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Iran Rejects ‘Israeli’ Claim over Hacking Zionist Phones

Iran Rejects ‘Israeli’ Claim over Hacking Zionist Phones
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By Staff, Agencies

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi refuted the recent claims made by the Zionist regime accusing Iran of tapping ‘Israeli’ officials’ phones.

The Zionist officials are used to playing blame game and promoting hype, he said.

Just out of hostility, malice and to promote Iranophobia, ‘Israeli’ and US officials are after imposing most pressures against Iran by raising such claims, he noted.

Qassemi further added that these claims are aimed to follow their special purposes in this psychological war through fabricating various kinds of irrelevant claims to create a hostile atmosphere against Iran.

In addition to scattering lies, Qassemi reiterated, they are trying to unprofessionally attribute any incident in the world to Iran by taking advantage of advertising tools.

He went on to say that undoubtedly, Iranians relying on youths are enjoying unmatched and unbelievable potentials in different fields of technology.

These potentials are merely aiming to meet domestic needs, to promote Iran’s scientific position and to remove scientific and technological dependence to others, the spokesman said.

Elsewhere in his remarks, Qassemi rejected claims as regard with Iran’s role in hacking Australian parliament’s systems, saying undoubtedly this is also a part of the same psychological war which is being waged against Iran’s legitimate potentials in technology field.

He added that they tend to prevent Iran’s progress and reinforcement pf domestic and scientific capabilities by calling Iran’s potentials as threat.

A hollow dream and a hallucination which will as always act as an unreachable ambition leading to their violence and anger, he reiterated.

Earlier, Zionist media claimed that Iran intelligence system had hacked former ‘Israeli’ military chief Benny Gantz’s phone.

Gantz is the major rival for Zionist Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in upcoming parliamentary elections.