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Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Hezbollah Martyr Leaders’ Day, on Feb. 16, 2019

Sayyed Nasrallah’s Full Speech on Hezbollah Martyr Leaders’ Day, on Feb. 16, 2019
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By Staff, Translated from Hezbollah Media Relations

In the name of Allah the Most Gracious the Merciful. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, and prayers and peace be upon our Master and Prophet, the Seal of the Prophets, Abi al-Qassim Mohammad bin Abdullah and his good and pure household and his good and chosen companions and all the prophets and messengers.

Peace and God's mercy and blessings be upon you all.

Peace be upon all our beloved and honorable people who are gathered in Nabi Shayth, Jibsheet, Tayr Debba as well as the Mleeta Landmark to mark with us this celebration and precious occasion across Lebanon, the region and the world.
First of all, I welcome your participation, especially in some areas under this stormy weather. I renew my greetings to the souls of our martyrs, martyred leaders and all the martyrs. I pay tribute to the families of the martyred leaders.

I pay tribute to the family of martyred leader and master of the Islamic Resistance’s martyrs, Secretary General Sayyed Abbas al-Musawi, to the family of dear martyr, the virtuous and knowledgeable Um Yaser, Mrs. Siham al-Musawi. They are the family of Ali al-Asghar [Younger Ali], our Ali al-Asghar, martyr Hussein Abbas al-Musawi.

I also pay tribute to the family of the Sheikh of the Resistance’s martyrs, martyred leader Sheikh Ragheb Harb, may Allah be pleased with him.

And to the family of the great jihadist and martyred leader Hajj Imad Mughniyah, may Allah be pleased with him.

Today, on the anniversary of our leaders’ martyrdom, we honor their memory and stand before their ever-present souls in order to learn and receive guidance as we continue our path towards the future.

As usual, brothers and sisters, I would first like to address this occasion. I will then address some developments in the region. I will conclude with the internal situation in Lebanon, which I would like to dedicate some time to.
In recent years, I have always said during this occasion when we stand before the martyred leaders, that they – precisely these three – share a lot of common characteristics. I spoke about these characteristics a lot in recent years. They share many common characteristics morally. These include humility, loving people, good manners, good relations with others, affinity, especially with the oppressed, the poor and the good and ordinary people. With respect to Jihad, they share vigor, presence, strength, courage, etc.

From a religious standpoint, they share piety, distancing themselves from the earthly concerns of dunya [temporal world], etc. 

Regarding the path of resistance, they have vision and insight.

Today, I want to talk about one of these common characteristics, which is certainly shared by the supporters of the resistance, the people of the resistance and the resistance fighters. It is one of the most important elements of strength in our path. We must preserve it and work on strengthening it during all the challenges we face.

This common characteristic is hope. Hope for the future, optimism, high spirits, all of which stem from trusting in [Tawakkul] God Almighty. The spirit of trusting in God Almighty, trusting God’s promise and constantly turning to God for help are also some of the common characteristics these dear leaders had. The Almighty Allah says: {And whoever fears Allah - He will make for him a way out. And will provide for him from where he does not expect. And whoever relies upon Allah - then He is sufficient for him. Indeed, Allah will accomplish His purpose. Allah has already set for everything a [decreed] extent.}

Our martyred leaders believed and had deeply-rooted faith in these words. Stemming from that faith was hope, optimism and high spirits. 

Therefore, we are well acquainted with them. They were steadfast, strong and patient. They were not easily shaken, they were not cowards, and do not weaken. This is one of the most important traits that leaders must possess, first and foremost because they address the people, lead the charge and mobilize people. These are among the basic qualities of these leaders.

When we look at the Sheikh of the martyrs, Sheikh Ragheb, and listen to him speak, whether during the unfolding of actual events or on television, we see him mock the occupation army, the Multinational Force and the American and Western fleets that were filling the Mediterranean Sea.
I should bring to the attention of the current generations of young men and women who are following this stage of our journey not to adopt these words to our current circumstances. When Sheikh Ragheb spoke these words, the Zionist army was occupying Lebanon. There were 100,000 officers and soldiers in the South, in Beirut and its suburbs, in the mountains, in the western Bekaa and Rashaya, stretching all the way until the Daher el-Baidar. There were tens of thousands American and western soldiers. There were massive fleets, the “Israeli” army – the most powerful army in the region – and thousands of agents, militias and non-militia members. 

Sheikh Ragheb, who was unarmed, used his position as a weapon, his courageous words, lofty status, a brave heart, and a determination that could not be weakened. He did not fear death, prisons, torture or threats. In those circumstances, Sheikh Ragheb used to say those words and express that position. 

Under those circumstances where there were few Mujahideen, tools and capabilities, where many people in Lebanon and in the region thought that they were living under the “Israeli” era and cannot stand in the face of these storms that hit our region, Sheikh Ragheb stood firm and refused to shake hands with an occupation soldier at the checkpoint. At the same time, he expressed his hope. He mocked these armies and fleets while having faith in God, the generous people and the heroic Mujahideen to say that “Israel” will not defeat us or remain on our land.

In the first few weeks, Sheikh Ragheb already realized that the day these occupation legions leave our land would be the result of the strength of the resistance, jihad and the blood of the martyrs, the sacrifices and their efforts. This is what happened. This is what Sheikh Ragheb expected.

You also know the master of the martyrs of the resistance Sayyed Abbas al-Musawi. You know his courage, his steadfastness and his firmness. You also know the extent of his hope and optimism throughout the battle, dating back to the early days in Baalbek, the training camps and in Janta where the feeling of despair and surrender prevailed. He used to speak of the coming victory, the victory that is coming soon.

