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Yemen Hospital Massacre: Seven, Including Children, Martyred at Kitaf Facility

Yemen Hospital Massacre: Seven, Including Children, Martyred at Kitaf Facility
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By Staff, Agencies

As the fifth year of the brutal Saudi war on Yemen starts, yet another massacres has been committed when a Saudi air strike targeted a hospital in Saada’s Kitaf north-west Yemen that martyred at least seven people, four of them children.

The massacre, which has been condemned by Save the Children, an NGO that helps fund the hospital, said two other adults were unaccounted for after a missile struck a petrol station close to its entrance.

Kitaf rural hospital lies about 100km from the city of Saada.

The medical facility had been open for half-an-hour and many patients and staff were arriving when the missile hit.

The dead included a health worker who died along with his two children.

The martyrs were identified with their ages as the following:

- Abdullah Sultan Kandash (14)

- Sadeq Nasser Kandash (22)

- Mohammad Hadi Mohammad Gharran (55)

- Sami Hussein Saleh al-A'raj (30)

- Saleh 'Ayedh Saleh Qamshe (10)

- 'Assem 'Ayedh Saleh Qamshe (12)

- Saleh Shaje'e Qamshe (8)

Another eight people were wounded in the massacre. The coalition has almost complete control of Yemeni airspace.

Save the Children demanded an urgent investigation into this latest missile strike.

"Innocent children and health workers have lost their lives in what appears to been an indiscriminate attack on a hospital in a densely populated civilian area," said Kevin Watkins, chief executive of Save the Children.

"Attacks like these are a breach of international law... But time after time, we see a complete disregard by all warring parties in Yemen for the basic rules of war."