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Islamophobic Tweets Appear on Hijacked Twitter Account of Sweden’s Largest Party

Islamophobic Tweets Appear on Hijacked Twitter Account of Sweden’s Largest Party
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By Staff, Agencies

Eyebrows were raised when Sweden's ruling party, the Social Democrats, lost control over its Twitter account, which has been spewing out attention-grabbing nonsense, including shout-outs to their nemesis, the Sweden Democrats. Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven will resign and the Swedish krona will be replaced by bitcoin, the hijackers contend.

The Social Democrats have admitted that their account, with over 80,000 subscribers, has been hijacked and said they are currently working on a solution, national broadcaster SVT reported.

Strange tweets began to appear on the Social Democrats' account at about 2 o'clock in the morning on Monday. Over the next several hours, over 20 tweets were sent out on an array of topics, including cannabis getting legalized and Prime Minister Stefan Lofven retiring.

A bitcoin mark also appeared on the Social Democrats' trademark rose to mark a transition away from the national currency.

"We have abolished the Swedish krona and replaced it with Bitcoin, time to buy!" the Twitter account said.

"Now we're celebrating the peak number of rape victims by raising taxes and opening up the borders, Socialism FTW!" the pranksters exclaimed.

"1 like = 1 dead Muslim", yet another fake tweet said.

The Twitter account also informed that cannabis now was legal and that Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, unceremoniously called 'Steffe', had quit his post to join the military as a lieutenant. A photograph of Lofven driving a tank was added.

"Of course nothing we support, there are some really serious things out there," the Social Democrats' press communicator Asa Soderen told SVT.

On Twitter, many were nonplussed by the change in tone from Sweden's largest party. However, others enjoyed the prank.

"Whoever did this deserves a medal", a user cheered.

"In other words, nothing has changed", another one sneered at the performance mocking the Social Democrats.

"At least this is the closest this account has been to the truth after it got started…", yet another user scoffed.

Another one suggested that the hijacking was staged to frame and ban "the world's most feared clique", the alt-right.