The promise of victory was never absent from Sayyed Abbas’ speech. Stemming from this faith, Sayyed Abbas always spoke of the defeat of “Israel” in Lebanon. He expected it that even though he did not witness it in 2000. But he believed strongly in it. He also believed in a victory that would transcend Lebanon and the withdrawal of the occupation forces from Lebanon. He looked onwards to al-Quds the way martyred leader Hajj Imad saw it in the heart of the battlefield and in the exhausting details of the battlefield. Martyr Hajj Imad Mughniyah, this martyred mujahid leader always had high spirits. He used to spread strength, optimism, hope for the future and trust in God Almighty during the most difficult of circumstances and the hardest of confrontations that the mujahideen and the people around him endured. He did not only look forward to the border. Hajj Imad believed that the liberation of Bint Jbeil, Marjayoun, Hasbaya, Jezzine, and Rashaya after 1985 was a given and already in the pocket. It was just a matter of time. The eyes should be focused on al-Quds to Bayt al-Maqdis, the broader objective and the main goal of this nation and the people of this region.

Thus, from our martyred leaders, who shared great qualities as well as intelligence, understanding, great minds, patience, stemmed this hope, morale and optimism.

After all these years following the martyrdom of our leaders, this is what our resistance, its cadres, its mujahideen, its people, its public, its supporters and those who embrace it possess. They all have the same qualities. Here lies the element of strength and the secret behind that strength.

A little later, I'll talk about it. When they talk about the growing strength of the resistance in Lebanon, specifically the strength of Hezbollah, it is compared to the past. Yes, this jihadist movement, this honorable resistance, has always been growing stronger year after year from 1982. We are now in 2019. It has been on an onward path. There was no going backwards, no falling back and no weakness. The line on the graph was always heading upwards reaching to where the resistance is now.

But this, too, this upward slope, this rising and growing power was produced under certain calm and favorable circumstances and conditions. Since 1982, the resistance has been under siege and sanctions. It was the victim of distortions, accused of terrorism, assassinations and killings. Wars were launched against it. The latest but not the last was the July war as well as America’s war in the region through the takfiris. Sheikh Ragheb, Sayyed Abbas and Hajj Imad, these martyred leaders, were witnesses to the enormity of the sacrifices made. They are the symbols of these sacrifices for this path. There are thousands of martyrs, thousands of wounded, thousands of families of the martyrs and thousands of widows and orphans as well as sacrifices in livelihoods, homes, fields and infrastructure as a result of every war we have encountered.  In addition, there was a continuing psychological war. America has done everything to eliminate this resistance. “Israel”, its agents and tools in the region have also done everything they can during these decades.

And amidst the conflict, the battle, the smoke, the destruction, the blood, the tears, the pain, the sorrow and the dangers, this resistance has been growing, becoming greater, increasing in strength, vigor, presence and influence in Lebanon and in the region. It has been setting equations. It closed the door to defeat and created an era of victories, taking the region and the people with it. 

Today, too, when they continue to fight this resistance and conspire against it, they are making a mistake because they do not know the secret of its power. They do not know the nature of this resistance not only in Lebanon, but also in Palestine and in the region. All the resistance movements and the events unfolding in the region are countering American hegemony and the Zionist project.

The takfiris, the terrorists, the Saudi-UAE coalition, etc. are tools in the American project. These tools attack the people of Yemen, occupy Bahrain, support the terrorists in Syria, support Daesh in Iraq, conspire against Iran, normalize ties with “Israel”, sit side by side in Warsaw and compliment the “Israeli” prime minister. This is all one battle in the face of one enemy and one project. They think that the secret behind strength is weapons or money. ‘So let us prevent them from attaining weapons. Let us impose economic sanctions on them. Let us prevent them form receiving money, equipment or capabilities.’ They are wrong. What were Sheik Ragheb’s and Sayyed Abbas’ capabilities in such situations?  What weapons did we have? What money did we have? What capabilities did we have? How many were we? What was or equipment? In internal meetings, I used to say and I’ll say it today publically. According to our division in the military administration, for any war we have 35 to 40 so-called axes. We call a geographical area an axis. Today, any one of our 40 axes has more soldiers, weapons, equipment and capabilities – listen to me carefully – than what the Islamic Resistance possessed in all of Lebanon on the eve of May 25, 2000. What did we possess when Sheikh Ragheb, Sayyed Abbas and Hajj Imad spoke this language? They do not understand the secret of our strength. That is why they make mistakes, exhaust themselves, waste many years and eventually fail. The secret is faith and the spirit that flows within the resistance, the environment of the resistance and the supporters of the resistance. Is it money or weapons that makes the mothers compete over sending their loved ones to the battlefields whether to face the Zionists of the takfiris? Is it weapons, money, or financial temptation that makes mothers and fathers, who only have one child, send their son to the battlefields? Some even beg to send their only son to those fields. Is it money, weapons, numbers or equipment that created this love, confidence, longing and selflessness anywhere else? Is there anyone in the US army or the “Israeli” army or the US administration ready to sacrifice themselves for their comrades?  We say sacrifice yourself for your brother and comrade. He is ready to sacrifice his soul and self for him. To move to the front and defend him. To be killed so that his brother stays alive. This is the state of the Resistance. This is the state of the supporters of the Resistance. This is the strength of Lebanon. This is the strength of Palestine. This is the strength of Gaza. This is the strength of Yemen. This is the strength of the people of Bahrain. Those who fought in Syria and Iraq fought with this spirit. Thus, you cannot defeat this faith, culture and spirit. Yes, we are strong. And there is no harm in saying this. But of course even though we are strong, we should maintain our humility with people, especially the oppressed, the vulnerable, the loved ones, those who pin a lot of hope on us. Yes, with the arrogant, corrupters, the tyrants and the thieves, the moral position must be different. We are strong, but we must not miscalculate. All the estimates of the domestic and local situations as well as the situation of the region depend on it. 

