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War of Words: Official Accuses Netanyahu of Deceiving “Israelis”

War of Words: Official Accuses Netanyahu of Deceiving “Israelis”
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Local Editor

In response to “Israeli”” Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s hyped up TV statement on Monday about the criminal investigations against him, a senior official from the apartheid entity’s Prosecutor’s accused Netanyahu of deceiving the “Israeli” public.

“Netanyahu wants to assert his power, weight and status to disrupt the investigation. In a confrontation with him, those state witnesses could give a different statement than what they gave police,” Army Radio quoted the unnamed official as saying.

On Monday, Netanyahu’s office announced that Netanyahu would make a “dramatic statement” later that evening, causing a lot of speculation in the media about the nature of the statement.

In an unprecedented TV appearance, Netanyahu took the opportunity to call out the so-called "legal" systems in “Israel” that he said “were being used to perpetrate an injustice against him”.

“Today, I reveal to you that during my investigations, I demanded a face-to-face confrontation with states witnesses. I was refused. I asked again. I was refused again,” he told his captive national audience.

The senior official told Army Radio that Netanyahu has no right to confront the witnesses, calling his statement “inappropriate”.

“The “Israeli” public is being deceived, and not for the first time, by Netanyahu who is making use of the masses’ stupidity, meaning their lack of knowledge in those subjects. Anyway, no suspect has any right to a confrontation [during a police investigation] and it is inappropriate to hold an unnecessary and damaging confrontation,” the official said.

Netanyahu responded to the report by Army Radio on Tuesday, saying: “Yesterday I asked what are they afraid of. Now it is revealed that they are afraid of the truth. I demand to confront the witnesses now. The public must know the whole truth.”

Opposition figures harshly criticized the statement as a stunt and said it was time for Netanyahu to be defeated.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team