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Bahram Qassemi to Al-Ahed: “Israeli” Role in Britain’s Move against Hezbollah can’t be Overlooked

Bahram Qassemi to Al-Ahed: “Israeli” Role in Britain’s Move against Hezbollah can’t be Overlooked
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By Staff - Tehran

Iran's Foreign Ministry spokesman Bahram Qassemi has condemned the recent British decision to include Hezbollah on its list of terrorist organizations. 

In an exclusive interview with the Al-Ahed news, Qassemi described the UK’s move as "unwise behavior".
"What happened was a strategic mistake made by London. And in case it did not pay attention to the reality of the situation in the region, such behavior will lead to instability in this region," he added.

In parallel, the Iranian official warned that “those who are going ahead with such actions and decisions should bear the responsibility for the consequences of their behavior.”

"There are many European countries that behave wisely. Britain's behavior cannot be generalized to all these countries. Some important European countries view the region realistically and adopted other positions," the foreign ministry spokesman explained.

Qassemi further stated: “We hope to witness a wiser atmosphere in order to achieve calm and stability for the people of this region and those who have been suffering from negative developments, including wars and terrorism in recent years.”

He pointed to the role of Hezbollah in combating terrorism saying, "It is certain that if these terrorist groups were not eliminated in the region, we would be seeing their expansion today in the region and even across the European continent. We saw some of Daesh’s terrorist attacks in some European cities against innocent civilians. But the resistance and the prominent role of Hezbollah in combating Takfiri terrorism were able to eliminate it."

Qassemi confirmed that "some countries and the Zionist entity are angry with this movement, the fight against terrorism, this new situation in the region, the survival of the state in Syria and the expulsion of terrorists from Iraq. Those countries are the ones who brought the terrorists and supported them with money and weapons. They are angry with Hezbollah’s constructive role in Lebanon and its role in stabilizing this country. Hence, we cannot overlook the role of the Zionist entity in this new measure against Hezbollah."