A few days ago, the US Secretary of State Pompeo said that Hezbollah has become stronger than ever, especially in the last few years. It is not true. He is saying this to condemn and out of surprise, anger and spite. But this assessment is correct. Our superiority is in those elements that the enemy admits. But sometimes they exaggerate in talking about this strength. I start from here to refute what the Americans said with regards to Venezuela. We, of course, show solidarity with the political leadership and the state of Venezuela in confronting the American aggression, schemes and greed in Venezuelan oil, gold, minerals and resources. As for Hezbollah having an influence in Venezuela, a good reputation and a reputation of strength is good. But the claim that there are Hezbollah cells in Venezuela baseless. It is not to my knowledge that there are cells there. We did not send anyone there. They did not ask. We are here and Venezuela is there. This is baseless. Also the talk about Hezbollah’s influence in Latin America and Hezbollah cells in Latin America, Brazil, and Argentina – and I don’t know where – is baseless. Yes one is glad when they say that he is strong and has an international presence. They might even say that we are an international force. Sometimes when they tell us that we are a regional force, we humbly say it is not like that. Yes, we do have a regional influence. But even America will present us as an international force. When the Americans speak, they always talk about China, Russia, Iran and Hezbollah. We are not like that, not in Latin America and not in Venezuela. I would like to confirm today that we do not have any cells or any groups. We do not even have and organization belonging to Hezbollah in Latin America. We do not have an organization abroad. Yes, there are Lebanese who love and support the Resistance. We share a common path and stance. But for a long time now and due to the political and security situations as well as the sanctions, pressures and threats, we estimated and told our supporters abroad work independently, launch initiatives, form with the expatriate communities independent or separate cultural associations and centers, manage your affairs and leave us out of it. This is so that no one takes this organizational relationship between us as a pretext and an excuse to harm you. That is why we are not in Venezuela and we do not have cells there, nor are we in Latin America and we do not have cells or an organization there.

I return to the main topic. Yes, in the face of “Israel”, we are strong. We are a force and we have increased in strength. It is good that our enemy speaks this way. And our enemy knows it. Sometimes the “Israelis” say we know a lot about you, and they talk to me. They say ‘if you only knew what we know about you, do will not sleep at night.’ Very good, on the contrary, this reassures me. If you knew and your information was correct, it means that you will increase your defenses. If you have sufficient and correct information about us and about what we have and possess, this on the contrary boosts our confidence. This does not worry us. Yes, in the face of “Israel”, we are strong.

Today, I do not want to talk much about the “Israeli” file because in the al-Mayadeen interview as well as in the past few weeks we have spoken a lot about it. I just want to touch on some developments.

Today, even senior officials within the “Israeli” army have started talking about the lack of readiness of their forces for any future war. Why is this important to remember? Because there are always intimidations and threats and that “Israel” wants to wage a war, it is ready for war and wants to go to war. Give the people a brake. The top commanders in the “Israeli” army and those who are familiar with the facts of the “Israeli” army are saying that this army is not prepared, especially the ground forces in the “Israeli” army. The ground forces are not confident in themselves. The officers are not confident with themselves. The soldiers are not confident with themselves. The military command is not confident in them and neither is the government. These are not my words. Last week, senior and high ranking officials in the “Israeli” army said this. They said ‘yes, this is the truth.’ Hence, it is unknown whether the army is capable of going to southern Lebanon or to Gaza. It is just intimidating people that it will enter Gaza and invade it or enter southern Lebanon and occupy it. This is nonsense. 

Today they do not have confidence in their army, but we trust our resistance. We are confident in our fighters. They are confident that our mujahideen are able to enter the Galilee but are not sure that their army is capable of entering southern Lebanon. This is a very important result. This is a great transformation. The situation was not like this in the past. When was the situation along the border in southern Lebanon with occupied Palestine governed by an equation of this kind? The South is not worried and not afraid. But in the northern Palestine, the settlers there are worried and afraid. This is a state of deterrence.

When did the “Israelis” ever worry that Lebanon or someone in Lebanon might storm their castles, colonies and the land they are occupying? They were always the ones threatening to invade the South reaching to Beirut and the capital. There is no doubt that this is a new situation and of high level of importance.

The Americans and the “Israelis” are the owners of the real project in the region, the American hegemony and the “Israeli” occupation. The rest, unfortunately, are mere tools. And now it is becoming clearer than ever that they are mere tools, obedient tools, utilitarian tools and tools whose function is to implement. When the Americans and the “Israelis” look at the situation in the region, it is normal for them to be upset and worried, whether in terms of the Islamic Republic’s and growing strength, the victories in Iraq and Syria, strengthening of the resistance in Lebanon, the steadfastness in Palestine, steadfastness in Bahrain, the legendary steadfastness in Yemen or from all the transformations taking place in the region. So, they attempted once again to rally the world in the face of the axis of resistance. Here, I begin with the second point.

The Warsaw Conference came following the failure of previous wars, the war on Lebanon in 2006, the war on Gaza in 2014. Of course, new reports issued are speaking about how this inability, failure, despair and weakness in the spirit of the “Israeli” army as well as the ground forces are beginning to take place, that this is a new thing. This was the result of the 2006 aggression and the steadfastness of the resistance in Lebanon. It is one of the results of the 2014 war on Gaza. Because in 2006 and 2014, the ground forces’ elite, tanks, Merkavas, officers and soldiers suffered huge and grave losses in southern Lebanon and Gaza. The number is not important. What is important is that this shook the ground forces during 2006 and 2014 in southern Lebanon and Gaza.

Today they came to rally people after the wars ailed and also after the failure of fighting through the takfiris in the region. This has been exhausted – we will return to this soon. Daesh, its affiliates and other militant groups are over. So America needs a new stage, a new step. So it invited the world to the Warsaw Conference. What was the result? This is also important.

