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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the 34th Anniversary of Founding the Imam Al-Mahdi Scouts Association 

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on the 34th Anniversary of Founding the Imam Al-Mahdi Scouts Association 
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Translated by Staff

Speech by Hezbollah Secretary General His Eminence Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah marking 34th anniversary of the founding of the Mahdi Scouts Association. Celebrations hosted by the Association at the Risalat Hall and various Lebanese regions 


In the name of Allah the Most Gracious, the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets, Abi al-Qassim Mohammad bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Peace and Allah's mercy and blessings be upon you all.

Many happy returns to everyone, God willing.

It is regrettable that we have to start by condemning and denouncing the terrible massacre and slaughter in Sri Lanka, which claimed the lives of hundreds. We join the chorus of condemnation of this brutal and inhumane terrorism. It has nothing to do with innate human nature, heavenly values or human morality.

Of course, I will limit myself to condemning and denouncing terrorism, and calling for a comprehensive confrontation against it, its roots and all those who stand behind it.

For now, we will leave this issue for the coming few days. So far, there have been no clear, unequivocal and official statements except for some reports by news agencies identifying the side that carried out this heinous massacre.

Of course, when the perpetrator is clearly identified, there will be a lot of talk and analyses.

Therefore, before the horrors of the massacre and the tragedy that people faced on Sunday, which was a global event, I found myself wanting to start from here. Now I return to the occasion at hand.

I would like to extend my greetings to everyone for all the Muslim and Christian holidays. Unfortunately, terrorism wipes the smile from the faces of all holidaymakers, whether we are talking about what happened on Sunday in Sri Lanka or the daily massacres in Yemen against women, children, students and worshipers in mosques and people in cities and villages, or what is happening every day in occupied Palestine, whether in al-Quds, the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, or in prisons. Nevertheless, whatever the concerns, our holidays should always be celebrated.

Today, our meeting is a celebration of the 34th anniversary of the founding of the Imam Al-Mahdi Scouts Association. At the same time it is related to yesterday’s occasion, which was the birthday of Imam al-Mahdi (may Almighty Allah hasten his reappearance). Since the establishment of this association, the birthday of this great Imam was regarded as a day honoring the Imam Mahdi Scouts Association. It is a day to honor its [male and female] leaders, members and every worker and Mujahid who is a part of it. It is truly the day of every oppressed and tormented person throughout the world until the occurrence of the Hour.

On this occasion, as is usually the case, I cataloged by speech into sections starting with the birth of the Imam (PBUH), the association and the scouts, and some political developments in Lebanon and our region.

According to today’s existing heavenly religions, Judaism, Christianity and Islam, there is a central and general idea about the conditions of humanity at the end of time. When we say the end of time, we do not mean the final year before the Resurrection or the Hour. No, it may be hundreds of years or more before the occurrence of the Hour.

When they talk about the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him and His Household), they say he is the Prophet of the End of Time. More than 1400 years have passed since his mission. Thus, the End of Time is not intended to be the final year or ten years or twenty years before the occurrence of the Hour. But the End of Time means the final stage of human life, the duration of which we do not know.

The central and universal idea asserts that the righteous and the vulnerable will inherit the earth, establish divine justice on earth and eventually liberate the earth from injustice, corruption, tyranny, arrogance and leave it to the prophets, the custodians, the martyrs, the Mujahideen, the tormented and those who sacrificed and fought for a long time. This is one of the religious beliefs in all of the heavenly religions. Of course, the conditions and foundations of this belief include a leader or leaders who will fulfill this divine promise. This divine promise exists in the Torah in the Book of David, in the words of the previous prophets, in our glorified Quran and in the words of our Prophet Muhammad (Peace Be Upon Him). 

Among Imam Mahdi’s many characteristics is that he is the one who will carry out God's promise. He is God’s promise that Allah Almighty guaranteed. And this confirms the importance and durability of this divine promise.

But in any case, everyone agrees on the concept although opinions might differ regarding the identity of the redeemer. The Jews are waiting – and here I am not talking about the “Israelis”. I am talking about the followers of Judaism, whether they support “Israel” or are against the existence of a state called “Israel”. They exist in the world.

The Jews are waiting for a Messiah as their King at the End of Time. And of course they deny the existence of Jesus Christ son of Mary (peace be upon them).

The Christians await the return of Jesus Christ to this world, to this earth and to humanity.

