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Assad: US to Sell Groups Relying on it, Enemies Have Failed

Assad: US to Sell Groups Relying on it, Enemies Have Failed
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By Staff, Agencies

Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad said Sunday that Washington would not protect the groups "betting on" it, in an apparent reference to US-backed Kurdish militants in the north.

"The Americans will put you in their pockets so you can be tools in the barter, and they have started with [it]," he said, without naming the groups. "Nobody will protect you except your state."

Al-Assad further said that holding elections of  local councils on time proves the strength of the Syrian people and state.

He added that one of the positive aspects of local administration’s law is to broaden the  participation in the development of the local community that manages resources.

Al-Assad stressed that with liberating every inch, there is an agent or a traitor who collapsed after their sponsors betrayed them.

“After the improvement of field situation, we have the opportunity to make a qualitative leap in the work of the local administration that would reflect on all walks of life,” he emphasized.

The head of the Syrian state added that the local units have become more able today to perform their tasks without depending on the central authority.

He confirmed that the policies of some states towards Syria depended on supporting terrorism and promoting the attempt to apply a comprehensive decentralization to undermine the authority of the state.

Al-Assad underlined that the partition scheme isn’t new and it doesn’t stop at the borders of the Syrian state, but it covers the region as a whole.

In parallel, he mentioned: “the scheme of imposing hegemony on the world led by the US hasn’t changed and the reality of our people resistance has become more solid,” affirming that the homeland isn’t a commodity and it is sacred and it has its real owners and not thieves.”

“After all of those years, the agents haven’t learnt that nothing gives man his value except his real belonging,” the President said, affirming that the only way to get rid of misguidance is to join the reconciliations and to hand over the arms to the Syrian state.

The Syrian President emphasized: “We have been able to eliminate terrorism thanks to our armed forces and the support by the supporting forces, the allies, the friends and the brothers.”

“It couldn’t have been possible to protect the homeland without the unified popular will through different segments of the Syrian society,” he underscored, noting that “the Syrian people have a deep-rooted history and they have resisted terrorism…We achieve victory with each other not on each other.”

Al- Assad stressed that the US-led scheme to dominate the world has not changed and in fact the resistance of our people has become more firm.

He emphasized that the homeland is sacred and not a commodity, the homeland has real owners and not thieves.

The Syrian President said that that the Syrian state is working to return displaced people who left  their homes due to terrorism as their return is the only way to end their suffering.

He underlined that the absence of belonging to the homeland is the weapon used by the outside to target our homeland.

“The absence of belonging to the homeland is the fuel which is used by the foreign parties to target our homeland,” al-Assad said, adding that the Syrian state works on the return of all the displaced due to terrorism because their return is the only way to end their suffering.

The President noted that the states concerned in the file of refugees are hindering their return and the main basis of the scheme hatched against Syria is the issue of the refugees which has been prepared before the beginning of the crisis.

He indicated that the issue of refugees has been a source of corruption that has been exploited by a number of states which are supporting terrorism, and the return of refugees will deprive those from the political and material benefit.

“The file of the refugees abroad is an attempt by the states which support terrorism to condemn the Syrian state,” he said, adding ” We will not allow the sponsors of terrorism to transform the Syrian refugees into a political paper to achieve their interests.”

The Syrian President called upon everyone who left the homeland due to terrorism to contribute to the reconstruction process as the homeland is for all of its people.

“Our national awareness has foiled the sinister scheme of our enemies which hasn’t finished yet…Some are still entrapped by the schemes of partition hatched by our enemies,” al-Assad said.

He asserted that “Dialogue is necessary, but there is a difference between the proposals that create dialogue and others which create partition and we should focus on the common things.”

“Criticism is a necessary issue when there is a default but it should be objective,” the Syrian President noted.

He stressed that dialogue should be a fruitful one that is based on facts and not emotions, adding that such dialogue differentiates between those who have real problems and those who are opportunistic.

He noted that social media have contributed to a certain extent to the deterioration of the situation in the country.

“We all know that we are in a state of blockade, and we should deal with this positively and cooperatively,” he said, adding that “we shouldn’t think that war is over, and this is addressed to both citizens and officials alike.”

The Syrian President pointed out that “We are facing four wars. The first war is a military one; the second is the blockade, the third is via the internet and the forth is the war launched by the corrupt people.”

“The state of negligence that happened recently in relation to shortage of gas cylinders is due to the lack of transparency on the part of the institutions concerned towards the citizens,” he noted.

He stressed that the current situation demands great caution, explaining that since the enemies have failed through supporting terrorism and through their agents, they will seek to create chaos from inside the Syrian society.

He went on saying that the major challenge now is providing the basic living materials to the citizens that are suffering due to the blockade.

“The blockade,” he said, “is a battle in itself. It is a battle of attack and retreat similar to the military battles.”