In a simple comparison, in 2011 in order to overthrow the government in Syria, which was an American-“Israeli” project while the others were just tools, fighters, financiers and elements of sedition, the US gathered 140 countries at the Friends of Syria Conference. If you remember, there were 140 countries, including big and important countries, prime ministers, foreign ministers and defense ministers. There was a high level of representation. 

Before the confrontation with Syria, there was the confrontation with the resistance movements. At the time they issued a statement in 1996 naming three organizations: Hezbollah, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad. The whole world met in Sharm al-Sheikh and not just 140 countries. Do you remember? The Lebanese never forget that position. Heads of states came. There was a conference, not for foreign ministers, ambassadors and delegates. Clinton, Yeltsin and the Chinese president – I don’t remember his name – as well as most of the Arab and European countries were there. The heads of states of France, Germany, Britain and most Arab countries were there. Syria, Lebanon and maybe Algeria  - if I remember – did not attend. A few, a small number of countries did not attend. Of course Iran was not invited because it was being targeted. The whole world met at the conference to support Shimon Peres. After six month, Shimon Peres was defeated thanks to the Palestinian self-sacrificing operations in Palestine and the steadfastness of the Resistance in confronting [Operation] Grapes of Wrath in April 1996. The whole world that met in Sharm el-Sheikh did not benefit him. 
Now, they are gathering the world, trying to bring the world together in Warsaw for the sake of Netanyahu and also to besiege Iran and target the axis of resistance. How many countries did they gather? 60 countries, 70 countries? Most of these are little known and have no regional influence. They have no influence on our region or the world. Many of them sent ambassadors and delegates. In the end, they could not come up with a statement. All the statements we heard were hostile, repetitive and confused. Some expressed admonishment. For example, the US vice president reproaching the Europeans over the Iran issue.

This is the Warsaw Conference. This certainly does not frighten us. Today we must comment on Warsaw and say, in the school of Sayyed Abbas, Sheikh Ragheb Harb, Hajj Imad, martyrs and leaders, this does not scare them. In Sharm al-Sheikh, the crowd was greater and bigger. We were, then, few in number, weak in equipment and our conditions were more difficult, yet we did not fear or panic. It did not make a difference. On the contrary, we said what we always said: {Sufficient for us is Allah, and [He is] the best Disposer of affairs.}. This was our slogan. Today is no different. The conditions are much better. This was, indeed, a weak and tenuous conference.

The targeting – we will have a quick word on the targeting. At the beginning, the targeting was aimed at the Palestinian cause. If you noticed during the conference, there were ten Arab countries and some foreign ministers of some Arab countries. Yet, there was no mention of the word Palestine, the Palestinian cause, the Palestinian people, besieged Gaza, two million people besieged in Gaza, thousands of detainees in “Israeli” jails, daily killing of men, women and children in Palestine, confiscating of lands, violating the sanctity of the al-Aqsa Mosque and holy places, the words Zionist entity, criminal entity, racist, terrorist, the reason for the wars in the region for more than 70 years. No one mentioned “Israel”. And no one mentioned Palestine. What was the subject of the conference then? To combat terrorism and search for security, peace and safety in the region. Meanwhile, spearheading terrorism and crimes in the region is “Israel”. The one violating security and threatening wars is “Israel”. There is nothing left. One of the real objectives is this normalization that we have witnessed. Revealing the relations, some Gulf relations from secret to public. The Omanis made it public a while ago. The Emiratis made it public a while ago. The Bahrainis made it public a while ago. But the Saudis clearly and officially made it public. The Saudi foreign minister sat at the table with Netanyahu.

One of the main objectives of the conference was the push to normalize ties [with “Israel”] and to people to forget Palestine. An international conference about the Middle East and the word Palestine was not mentioned nor were the Palestinian people. There was a mention of Iran, the axis of resistance and other threats in the region but nothing about Palestine.  

The second is Iran. It is an attempt to mobilize the world against Iran and the axis of resistance, including countries, people and movements. As for Iran, it is the main target in everything America and “Israeli” are doing today. Iran’s situation is different. Today, Iran is stronger. We have spoken about it for an hour and a half a few days ago. I will not repeat. We have already taken a long time. I apologize again. But the Islamic Republic of Iran is stronger than to be targeted by a war. Netanyahu tweeted about the topic and later corrected it. It was a slip of the tongue and Netanyahu said what was in his heart. He said that he was working on an international and regional mobilization to launch a war against Iran. He, of course, thinks that people and the Americans work for him. He is the one working for the Americans. Everyone his is counting on is working for the Americans. The real question is does America want to launch a war against Iran? Until now, they have been launching proxy wars for the past forty years. Now it is harder than ever for the US to launch a war against Iran. This is why the bet is always on the sanctions, the soft war, the psychological warfare, the economic situation, the internal situation, and internal disputes. This is what was counting on and speaking about. But the Iranian response came swift and strong during an ordinary occasion, the 40th year of the Islamic Revolution in Iran. What did the world see on the streets of Iran? Millions, tens of millions of men, women and children from different political movements and of all ages and different ethnic and religious affiliations taking to the streets of Iranian cities. One thousand Iranian cities and tens of thousands of towns demonstrated despite the snow, cold and rain. You saw the pictures. This was the response of the Iranian people after 40 years of wars, sanctions, attempts to cause despair and frustration, and the bet on the internal situation, the economic situation and the sanctions. 