Muslims and Christians agree in their wait of Jesus Christ, but they also believe in the emergence of a great leader and reformer, one of God’s custodians and one of the descendants of the Messenger of Allah Muhammad (peace be upon him and his household). Muslims unanimously agree that he is a descendant of Muhammad (PBUH) and Sayyed Fatima, Sayyidat Nisa al-Alamin [the mistress of all the women in the world]. His name or his title is al-Mahdi (PBUH). People, however, differ in some of the details regarding this reformist leader, who will come in the End of Time. Some say that he was born and that his identity is Imam Mohammad ibn al-?asan al-Askari, related to the city of Samarra which was called al-Askar, ibn Imam al-Hadi ibn Imam al-Jawad ibn Imam al-Rida until the top of the chain. He was born on the 15th of Shaaban, the year AH 255 in Samarra city. He is still alive and will emerge to humanity when the conditions for victory are available.

Other Muslims say that Imam al-Mahdi (peace be upon him) will be born in a time when Allah Almighty allows it and wants this imam to establish justice and wipe out corruption and injustice from the entire world before. He will be nearly 40 years old when he appears.

But the existence of this Imam in the future of mankind, the movement of this Imam, the victory of this Imam, the transformation that this Imam will bestow on the history of mankind is a point of unanimity among Muslims.

As Muslims, we also believe that mankind’s future will be transformed by Christ (peace be upon him), whom we cherish and glorify, and by the grandson of the Messenger of Allah and the Seal of the Prophets Muhammad (peace be upon him and his household).

This faith and belief by the followers of the heavenly religions also lead to an important common denominator, which is hope, the culture of hope and the spirit of hope. I will speak about this point and then move on to talk about the association. Hope for the future. Hope for the possibility of change. Hope for the possibility of achieving victory over injustice, corruption, occupation, tyranny and arrogance. The hope of fulfilling justice, happiness, security and peace in this world. This is not a dream. It is true hope and a divine promise that will be fulfilled by those great leaders and by the will of the people, the people of the world whose choice will evolve to reach this conclusion. 

Contrary to this hope that the heavenly religions give, is despair. Despair is a deadly element in the life of an individual or in the life of a community – whether it is a large group of people or a small group, a nation or the whole of humanity. What does despair lead to? Despair leads to isolation, reclusion, depression and internal collapse. This results in stagnation and the inability to take any positive steps at all.  Despair in an individual might lead to drugs, as we find among those who are involved in drugs, to crimes and eventually to the worst possible outcome – suicide. 

In collective behavior, the most dangerous outcomes of despair are surrender, stagnation and inaction regarding the challenges in the standard of living, security, politics and economy. A person in despair just sits home. For example, here in Lebanon, there are people who are filled with despair and indifferent about what is happening in the country. They say there is no hope, no result and no salvation. Right or wrong? They become crippled people. They have no influence and do nothing. The most dangerous thing is surrender, the surrender of an individual in the face of the challenges or the surrender of the people in the face of the challenges and dangers. Hope is the opposite. In the most difficult circumstances, a person will still be motivated to act, work, change, be energized and have the confidence in the ability to create victory. This is what we need, brothers and sisters, especially these days. The battle that is being fought now – in terms of its background and psychological factors – is either a battle of hope and trust or a battle of despair, surrender and lack of trust.

I will talk about some of the challenges that we face in a while. Here, for example, when the Palestinian people reach the stage of despair, the deal of the century and the American-“Israeli” will could be impose on the whole nation. But as long as the Palestinian people have hope, faith and trust, all the tyrants in the world cannot impose anything on this proud, confident, steadfast people, who sacrifice and fight.

In Lebanon in 1982, I would like to remind you of some people who refused the option of resistance. They used to say the eye cannot resist the needle. This is known. Such literature in Lebanon means despair. If we are unable to do anything, how can we fight “Israel”? How can we, the Lebanese people, defeat an army that has defeated a group of Arab armies and occupied large swathes of Arab lands in a few days in 1967? The problem was despair. The points of strength of those who chose to resist were hope and trust – trust in God, trust in one’s self, trust in the people and confidence in the ability to defeat the enemy. If people surrendered to despair, “Israel” would still be occupying Lebanon and Trump would be giving Lebanon to “Israel” and recognizing its annexation. The Lebanese are afraid that he would annex the Shebaa Farms. He would have annexed all of Lebanon, based on the notion: “Israel’s” land extends from the Nile to the Euphrates. Lebanon is located between the Nile and the Euphrates. The main basis is hope. That is what we need as we said.

