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Imam Khamenei Stresses Iran Will Export As Much Oil As It Needs: US Cannot Bring Us to Our Knees

Imam Khamenei Stresses Iran Will Export As Much Oil As It Needs: US Cannot Bring Us to Our Knees
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By Staff, Agencies

Leader of the Islamic Revolution His Eminence Imam Sayyed Ali Khamenei slammed the US administration’s hostile attempts to block Iran’s oil sales, stressing they will lead nowhere, and that Iran will export “as much crude as it needs and wishes” in defiance of American sanctions.

Speaking at a meeting with a large group of Iranian workers on Wednesday, Imam Khamenei played down Washington’s recent decision to end exemptions from sanctions for countries buying oil from Tehran.

“In the first place, such attempts will lead nowhere, and we are capable of exporting as much oil as we need and want,” Imam Khamenei said.

His Eminence further warned that “this act of hostility will not go unanswered,” emphasizing that the Iranian nation "will not sit idly by" in the face of its enemies.

Imam Khamenei referred to the many failures the enemies of the Islamic Republic have faced in their hostile measures against the Iranian nation: “The enemy has repeatedly taken measures—all in vain—against our great nation, Revolution and the Islamic Republic that have voiced support for justice across the world, thus fascinating other nations. Now the enemy engages in different hostile measures regarding economic issues and they say they seek to bring the Iranian nation to their knees. However, they must know that the Iranian nation won’t give in and be brought to their knees before enemies.”

They are now resorting to economic pressure to achieve that end, but will once again fail to do so, Imam Khamenei stressed.

“They [enemies] imagine they’ve blocked the way, but the vigorous nation and vigilant authorities will overcome the dead ends if they put efforts into this,” Imam Khamenei stated.

Imam Khamenei regarded the sanctions as yet another opportunity for Iran to reform its oil sales policies and stated that: “The less we rely on this form of selling our oil, the more will we be appreciative [of our oil reserves], and it is better for us.”


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