Millions of Iranians took to the streets to send a clear message to the entire world. Of course, the media covered this. Some media outlets, however, completely ignored it. For example the media paid by the Gulf, the Saudis and the Emiratis did not mention a word. While a few months ago if you remember, small protests of several hundreds, let us say a few thousands, took to the streets of Tehran and Mashhad. Al-Arabiya and other channels reported it for 24 hours. They brought analysts and stated that the government in Iran is being overthrown. They started celebrating the fall of the government in Iran. Look how silly they are. It is okay. I am giving this example so I can say silliness and foolishness. I do not like to curse, but these terms are okay, they are still polite. Ignorance, illusions, living in a mirage, imagination and dreams. But when millions of Iranians braved the snow and walked for hours, all Gulf-funded media were silent. They hid the pictures and the scene. This is proof of their ignorance, lies, misguidance and fooling the people during the past few months. Iran sent a very strong message to the US and all its enemies in the region. It stated that Iran is ready, its government is strong and its people are ready in the field. It also stated that each future generation inherits the responsibility of safeguarding and sacrificing for the revolution that Imam Khomeini as well as thousands of martyrs created 40 years ago. It is not only a message to the enemy, but also a message to the friends. It is a message to all the axis of resistance, to all the countries, people and resistance movements, to all the oppressed, tormented and vulnerable in our region. The message states that they still have a strong, firm, deeply-rooted and reliable support in the region that has faith in God Almighty and depends on the ability of the millions of its loyal, proud, faithful, steadfast, and patient people. A people that pushes its country into development and remains at the forefront in confronting the American hegemony and the “Israeli” project.

Yes, the concern is over Palestine and the Palestinian cause. Hence, it is important to go back to remind our Arab and Islamic people and all those who support Palestine in the battle against normalization that the goal of the conference was normalization. In any case it has many benefits. It is true that it is a source of concern, but what are the advantages? One of its advantages is the following: when the so-called foreign minister in Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi’s government sits to Netanyahu’s left – according to the picture on television – compliments him and gives him I don’t know what, this shows you the truth about the battle in Yemen. Facing Netanyahu are the poles of the Saudi-Emirati aggression against the Yemeni people. So you know the truth about the battle in Yemen. It was never a Sunni-Shia war as the Imam of the Holy Mosque said at the beginning of the conflict. Never, this is an American war against Yemen and the Yemeni people and against the great strength in Yemen. This is America and “Israeli’s” war. Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Abd Rabbu Mansour Hadi and the mercenaries there are the ones implementing it. This is revealing the hidden. This is important to bring about awareness and insight for those who are still neutral about Yemen.

It is the same when Bahrain’s foreign minister sits to his [Netanyahu’s] right, according to the picture on television. This also tells us about the battle in Bahrain. It is true that the battle is to call for freedoms, the people’s sovereignty, reforms, fighting corruption and facing dictatorship. But in depth, this ruling regime in Bahrain today is part of an American-“Israeli” structure in the region. Its foreign minister publicly speaks out in the subject of relations with “Israel” and normalization with “Israel” and so on.   

This is one of the benefits. That is to confront normalization. This is today’s responsibility. We renew the call on all Arab and Islamic people to at least adhere to their responsibilities. You do not have missiles, you cannot launch a war and cannot go to the frontline, there is no problem. You cannot pay, there is no problem. But don’t you have a tongue and a pen. Can’t you say a word? Can’t you confront? Millions of our Arab and Islamic people should express their rejection, anger and frustration against normalization of ties. That is the least they can do. The Palestinians give blood everyday. Every week, there are martyrs and wounded in the marches of return. The same thing regarding the subject of the position over the beach. Everyday in the West Bank and the Strip, there are martyrs. The Palestinian people refuse to surrender, sign and abandoning the sanctities. At the very least, the Arab and Islamic people are required to have a position rejecting normalization. It is definitely influential. You saw his facial features when he was at the conference and the reporters attacked Adel Al-Jubeir. Did you see how his features darkened? He could not say a word. He was not able to defend because he did not have logic. It is also because he is a coward and subservient. Because he knows that what he is doing has nothing to do with this nation, civilization, religion, sanctities, and even its interests. The second black face was that of Bahrain’s foreign minister when he got out. They did not say a word. Reporters were asking them and “pestering” them. This shows that even though they are heading towards normalization they know that what they are doing it abhorred, hated, rejected and condemned by the sentiments of this nation and its people. But what is in our sentiments must be expressed by our tongues, at the very least.  

There is one last word regarding the regional situation. With regard to what is happening now is a very important event which is the end of Daesh in Syria. Now, as I am delivering the speech, there are two stories: one that says that Daesh was cleared from a town called Al-Bagouz. The others says that ‘no, they are still there in a few meters. They are surrounded and are surrendering.’ But the issue is done. It will be within hours if not, then tomorrow. Daesh is done.

Thus, the military presence of Daesh in Syria has ended. This was preceded by ending the battle against Daesh militarily in Iraq thanks to the sacrifices of the Iraqi people, the Iraqi army, the popular mobilization [Hashd] and the Iraqi national position, including Sunnis, Shiites, Arabs, Kurds and Turkmen as well as the position of the honorable religious authority in the holy city of Najaf.

Also in Lebanon, the issue of Daesh is over. Unfortunately, a few days ago I read about some people who still say that Hezbollah’s weapon failed in defeating Daesh in the outskirts of Arsal. Look at this mentality. In any case, Hezbollah was part of the larger battle from the east of Homs to the east of Hama and to the north of Aleppo and to Syria’s Badia until Albu Kamal. There is no doubt that it is a very important development because the day has come when we say that Daesh has no more military presence in Iraq. There are only cells and remains. There is no more Daesh in Syria. There are only cells and remains in the desert and perhaps in some areas. And there is no military presence for Daesh in Lebanon. Of course this is a great victory. This is a great victory.
I just want to comment on the American hypocrisy regarding this subject. Sadly, who will announce historic and decisive victory over Daesh tonight or tomorrow? The greatest hypocrite on the planet, US President Trump. It is unfortunate and sad. Look at the hypocrisy and rudeness. Why would they reach to this extent? What proof do I have? The proof that I have is that America has nothing to do with the battle against Daesh in Lebanon. I even mentioned it to you previously that it was preventing this battle and pressuring the Lebanese state.