One of the main functions of the Imam al-Mahdi Scouts Association is to instill the culture of hope in future generations, to instill in the hearts of the boys and girls of this generation, the spirit of hope and trust in God, the future and the coming promise that will change the face of the world and to trust in the ability of our men, women, youth and our peoples to face all the challenges and dangers.

I move on to the second point, to the President of the association, its General Commissioner, to the brothers and sisters in the General Commission and the District Commissions, to all its leaders and all its members. In the previous years during this celebration and occasion, we were accustomed to meeting behind closed doors. Nothing was televised, and we did not have to force people to watch us for two or three hours. We spoke a lot because discussing the detailed report and the events that happened in 2018 took us an hour and a half or two hours. Then we would evaluate and make remarks. But all this is not available due to the nature of the occasion. In this regard, I will say that I have seen the detailed report that the president of the association sent. We sat and read 23 pages. We usually do not read this many pages. But the brothers and sisters know how much I long to know about the activities, the work and the programs of the scouts association. They know how much I long to know about their progress and what you have accomplished, the difficulties you are facing and where you are heading. 

Praise be to Allah Almighty, year after year, the association is progressing and developing in more than one area despite the occasional difficulties. I read the report in detail and it is clear that there is a great effort. This is what is always expected of you. It depends very much on your efforts, on your volunteering, on the time you spend, on the hard work and the personal funds spent on a lot of these activities and work. Therefore, with God’s help you will not be hindered by hardship because this association was mainly founded on volunteering and individual efforts. It has never been a financial burden here or there. I emphasize the activities you undertake annually and which are decided in your programs, especially the educational activities. At the same time, I also stress on recreational activities, especially for this generation, so that they don’t spend all their time studying. Recreational activities are important in the work of the scouts association. 

In recent years, you have started with this new activity. Also this year, you have expanded into the field of social services and looking at public files for example. This is what you started with and I want to emphasize these topics. More efforts should be exerted on the following: combating drugs in cooperation with organizations, institutions, municipalities, ministries and official bodies concerned with schools, high schools and universities. This is a serious blight that is sweeping our society. You have also made great efforts in campaigning against firing [weapons] in the air. This of course bore fruit. The al-Mahdi scouts were among those that exerted efforts. Addressing some emerging dangers from the Internet that are threatening boys and girls, especially the teenagers. Addressing the issue of educational negligence. This generation always needs to be encouraged. It also needs the attention of the parents, the associations and the scouts. This is not limited to the members of the Imam Al-Mahdi Scouts Association. It must be expanded to everyone in our society.

This means that the association works with all people in cooperation, of course, with the [Hezbollah’s] Educational Youth Association and with other bodies – so as not to cancel the functions of others in our formations.

There is also the issue of illiteracy and combating illiteracy as well as the issue of improving social conduct. I hope you add the following into this year’s program – car accidents despite the new laws. It also requires attention at the national level. Despite all the steps the government has taken so far, unfortunately it is becoming a phenomenon. For example, every week or three to four days, there are car accidents that result in victims and casualties – dead and injured. This, of course, requires a specific approach not only laws and regulations. Laws and regulations are top priority and they should be strictly applied. But there is always a need for education and awareness, the same as when it comes to the issue of firing guns in the air. Unfortunately, car accidents in most of areas claim lives. This is a sad and unfortunate matter. We as a society, as parents, as a people and as a state should do something about it. Of course, al-Mahdi scouts are able to take part as they did with similar issues in the past. They can participate and pioneer in this field.

In the framework of scouting work, I call on parents to cooperate and enroll their children in the scouts in general and in the Imam al-Mahdi Scouts in particular. Scouts work, in general, provides educational, recreational, emotional, and humanitarian opportunity that this generation needs in the atmosphere they live in. We all need this work. I call on the institutions, municipalities, and associations for more cooperation and partnership with the scouts associations. They are doing so. We are thankful. But we call for more cooperation since a lot of the files we spoke about are at the very least the responsibility of the municipalities and specialized organizations. What I would like to emphasize in the presence of representatives of scout societies in Lebanon is the importance of cooperation between these associations. The competition among associations should be positive. It should also be based on acting quickly in order to do good. I also call on them to be open to each other, cooperate, exchange experiences and coordinate regardless of the country’s political sensitivities. 

