laughing and the Americans were laughing. I asked some of the brothers to monitor the speech. I am speaking like this because I am transparent. Of course, I do not like King Salman. I hate him. I hate him from the bottom of my heart. But when I heard Trump talking like that, I pitied him [King Salma]. This great humiliation and insult. Where is the Arabism, Islam, the two holy mosques, the tribes and the swords you dance with? Where are they?

Not one word was said. When some of my brethren and I talk about Saudi Arabia, some people in Lebanon respond to us. Show us your bravery and courage, if you call yourselves Arabs, respond to that. Trump has insulted your king and your kingdom. No one said a word. They were more silent than the graves. At least when you visit the cemetery, you can see writings on the tombstones. But these are blank faces with nothing on them. Trump tells him ‘O king, I admire you’. He told him I love you and I admire you. We paid a lot of money to protect you. So you have to pay. All these are insults and humiliation. What does he say? 

He says they want us to lose Saudi Arabia. I do not want to lose Saudi Arabia. We got $ 450 billion from Saudi Arabia. They bought from us weapons and other things. I have a question. The US got $ 450 billion from Saudi Arabia, only from Saudi Arabia. He did not talk about the rest of the Gulf countries. Does this money belong to Al Saud? Is it a personal belonging? There is no such thing as Saudi Arabia and the Saudi people. There are the people of the Arabian Peninsula. This money is the property of this people. It is the property of this nation. In the religious sense, all the Muslim scholars say this is a common property of the Muslims. What right do you have to take $ 450 billion from the Muslims’ money and give it to Trump? On what basis? At a time when Muslims are dying of hunger, from Somalia to Indonesia, they are starving to death, the famine, the earthquakes, poverty, deprivation, disease and illiteracy. What is this?

 We conclude this point by talking about Pompeo. Two or three days ago, the brothers sent me a CD. They told me this is in English so on and so forth. Despite that I told them to make sure, so that when we read something to the people it is correctly attributed to him. The diplomatic US secretary of state should be a source of political and diplomatic confidence. He should adopt the world’s causes, work for world peace and attain people’s rights. Transparency is a good thing. In a lecture, the US secretary of state admitted that he lied, cheated and stole when he was the director of the CIA. What he said was broadcast by one of the American television channels. He said, “I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, we stole.” This means he is a liar, a cheat and a thief. Yes, he is a thief, an international thief and international plunderer. Imam Khomeini may Allah have mercy on him called them the arrogant plunderers, arrogant tyrants and the plunderers of the world and people. They asked him and he wondered about the motto of the military academy he went to. He said, “You will not lie, cheat, or steal or tolerate those who do. I was the CIA director. We lied, we cheated, and we stole. We had entire training courses.” When they asked him about his positions towards Saudi Arabia, he told them, ‘this is a different matter’. Imagine today the head of diplomacy, the US secretary of state says that he is a liar, a cheat and a thief. I am not the one saying this about him. He is saying this about himself. That man who was in Lebanon a few days ago. That man who is touring the world and Europe, etc.

Therefore through this whole presentation, I want to come to the following conclusion: to those who trust the Americans and those who bet on the Americans to solve our problems and address our issues. God help us if they were the mediators who will solve the land and maritime border issue. What will happen to us and the country? They do not negotiate. They only dictate. Trump and Pompeo are liars, cheats and thieves. They believe “Israel” comes at the expense of the universe, not just the Arabs, the Muslims and the Christians of the region. This bloody and barbarian American-Saudi alliance should be clear. A position against it must be taken. As for Daesh, no one should act as if this threat is over. This threat still exists. It has a new role in the region. We must always be ready to confront this threat. 

Regarding the internal affairs, we previously said and repeat that we prefer not to give our opinions through the media. The political forces are present in the government today. What happened in these couple of days should not have happened. The Cabinet is discussing the [state] budget. If we resort to media talk and overbidding, it will be difficult to reach a budget. It will be difficult to reach financial and economic reform. We will reach a common point that the country is heading towards financial and economic disaster. now, those who are outside the government have the right to speak out, criticize, protest and hold a sit-in. There is no problem. That is their natural right. But at the very least the political forces that are represented in the government and has ministers can discuss and express their opinions in the government. It would be better if we commit to each other and kept the discussions inside the Council of Ministers, especially since there is nothing scary because everyone will have to agree with each other to reach results and shoulder the responsibility together. So, what are you worried about? What are the political parties represented in the government worried about? We should have confidence in ourselves and each other in reaching a solution. We should be confident that through the Council of Ministers we can address any danger against the country or the poor and people with limited income or if people’s rights are violated. There is no use in being worried. At the very least, we are in the Council of Ministers.

Due to yesterday's controversy, there was a sense of concern in the country. The markets and the people were affected and confused. The prevailing sense was that it is hard for people to reach a budget. The second pint to ease some of the fears is that a lot of what was published in the media in the past period does not exist. I am not saying it is not true. A certain party, leader, minister or political force had a group of ideas. Some of which were being discussed while others were not. That is true. But today, most of what was said in the media does not exist in the discussions regarding the budget in the Council of Ministers. There is no need for people to fight. It is not up for discussions, vote or decision. This should ease some fears.

The third point is where I conclude the comment regarding the budget. If we wanted to address an issue austerity measures are required. Economic reform is also required. In a way or another, we get things to where they are. There is a segment that should bear responsibility. Banks should bear the responsibility. Whether it is a right that is due or not legally is not the topic of our discussion. Most of what was being discussed is a right that is due. For example, the rights of the banks. The following question is for the banks. Here, I am not obliging or forcing anyone instead I am saying that we are one country on the same boat and under the same roof. If the bank owners in Lebanon did not cooperate and participate in addressing the situation, what will you get if the economic and financial situation in the country collapsed? What will be your fate? What will be the fate of your banks? What will be the fate of your investments? If the economic situation in the country collapsed, you will not get back your capital because the country is heading towards a collapse. This is not just for the people. It is also for your sake, for your banks, for your money and for your investments. You are concerned. You are concerned to stand up and confront. But you are concerned to give in return. Today, I call on them to make an initiative. You have to contribute. You have to go to the president, the prime minister or the speaker of parliament and tell them that you understand the situation of the country and the difficulties the country is facing. I am not talking about the new debts only but also the old ones. We understand the country’s debt. For example, we will decrease the debt interest we are taking from the state to a certain percentage. This is the least national and moral duty they can do.

On the contrary, if the banks do not want to contribute in this responsible national spirit, then it is the state, the government and the Parliament that should address this matter. There should be consensus among all financial and economic experts in the country that our deficit cannot be addressed except through the procedures provided to the government should the banks fail to play a major and substantial role in such an approach.
Dear brothers and sisters, on the anniversary of the cherished martyred leader and beloved Sayyed Mustafa Badreddine, we pledge his pure soul and blood to carry his spirit, blood, will, determination, courage, sense of responsibility, discipline, commitment, jihad, wounds, the plight of his imprisonment and eventually his martyrdom and banner until we achieve all the goals he was looking forward to. May Allah have mercy on him and bless all of you and his honorable, patient and striving family. Peace and Allah Almighty’s mercy and blessings be upon you all.