In Iraq, it was America who created Daesh. Trump himself admitted it for a whole year. He admitted that the US created Daesh not once or twice or three times but dozens of times in statements and speeches. Some might say: Sayyed might be misquoting Trump. No, I am not. He probably meant Obama and Clinton prepared the ground and then Daesh was created. No, that is not what he meant. He is speaking frankly. Testimonies of high-ranking US generals and officials in the CIA testify that during the US administrations, during the terms of Obama and Clinton Daesh was created. They released its leaders from prison, asked the Saudis, the Emiratis and other Gulf states to fund it, and they asked Turkey and other countries to open the borders and provide logistical support. Americans created Daesh in Iraq. It then expanded into Syria. Their project was to have Daesh take over Iraq. But the Iraqis thwarted this conspiracy with their strength and martyr’s blood as well as by being steadfast. Then later, the American hypocrites say that they have a share ‘because I am conducting airstrikes, providing intel, training and I have advisers.’ All evidence from the Iraqi arena confirms that the Americas were a delaying factor, brothers and sisters. The Americans were a delaying factor to concluding the battle with Daesh. They wanted this battle to carry on for 10 to 15 years so they can loot Iraq’s money and resources and blackmail Iraq to build military bases there. But the will of the [religious] authority, the Iraqi government, the people, the army, the popular committees and the resistance factions imposes a quick decisive end to the battle against Daesh. 

In Syria, you Americans, where did you fight Daesh? A little bit in the east of the Euphrates? From the north of Aleppo to the east of Aleppo and to the south of Aleppo? I memorized them by heart. I have been following up on you by the day and by the hour. To the east of Hama and east of Homs to the Yarmouk camp and Tadmor [Palmyra] and the Syrian Desert [Badia], which is 50 thousand square kilometers. I don’t want to make a mistake in the number. But what I memorized is at the time, the guys came to me and told me ‘Sayyed, 50 thousand square kilometers.’ They told me we liberated an area five times the size of Lebanon in Syria’s Badia to Suwayda reaching to Albu Kamal and Deir Ezzour. It was the longest and widest area. The battles against Daesh there were the most important battles the Syrian army and the popular forces in all its formations and different colors fought alongside the allies, including the Iranian brothers, Iraqi resistance factions, zainabiyoun and fatimiyoun brigades, reaching to your brothers and sons in Hezbollah’s Islamic resistance. Of course, the Russian ally provided support. But the entire battlefield was in the hands of those. The Americans, however, were delaying and disrupting. When the forces reached the Euphrates river and liberated Albu Kamal and Deir Ezzour, Daesh fled to where it used to be in the east of the Euphrates. The victory was attained on 11-9-2017, almost 15 months ago. The forces wanted to advance to eliminate Daesh and reach the Iraqi border. But who stopped them? The Americans and Trump, those who want to say today that they are the ones who eliminated Daesh. 
Mr. Trump, you prevented the elimination of Daesh and concluding the battle with Daesh following the liberation of Albu Kamal and Deir Ezzour. You prolong the existence of Deash by a further 15 months because you wanted to use it in the east of the Euphrates against Syria and Iraq. You couldn’t though because people were paying attention in Albu Kamal, in al-Maydeen, in Deir Ezzour, in Anbar, and along the Syrian-Iraqi border. There was a high level of military and security cooperation between Syria and Iraq. This hypocrite will announce today the elimination of Daesh the way they did when they created al-Qaeda and announced that they eliminated it and the same way they funded Saddam Hussein and gave weapons of mass destruction to kill his people, including the Kurds and the Iranians, with chemicals. They eliminated him [Saddam] in the pretext that he possessed weapons of mass destruction. This is what they declared and will announce tomorrow with regards to Daesh. Allow me to say: the one that liberated the region and pushed away the threat of the criminal, monstrous and terrorist Daesh organization and its evil project from the region is the axis of resistance, the countries of resistance, the armies of the resistance and the resistance movements. It was not this American hypocrite who came in the end to take credit in the victory and say that he has been fighting terrorism and has eliminated Daesh. Instead of America trying it for its crime in creating Daesh and holding it responsible for all the crimes that Daesh committed in our region.

Regarding the internal situation in Lebanon. The government won vote of confidence yesterday. Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds. Now, its time to go to work. I would like to reiterate the importance of maintaining internal dialogue, communication, interaction, and cooperation, resorting to openness in addressing the discussing files and options and moving away from rivalries, spitefulness and fears. 

Regarding the internal issue, we propose options that concern the existing crises and files. Our intentions are real. We tell the Lebanese that our intentions are pure. They are as pure as Sheikh Ragheb, Sayyed Abbas and Hajj Imad. These are our intention.

Regarding the internal issue: From the start, since we are going to deal with internal files strongly, we do not have any companies to take grants. We do not want the state’s money because we believe that this money is respectable money. It is forbidden to steal, loot or embezzle it or even spend it outside the circle of law. We do not have anything. We are truly a part of the Lebanese people. We don’t feel their pain only now. Since the beginning, we felt their pain, needs and crises. But we had priorities and great battles. We were trying to do something during the past few years. It is not that we did not do anything. That is a common mistake. Hezbollah was outside the internal situation. Now, its come in. No, we did not leave. We are present. But of course we were bound by great priorities and battles.