A few months ago, we celebrated the establishment of the Imam al-Mahdi (peace be upon him) Schools. During that celebration, I said in the presence of different educational institutions in Lebanon: ‘People working in the educational institutions should stay as far as possible from our political sensitivities. You have to open up to each other and communicate with each other because you have a lot of common goals and a wider space for cooperation, even if you saw us being completely negative in politics or there was some sort of challenge or conflict. It is important to keep schools and educational institutions neutral, including the scouts associations, from the sensitivities, contradictions and disagreements. It is also useful. On the contrary, when bridges between political factions collapse, the scouts associations and educational institutions can play an important and positive role in mending differences. Most importantly, the future generation should be moved away from the concept of sectarianism, hatred and spite. Not much can be done when the younger generations grow up to be adults with such hatred, confusion, alienation and sensitivities. This great responsibility is up to you, the scouts associations working in the Lebanese arena.

I you permit me to, I would now like to turn to some general issues.

The first point or the first topic is related to the financial situation in Lebanon and the issue of the budget. We say the following: There is a consensus in Lebanon that there is a difficult and failed financial situation. I do not think there is anyone who is questioning this. Yes, there is a debate whether this crisis will cause bankruptcy or collapse. Or whether this crisis is very difficult, or whether or not it is insoluble. However, no one is debating whether or not there is a difficult and severe financial situation on the national level and its repercussions on the people.

The second point: There is also a consensus on the necessity to find a solution, that is, we cannot continue to borrow money and delay, borrow money and delay, borrow money and delay. Eventually, this will lead to bankruptcy and financial and economic collapse.

Hence, there is a consensus that there must be a solution. We had hoped that the Lebanese people or political leaders willingly head toward a solution. But it seems that we are forced to find a solution for ourselves because there are conditions from the CEDRE Conference, the IMF, and the World Bank and the international community. This means that in Lebanon we are forced to look for a solution. {But perhaps you hate a thing and it is good for you.} There is also a consensus on the importance of all the political forces to cooperate to find a solution. This is natural since the composition of the country requires that everyone hold responsibility, regardless of who is responsible for the situation we are in now – who was or was not a partner. This talk is useless. Now, all of us are facing the problem, and the solution requires everyone’s cooperation.

There is also consensus that the solution is not easy but difficult. Therefore, it requires tolerance, patience, seriousness, responsibility and courageous decisions because part of the solution involves austerity measures in certain areas. All these are points of agreement. I would like to add that all of us should exercise national responsibility away from personal, regional and sectarian interests as we discuss the suggestions [the austerity measures], which are now presented or are due to be presented in internal meetings or in the Cabinet. We must all act. It is the problem of the country, the people, the regions, all the sects and all the political parties. This problem concerns their future and the future of their children and grandchildren. This is their way to act with a national spirit. 

We have to act wisely and courageously. Wisdom dictates that when suggestions are made, they should not be rejected quickly because there may be no alternatives. They should not be accepted quickly either. No one should say that it is the only solution, and we should adopt it due to lack of time. No, fast rejection is wrong and quick acceptance is wrong. By quick I do not mean time. I mean quick in the accurate assessment of the suggestions. A lot of things that were put forward today were suggested previously. Hence, the matter does not need to take weeks or months to be studied. They can be studied within days. The loyal forces can study all these proposals and submit their views and answers for the appropriate decision to be taken.

Of course, for us in Hezbollah, I would like to emphasize the following:

First, we will shoulder part of the responsibility with the various political forces, meaning we will be partners in the discussions, in the vote and in the Cabinet. We will not escape this responsibility. We will not say we had nothing to do with this situation. Whether we had a hand in it or not, is a separate discussion. No, we will be part of the state, the people and the political parties that will wisely and courageously shoulder the responsibility with national spirit.

