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Hezbollah Hails Salfit Operation: Trump’s “Deal of the Century” is Born Dead

Hezbollah Hails Salfit Operation: Trump’s “Deal of the Century” is Born Dead
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Translated by Staff, Hezbollah Media Relation

Hezbollah congratulated the Palestinian people and the resistance factions on the heroic Salfit operation.

The courageous resistance man showed that the Palestinian youth are determined to defend themselves and liberate their land using all possible means and methods.

The Palestinian people further send a message to the world that despite the succession of generations, they will not abandon their commitment to their right and cause.

Hezbollah believes that this operation forms a qualitative addition to the development of the resistance and its ability to penetrate the Zionist security measures.

It further affirmed the resistance fighters’ ability to take the initiative and to choose the place and time according to their agenda.

In parallel, this operation asserted that the escalation of “Israeli” attacks and violations cannot be left without a response.

The Palestinian people have reaffirmed that the so-called “deal of century” was born dead and that the future of Palestine is freedom, independence and the expulsion of occupation.

[US President Donald] Trump's promises and tools in the region cannot change this reality, Hezbollah's statement concluded.