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Trump Not Listening To Intel, Doesn’t Get Iran Moves In Syria - ’Israeli’ Source

Trump Not Listening To Intel, Doesn’t Get Iran Moves In Syria - ’Israeli’ Source
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US President Donald Trump’s decision to allow Iran “to do what they want” in Syria following the imminent withdrawal of American troops, was made contrary to the advice of the intelligence services and shows he does not understand the situation on the ground, according to a senior “Israeli” source.

The statement followed Trump’s remarks which indicated that he appeared to change course on Syria.

“They can do what they want there, frankly,” Trump said of Iran’s presence in Syria. "Iran wants to survive now ... they were going to take over the whole Middle East, but Iran is a much different country right now."

"It’s unfortunate that he isn’t paying attention to the evidence provided by the intelligence services," the source went on to say.

"We are in a state of shock. Trump simply doesn’t understand the extent of the Iranian military's presence in the region.”

“What is comforting is that at least Trump isn’t opposed to “Israel’s” operations in Syria … The president's statement will not change the situation as far as we are concerned, we will continue to act resolutely against the Iranian entrenchment,” the source claimed.

Two weeks earlier, the Trump administration announced it was to withdraw all of the approximately 2,000 American troops in Syria—against the advice of top national security aides and without consulting lawmakers or US allies.

Trump did not provide a timetable for the planned military exit from Syria, but said it would happen “over a period of time,” and vowed to protect the US-backed Kurdish militants in the country.

Source: News Agencies, Edited by website team