Today, we are stronger than ever before. We have a greater responsibility than ever. But we really do not want anything and you can hold us accountable. With all honesty, we want to solve people's problems and to deal with them. I talked about the issue of electricity because this is a real crisis. This is not a problem in Baalbak-Hermel or in Akkar, which are two of the most deprived areas in Lebanon.  This is not a problem in the South or any area in Lebanon. This is the problem in every household in Lebanon, every area in Lebanon, every village in Lebanon. This is a common national problem. When I tell people that there is someone who is able to help us, I am not saying that Iran wants to give a grant, even though it can. What I clearly stated is that Iran is able to lend a helping hand by giving a soft loan, with its capabilities and experience. Iran and the neighboring countries have massive electric energy. Previously, they were ready to help us. I am just trying to offer help, nothing more. Look, I pointed in my previous address that in 2006 when our brother Hajj Mohammad Fneish was minister of energy, a plan was set. This plan is still the basis for the rest of the plans that came later. We took the plan to Iran as I said. I want to continue from where I stopped. We took the plan to Iran, and the brothers there told us that it was simple and easy and that they were able to solve it. They said it was an easy matter. They even laughed and said it was easy! We returned to Lebanon and told the Lebanese government, you remember who was the prime minister at the time, this is the prime minister and this is his plan. We have the capabilities. They told us ‘never, never Iran’! Heaven forbid, Iran is forbidden. Why? The reason is political. The Americans, the American pressure and we are afraid of the Americans and the Saudis. Not just the Americans, the Saudis will also get upset with us. What are you doing bringing the Iranians to solve our electricity problem in Lebanon! Of course, the one who will solve the electricity problem in Lebanon will attain, first and foremost, a moral, humanitarian and mental gain because the Lebanese people will salute them. This is a problem that every household suffers from. Suffering is a large part of the economic situation, shops, supermarkets, hospitals, etc.

I have a question. If they went beyond political considerations, then there would not be any fallout for them. If they had gone beyond political considerations, look at what would have happened. Since 2006, Lebanon would have had electricity round-the-clock. This means that from 2006 until 2019, the Lebanese people were deprived of 24 hours of electricity as a result of political spite, cowardice or political submission. Let someone else dispute this. We are speaking logically. We have proof. Second, how much debt has Lebanon’s budget accumulated due to the electricity from then until today? The main reason today for the budget deficit is electricity, one billion and 500 million or one billion and 800 million dollars annually. Not only is there no electricity in Lebanese homes, the Lebanese people also have to pay yearly taxes to cover the one billion and 800 million dollars. Why? Just because of political spite. It prevented us from having an opportunity to have round-the-clock electricity. Now it is the same thing. Iran has money. It is not dying to spend its money. It is not like that. We have to go to Iran and tell them ‘brothers, we need your help. We are ready.’ Since the last address, everyone came out to speak. This is of course everyone was put under the spotlight. I am talking logic. I am not talking about slogans or putting everyone under the spot. We cannot take from Iran because of the international community, the sanctions, the banks, America, Europe, Saudi Arabia, etc. Slow down, my brother. We made an offer and you declined it. Bring us an offer from your friends. We brought our friends and you rejected. Bring us your friends and we will not refuse, whoever your friends were. I am assuming that the “Israelis” are not your friends. So as not to exclude. If we said the “Israelis”, you will say that ‘you meant “Israel” is our friend. Let us put the “Israelis” aside. The Americans, the Saudis, the Europeans, aren’t they your friends in the world? Aren’t you the ones who fear that these people cut off their funding and help and get angry with you? There might be an advantage to Iran coming and upsetting whoever gets upset. One of the advantages is that it might encourage others to come. We want to eat grapes. We want to see electricity in the homes of the Lebanese people. We want to see medicines in the homes of the Lebanese people. We want to see the cars of the Lebanese people driving on freeways and in tunnels. We do not have a problem with whoever will bring electricity or medicine or solve the traffic jam problem. We are people who want to eat grapes. One of the most ironic things is to say that this is for Iran to control Lebanon and for Iran to have influence in Lebanon. What king of talk is this!

The truth is there are ridiculous people. Allow me today to use the words silly and foolish because things are so. You accuse Iran of being in control of Lebanon, Hezbollah, the ruler of Lebanon, the government of Hezbollah and the Republic of the Leader and the wali al-faqih of Lebanon. As if Iran needs to come with loans, money and companies to help us in electricity so that we can have influence in Lebanon. This is real foolishness and silliness. The same thing happens when we go to the other files. Today, we want to tell them {should we force it upon you while you are averse to it?}. No, we did not come to force you or oblige you with something, nor to impose on you or even fight with anyone. If you accept that, then let us do it. You do not accept that. Let no one worry. We will not pressure anyone. We will not protest or wreck havoc. We will not protest at the Cabinet meeting. With all calmness and logic, brothers and Lebanese people, I repeat. There is a capable friendly country. It has science, technology and development. It is ready to help us with the electricity and other problems. If you want that, we are ready to be in service or this people and good-will mediators. If you do not want this, let us stay in the dark. Let us whether they want to solve the problem of electricity or not. We are open to any solution, to any file and to any option. We do not want to turn our backs. The Lebanese people heard during the past few months about fear of financial and economic collapse. And that the country is on the brink of collapse and bankruptcy. Regardless if this was an exaggeration or not, this is a real and major challenge facing the country. We are all concerned with confronting it. There is no such thing that concerns one area and not the other or one sect and not the others or one political side and not the others. That is why today we are in front of a real battle which is combatting corruption and financial waste. Bringing additional loans does not solve the matter. The solution is addressing the issue of spending and rationalize spending. This means embarking on a battle to confront financial corruption and waste as well as administrative corruption. 

