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Lebanon: Storm Miriam Kills at least 4, Injures More

Lebanon: Storm Miriam Kills at least 4, Injures More
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Local Editor

Storm Miriam that hit Lebanon abated Thursday morning, but not before taking the lives of at least four people and injuring over 10 more.

On Wednesday night, Civil Defense units worked to retrieve the body of a young Syrian man who had gone missing when trying to rescue his sister, who had been swept away by flooding in southern Zahrani. Authorities also found the girl’s body.

In Naameh, a 10-year-old child died and about five more suffered injuries as strong winds and heavy rains dislodged a giant rock that fell on a Syrian family’s home.

The family members, whose metal-roofed house was near the factory some of them worked in, were stuck until a Red Cross team could pull them out.

The day's casualties follow an incident overnight Tuesday, when a multivehicle collision triggered by poor visibility had left one person dead and nine others injured.

Throughout the country Wednesday, residents had grappled with severe weather conditions from Miriam.

Rainfall turned into sporadic hail starting Wednesday evening in most coastal cities, and winds reached speeds of over 100 kilometers per hour around midnight in the south, damaging crops, greenhouses and fruit trees.

One man was swept away in his car after he crossed a road that municipal police had closed because of strong currents caused by flooding near Zahrani. Another man attempted to cross the same road in his motorbike and was also swept away.

Both were later rescued by municipal police and Civil Defense.

Miriam also stopped maritime traffic in Sidon and Tyre, as high waves crashed on to the ports and the seaside walkways.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team