Second, we regard the budget and the measures currently being discussed as the beginning of the real financial and administrative reform. We have said this during the parliamentary elections and afterwards. The discussions taking place today are a golden opportunity to put an end to financial waste and corruption in the state to a large extent. It is an opportunity that must be seized. This discussion and situation are not a disaster. There is a great deal of positivity in one aspect. The Lebanese people are facing a wall. They have no other choice except to take measures to end financial waste and corruption as well as administrative corruption, which undermine the survival of the state. Therefore, we should look at this opportunity with positivity. We are open to all discussions, but we stick to our old conviction that cannot be compromised. This conviction, stems from our national and moral commitment as well as our commitment to our faith and belief, is not to affect the poor and low-income groups and not to impose new taxes on them. This is our red line. The rest is up for debate, useful or not. There might be some matters that can be useful, but we have to study their repercussions on the general situation, the financial situation and the economic situation. We want to create a balance between the interests and the benefits. Of course, we will engage in discussions. I call on all Lebanese political forces to engage in serious discussions. We must all take responsibility. The good thing is that nowadays these measures and budgets are being discussed three years prior to the parliamentary elections. This means it is early. From now until the elections, people in Lebanon forget quickly. Every day there is an incident that makes you forget what happened. These measures should not be discussed under pressure from the popular situation or the parliamentary elections. Some might ask, “Sayyed, why are you putting yourself and Hezbollah to shoulder the responsibility? Let someone else be held responsible.” No, we must all shoulder the responsibility. That is why we should move away from endeavors and head towards discussions.

I would like to announce that the past few days Hezbollah – our ministers, deputies, brothers, officials and specialists – as well as some of our friends and some experts have been engaged in intensive sessions and in-depth discussions. At the very least, starting from Wednesday Hezbollah is ready to answer and comment during closed meetings or Cabinet sessions, but not through the media. This will not yield any results. In closed meetings, we will express our opinions, positions and views. If we have any additional suggestions, we will present them. We are ready to take part in making the suitable decision in order to shoulder the responsibility. This, of course, requires everyone’s patience and tolerance so we can overcome this difficult stage. Is this possible? Yes, we are people who have trust and hope. With trust, hope, will, determination and patience we can overcome this crisis. 

The second topic is related to the “Israeli” war. In any article written in any newspaper, even if it concerns me, usually I do not comment on it and neither do the brothers. Much of the articles and analysis in newspapers are wrong. Some are based on false information. Others lack background.
But today I have to comment on what was published two days ago in an article in one of the Kuwaiti newspapers because unfortunately the media in our country responded to this article. Apparently, it seemed that there was not much work on Saturday and Sunday, so they took interest even though these kinds of articles are written every day.

In any case, social networking sites and even some dear friends, some of whom are senior figures were affected by the content of the article and wrote their own articles.

In any case, let me comment on this because it concerns all the Lebanese people and the region.
The content of this article is completely wrong and the timing is very bad. The content is wrong and the timing is bad.

With regard to the content, this conversation never happened. I never said in any of the sessions, not closed, big, small, bilateral or not even to myself, that this summer there will be an “Israeli” war on Lebanon. Never! I did not even think in this manner, regardless if there will be a war, a possibility of war or an expectation of a war. This matter never happened in any of the internal sessions at all. I also never said in any internal session that when a war happens I will not be among you. I have no knowledge of the unknown. I do not know whether I will be among you. Ages are in Allah Almighty’s hands.

Let us joke a bit. Some people were saddened when they were told about the report. If we turn to some fortunetellers and foreseers, they say I will live long. And I will be among you. Of course, this depends on God’s will. God willing, I would be among the generation that liberates Palestine and enter Bait al-Maqdis. These are the prophecies you should write about.

No, I did not say anything of this sort. I never said in any given time that Resistance leaders and commanders will be killed. This man massacred everyone!! He created a disaster!! So, resistance leaders and commanders will be killed and the rest of the people will take charge. I advise the newspaper to appoint the author of this article to be a screenwriter for a fictional film. This empty talk is not true at all.

This is what we call calculating a position during sessions of the inner circle. Will there be a war or not? From a military defensive position, the resistance always asks its members to prepare for the worst possibilities. We always tell the brethren that their job is not analyze politics but rather to prepare for the worst possibilities. We should always be ready for war. But we never engaged in discussions regarding expectations at all.