Here I would like to talk about two things. God willing, I will not take too long because I will conclude afterwards. We announced this battle during the parliamentary elections. We are serious about it. We said we will starts with the formation of the government. In the period between the elections and the formation of the government, we prepared our files, information and studies. You saw yesterday and the day before yesterday in the vote of confidence sessions in the parliament and the ministerial statement in the Parliament. I can tell you that the first steps in Hezbollah’s battle against corruption and financial waste has begun. We publically and clearly presented two files through our deputies, especially through the deputy responsible for that file. We presented two files. One is related to the 11 billion dollars. The Lebanese people do not know how or where it was spent, its accounts, spending and bills. All this is ready in the ministry of finance. Here you go. This is a massive file. 11 billion dollars from the Lebanese people’s money. How was it spent and where did it go? Who spent it? To the Cabinet and the judiciary, here you go, this file is in your hands. We will follow up on this until the end.

The second file is strange. It says that there are negotiations between Lebanese officials and international parties to get a 400 million dollar loan and spend it on useless things. Our brother, Mr. Hassan al-Naeb, mentioned some evidences in the parliament. Also some people us yesterday and said we were again offered accounts for this loan and sums of money for our ministry and our institutions. We said we do not need them.

This is another battle we have also started to fight.

But allow me since we have entered the fight against corruption to articulate its key points:

First, we are fighting the battle to protect public money which is the money of the Lebanese people. This is not the money of the officials. The officials are the trustees of this money. They can either be worthy of the trust or betray the trust. We must protect the money of the Lebanese people and defend it. We must prevent thieves, corrupters, robbers, looters and greedy people from getting it. Hear me, there are people in Lebanon who have no limit to their greed and voracity. They are strange people!

This is ours, yours and everyone’s battle. This is not a battle of a party or a ministerial bloc. We agreed that the leaders, the political forces, the parliamentary blocs as well as all the Lebanese people must take part in this battle. And I tell you in this battle we are ready to be soldiers. We are advancing. But let others come forward. We do not want a scoop, media gain, victories, or stars on our shoulders. Also in the fight against corruption, we want to eat grapes. We want the stolen money to be returned. We do not want the existing money to be stolen. We do not care who carries the flag or who takes the front and grabs the headlines. We are prepared to be at his side and behind him. If he wants us to be in front of him, we are ready to do so. This is our spirit in this battle.

Second, we will go to the big and important files this battle. Now, some people expect – because we have a lot of information – a complaint regarding an employee, a complaint regarding the head of the department, a complaint regarding the manager. These are details. These will be addressed with time, along the way. The priority is the bigger files. That is when you are talking about hundreds of millions of dollars of corruption or billions of dollars or a financial waste of hundreds of millions of dollars. That is what you have to work on. These are people's money that is wasted, stolen, looted or lost. Or when these loans come tomorrow and were not spent on really useful projects. My brother, these are loans and not gifts. This means that the Lebanese people will pay for these loans from his pocket. He will pay interest on it as well. Therefore, there should be accuracy. Where are you going to spend this loan, my dear? It is going to be useful or useless? Is there a service to the people? This is the people’s money and they will be the one to bear the burden. Thus, the priorities are for the major and important files.

That means: We will resort to the law because the law can open the doors of corruption and waste. Through the law, we can close the doors of corruption and waste. I gave you an example before. For example, amicable contracting out law. We resort to tenders in everything. I am not saying this will 100% prevent corruption. It will prevent it by 95%. With a little bit of financial inspection along with the accounting office and transparency, we will reach 100%.

We resort to the law when it comes to administrative and employment corruption as well as connections. With regards to civil service, we resort to the law. Also, regarding the second pint, we will gather our information with our capabilities. We will devote all of Hezbollah’s capabilities, friendship and connections to gather information, study them, scrutinize them, analyze them and present them to the judiciary. Of course, I want to be honest with you. We have spoken to a lot of people. Let us say, this file belonged to this person. We will go to his political authority and tell them that this file is with this person, what will you do? We want to eat grapes. I say we want to eat grapes so that when we are asked about not mentioning names. The deputies have been speaking for two to three days and have not mentioned names. Why don’t you mention names? Is it permissible to defame people? First, we have to go to the judiciary. First, we have to investigate. However, it is not enough that I did my investigations. They might not be complete because I cannot summon this minister or that manager or that employee and investigate with them. We should not defame people no matter who they are, even if they were my political opponents. Is it permissible for me to defame him and accuse him of corruption, theft and looting before I go to the judiciary or at least to a side that conducts an inspection and has real information? Later, if we take the file to the judiciary and the judiciary slacked. Then we go to the media and continue with politics and then take to the street. All this is possible and open.
But first we will work on the rules. Then, we will continue gathering and opening files. Third, we will take people and files to the judiciary. The judiciary must take responsibility. The security services must take responsibility for gathering information and investigating because the whole country must fight corruption and waste. Otherwise, the whole country will collapse.

This is our way and all this will happen at once. When I spoke about the law, some people said that this is incomplete. I did not say that we will not do the other things. We will work on the previous, old and existing files of corruption, and we will work to close the doors of corruption and stop the waste that might take place. Both battles must be fought with presence, vigor, effectiveness and openness. Our objective is to say that we want to eat grapes and not kill the caretaker.

With Sheikh Ragheb, Sayyed Abbas and Hajj Imad’s courage and perseverance, like what I said with the same purity, because this file needs courage, perseverance, presence and taking responsibility. We, too, will bear the responsibility.

In the martyrdom anniversary of the guides of our path Sheikh Ragheb, Sayyed Abbas, Hajj Imad and all the martyrs, we will continue on their path. The path they taught us about, were martyred on and hung a lot of hope on. We will preserve the will, O Sayyed Abbas. We will carry arms for it to remain a stance, O sheikh Ragheb. The legions that you have prepared will always remain present, O Hajj Imad, to storm the hills and mountains and raise flags atop peaks. 

We always hope for the future and trust in God Almighty. Together we move forward depending on this tremendous moral legacy represented by our prophets, our awliya, our imams, our martyrs, our scholars, our leaders and our pure, blessed, sacrificing and patient supporters. Peace and God’s mercy and blessings be upon you.