As a result of the atmosphere that has spread, I will allow myself to say my personal opinion. I do not want to attribute it to Hezbollah. Of course, we do not assert anything, or rule out anything or expect anything. On the contrary, since the remarks were attributed to me, I personally tend to eliminate the possibility of “Israel” launching a war against Lebanon. This is my personal opinion. This I say in some sessions when they insist I say my opinion. I tell them what you want with my opinion, expect the worst possibilities. I personally tend to eliminate it – of course this is an analysis, it might or might not happen – because the enemy’s home front is not ready. Recent days and events proved that the “Israeli” home front is not ready. Yet the “Israelis” talk about the ability to shoot down rockets. We saw how two missiles fired from Gaza by mistake fell around Tel Aviv. And later another missile was launched by mistake from Gaza into northern Tel Aviv. All these alleged “Israeli” measures could not do anything. Yet, the “Israelis” talk about the home front being ready. 

For any supposed “Israeli” war to be able to achieve its desired objective, it requires a ground incursion. The time when the air force could resolve the battle is over. This has become one of the established military principles in the world. If “Israel” wanted to wage a war and achieve its objectives, it needs a ground incursion. There is a lot of talk in “Israel” about “Israeli” ground forces not being ready to go to war. 

There are many reasons that make me personally eliminate this option. They are pinning hopes on something else. They say why wage a war when Mr. Trump and Mr. Pompeo are with us. I conclude with Pompeo. A while ago, he had a press conference. These people want to starve the world. They want to starve Iran, Syria, the resistance movement, Venezuela and the whole world. Why do they need war when they have the opportunity to starve and impoverish Hezbollah and when the time comes Hezbollah collapses because of the financial situation, or as some “Israeli” officials like to say: ‘it sells its weapons and missiles to buy bread’.

In any case, I do not want to delve into details. But I had to say it because it was attributed to me. It left a negative and unsuitable effect on popular and political circles as well as many analysts. 

But now I do want to talk about expectations. I tell you like I always have; “Israel” is a greedy enemy. It is deceitful and treacherous. Therefore, all possibilities must be considered. We should not rely on analyses. As for the bad timing, it is because we are in April and approaching summer season. 
When a person writes that someone said something that has no basis during a closed session, then this subject is taken to be analyzed and positions are made according to this rumor. This issue harms the country, especially at a time like this. I call on and implore media outlets [to double-check accuracy]. I will speak and give addresses through the media. God willing, we have official bodies that express Hezbollah’s position. 

In this context, I would like to issue a warning. In fact, there is something taking place. It is partly a media scoop. I do not want to have bad intentions and doubt everything. But there is something, which is part of a coordinated and targeted campaign. Hence, brothers and sisters, matters need to always be checked. For example, a few days ago –it is fine to name them – al-Arabia channel – I do not watch it but those who do told me – reported that there were clashes between Iranian and Russian forces in Aleppo and Deir Ezzour. It also reported that Hezbollah joined the fighting. The channel issued breaking news and follow-ups. This is a lie and baseless. On the contrary, they are trying to create an atmosphere. Before reporting about the fighting and saying that it has been ongoing for two to three months, it should first report that there are rivalries, sensitivities and enmity between Iran, Russia and the allies in Syria. I tell you, all this is baseless. There is cooperation on the ground between the allies in Syria. It is the same level of cooperation as before. It has not been negatively affected. There might be some political differences in some places, but they did not and will not affect the cooperation on the ground, let alone fighting amongst themselves. Al-Arabia channel reports what its owner wants and hopes for. It is not a news channel. It is an outlet that expresses hopes and illusions. That is why we have to be cautious about what is being written and said, especially if it is linked to Hezbollah. This is a targeting campaign. For example, a few days or weeks ago, there was a lot of talk about the sanctions that will be imposed on Parliament Speaker Nabih Berri, the brothers in the Amal Movement and the brothers in the Free Patriotic Movement as well as the rest of our friends and allies. All these are baseless. These are made up by politicians and media personnel. They are part of a war they want to be fought. They like, want and hope that the US administration takes this step. They are promoting this step. All these are false. 

Hence we are being targeted. It has been a long time since we, as a party, held our internal conference due to the security situation and the war in Syria. Every period, every six months, every year or year and a half we hold meetings with the officials. We might assign some officials responsibilities other than the responsibilities they had, some might be important. Then, some people write in the context of combating corruption that Hezbollah changed officials. These are injustices, accusations, lies and attacks against our brothers. Our brothers who have their responsibility changed are good men. They are Mujahideen. They have sacrificed and bore their responsibilities for decades. Then some person, newspaper, magazine or website defames senior Mujahideen and dear brothers. They include any natural organizational changes as part of the battle to fight corruption. In our party, the corrupt is not moved from one responsibility to another. The corrupt is completely expelled from Hezbollah. But those men being transferred from one responsibility to another is a normal matter within the organizational framework.

In this context, I would like to ask you to read carefully and check, especially when it comes to some local and Arab media, specifically the Gulf. Yesterday, in a website I read that during the AIPAC summit, the “Israeli” Minister of Justice – I am talking about an enemy – stated that the Arabs in North Africa, the Arab countries and Arab people should be eliminated and crushed. And that “Israel” will do that since they are the enemies of “Israel”. Even though it is an enemy, I was cautious about commenting on the matter. Then it would turn out to be false. So I asked the brothers to follow up on this in the “Israeli” media, “Israeli” newspapers, and “Israeli” sites. They informed me that it is baseless. Even though, if she had said this, I would have divided the Arabs into two. She would have given me good material. Should we take it and condemn our enemy just because one media outlet quoted a remark that suited us? Even with the enemy.

I hope this matter will be looked into carefully.

This is the final subject before the conclusion. A while ago, Pompeo was speaking. I want to take his speech as an introduction to this final point in my address today. You know about the US sanctions on Iran’s oil exports. They granted sanction waivers to a group of countries, probably eight countries like Japan and others. It was expected that on May 2nd or May 3rd, the waivers will either be extended or cancelled. Hence, the Americans are imposing oil sanctions on Iran. They are preventing any country in the world from buying Iranian oil. A while ago today, he announced that there will be no extension for the waivers and that the reinforcement of the sanctions will start on May 2 or 3. Of course, he is talking about Iran, terrorism, the resistance movements and Hezbollah. He says that Hezbollah cannot pay salaries now. He said this today, a while ago. Mr. Pompeo is concerned about our salaries. They ask him: some countries need Iranian oil. What will you do to the countries that do not abide? He replies: “If you don’t abide by this, there’ll be sanctions.”

There is a problem with the American decision, which is that the supposed halt of Iranian oil exports will lead to a decline in oil supply and the price will rise. This does not suit the American markets. During the past weeks and days, the oil prices rose. This is one of the challenges confronting Trump’s decision. Someone raised this problem in the US, in the Congress and in the American press. If you prevent Iran and Venezuela from exporting their oil, this will lead to less supply and high prices. The American markets will be affected. Trump answered and today Pompeo answered. I will repeat what he said. I have to talk about this briefly. He said, we received commitments from Saudi Arabia and the Emirates that they will cover the shortages in the oil market so that the barrel of oil maintains its price. Hence, prices will not rise and the American markets will not get hurt. I would like to comment on this subject and conclude. We are standing before a new scene, a scene of US arrogance, tyranny and aggression. First, it is an aggression against the world and a great and important country with a population of 80 million people. He took a decision and ignored the international institutions, international community, the United Nations, the Security Council, the senior allies and the interest of these allies. This is arrogance.

Why is Iran being punished? He said because it supports terrorism. Why is Venezuela being punished? Because of the elections. He wants to punish Iran and Venezuela. He will punish Syria. Now they are preparing for sanctions and a siege on Syria. What they failed to achieve and accomplish militarily, they want to achieve it by starvation, siege and sanctions. This is the Great Satan and the American arrogance. There are also the sanctions on China and Russia. Now, he tells you that the countries, which do not abide by the oil embargo, will be sanctioned. Where are international societies, international organizations, international resolutions, international law and international covenants? There are none.

Today, under this administration, the law of the jungle prevails. Under previous administrations, some of them, at the very least, were keen for recognition from the Security Council, the United Nations and international resolutions. This administration does not care. This administration wants to punish others for allegedly supporting terrorism. However, it is the one that practices terrorism and supports it. It has killed thousands of people, especially in the past few years in more than one country. Then it comes to our region and imposes that al-Quds belongs to “Israel”. The Golan belongs to “Israel”. And as I said then, talk that the West Bank belongs to “Israel” has started.

What are you waiting for? In any case, what I want to say at this point is not for Iran, but for the sake of all the people in the world. As long as this world turns a blind eye to Trump’s policies, behavior, aggression, arrogance on Iran and others, it will be susceptible to American arrogance. The people who remain silent in front of this arrogance are giving way for the Americans to violate their countries. Similar to what is happening in Lebanon. With all audacity, Pompeo incites the Lebanese people against each other because we allowed him to. This will be the fate of the world and its people. It is not a separate decision. It is evil, oppressive and arrogant. Therefore, the people and the country’s of the world, which we are part of, are incited to confront America’s oppressive and arrogant policies against Iran and others like Palestine and Yemen. The Congress decided it is time to stop. They woke up on the fifth year. It is not because they grew a conscience. It has different interests. They decided to end support for the Saud family’s war on Yemen. However, Trump decides to continue the war on Yemen. He supports all wars, destruction and devastation.

Today, wherever there are wars in our region, you find Trump throwing fuel on fire, similar to what happened in Libya and elsewhere. If you got tired of addressing the government, let us talk to the people and the future generations. This arrogant, oppressive and tyrannical state that does not recognize the international laws, international resolutions, international charters and international institutions should the number one enemy in our culture. It is the Great enemy. “Israel”, the Takfiri groups, terrorist and the murderers who launch wars are just tools in the American project, aggression and tyranny. 

In this final point I will comment on Saudi Arabia and the UAE’s positions. Isn’t it shameful? Of course, Pompeo exposed them. He was actually replying to a question about oil prices. They told the Americans to rest easy. He does not care for them. Neither him nor Trump. The one who tells the Gulf states that they cannot stay more than two weeks without us, or that you would be learning Persian within a week without us, or if it weren’t for us your planes would not fly does not care for them. We have an under the table agreement with Saudi Arabia and the UAE that they will cover the shortages.

Who does this coverage of the shortages by Saudi Arabia and the UAE benefit? In whose interest is it? Will it benefit the Arab nation’s causes and the causes of the Islamic Ummah? Or is it to blockade the neighbors and launch an aggression against them? The truth about the policies of these two countries should be highlighted in our Arab and Islamic world. Their unjust and brutal war against Yemen as well as their occupation of Bahrain and the plight of the Bahraini people should be exposed. Now, when you watch the news about Sudan, you find Saudi Arabia and the Emirates. The same with Libya, Algeria, and Yemen. Saudi Arabia and the Emirates are always there. What are they doing in our Arab and Islamic world? What did the Saudis and the Emiratis do when the Arab Spring took place? Where do they want to take our region? These facts should be told and known.

Until now we do not know who carried out the attacks, but, God willing, they are not Muslims in Sri Lanka, because there is real fear that there are those who are pushing for a religious war, a Muslim-Christian war. This serves the interests of “Israel” and the interests of the great demons in the United States. What is the ideology of those who committed the massacres in our region like Daesh? It is Wahhabism, from Saudi Arabia’s religious school of thought. According ton King Salman’s own admission, after 1979 the year the Islamic Revolution in Iran triumphed, the Americans asked the Saudis to confront the Islam that presents solutions to the Islamic world, the Islam that Imam Khomeini presented to Wahhabism. This is the outcome we came up with today. And they still back them.

There is a group that carried out an operation yesterday in Saudi Arabia and turned out to be Daesh. It is true. It will turn out to be Daesh or al-Qaeda. They have the same values, thoughts and intellectual, doctrinal religious ideas. You created Daesh from these values to kill all Muslims, Christians, followers of other religions and people. The only blood spared is the one that belongs to the followers of Wahhabism. These same values make these people turn against you, fight you and disbelieve you. This is what happened yesterday in Saudi Arabia.

In any case, our bet today is on you. Their true role is in the Deal of the Century, regardless of the meetings of the Arab League and the theatrical on the Arab people. Brothers and sisters, we belong to the history of this nation, the people of this nation, to the people of this region. Over the past hundreds of years, our people have defeated all kinds of occupation and invasion, occupiers, arrogant people and oppressors. Today, as in the past decades, we are betting on you, on your will, on our people and their awareness, culture, determination, loyalty, honesty, patience and its readiness to sacrifice. We are betting first and foremost on our people’s awareness and vision to recognize very well the aggressor, the arrogant and those serving the enemies of this nation, region and the people’s interests. With hope, trust, the coming promise, the promise of God that He guaranteed, we will continue our path, our Jihad, our patience and our victories.

Again, on the occasion of Imam Mahdi’s birthday and the annual celebration marking the founding of the Imam al-Mahdi Scouts Association, to all the brothers and sisters and to all those present and listening, bless you. Many Happy returns. God willing, we will be victorious. Peace and Allah’s mercy and blessings be upon you.